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December 15, 2016
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December 13, 2002
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November 1, 1950
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A *'( roved For Release 20 2/;;;CIA- 430-006(0R000100060018-2 i:SoveSber 1950 UK PORs Assistant tirector for sposial Opsrattout St4tar of Strategic Services Vat. .12 , seacceschnkto the' Direirtor ef lilgenos 1950, Zarr Asisistamt 31iiiittilMa7 or Um Vs. Army desires; that thos remaindilittels ?nt'itf this 1r tad'tbi Strati/Ai: Illeistimmt Unit'b. os. 1 ,Sovestber 19504,?:-.,Se hather stated Mt tims 'sseignmesttr lssAinti ? to Stistegia. Servisesslialt satitterst- 4111 . iis-tbs,E- liatter of intersisraoscors to tiiiv,Cestrist Istosiligesosi it1.11 not of the, ' Ch. .7ohnsos is being inftricad t&7e of thea secirptancs of this Agency of all rommining ?sepals-- for the Strategics Starless gait. A attached for your information? 3. The Assistant Director far Special Operations is charged Vb.-responsibility for remaining functions of the Strategic Servises ,Unit until it Is mapietely liquidatsd. ssy delegate this lesvensibility within his office As he nes fit.. CR mz PIR4CTOR 01 clUITILL. ITMLIGENCSts , Approved For Release 29449 On0L006IOR000100060018-2 U U1- Al. 25X1* Approved For Release 2668i02/17.: Q1A3LIWP90-00?10R000100060018-2 1 Soienteber 1950 ?-3P ? , ?Oat Aseistant Director for Speeial Operations 3tatsa of $trategic Services , -? assoreacban to the Direetor of Centrat rittelligence doted 25 1930, -Mr* Sari D&Meas. Assistant 5it.tar f the k* ?sla that the Ansir desires that the reaskining relationsidis hotmomesm parlament et tbe?kw, and the Strategitt'Serriessit- it be* 1 b? 1950. Se 'further stated that tbo relatineto Stratogie &orrice, &zit-natters ntili in tbau natter of internal *moors to tit*. Central Intallimenote ,id.:11 sot require .tbe opproval of.tiropiplalMent of gibe . ? ? , Mr.; Johnson, is being informed by minorazdan trot the ? et tko enceptance of Agency of all remising respcn? ty for, the Strategic Sorvieee Unit. A sow Of. thittonestOrauhm attached for your information. ? 30 The Assistant Director for Special Operations is char-m-1 th responsibility for rvo*A4Pr4etts nano:ions of the Strateglo Sogryisie natil it in ftoreplately liquidated. /Re say delegate t),..?.$ ?r, responsibility vithin his effies 411 he sees fit.. ? ?CR TI1S DIRTOrda CFSMIL IlintLLICZNIMit 4 4 ^ , Approved For Release2V3/hy:,,,c4A-RDP,90-00610R000100060018-2 ? Ai im 1_1%11 :Als .?F 2 t X 1