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December 20, 2016
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May 22, 2017
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Approved For Release 2006/11121: CIA-RDP90-00 OR0002 0800 7-8 .v Or Ta-S-Z TIkursday + 14 h! 1. (~Qcrrn, J' 1 j ohm" 4 OC,"= ~y p ~^ yp}~yw9J.'q,l~yy~~.. ~~}yy ++ ~ryrye~..,,~~??yy yyw?-?sa 44~yy. ~~g n YT{-,.'a?a ~.,vy, y~} ~p e:. Vg. y } ~~ Mr-Y 4tii.'Y:.w?Q."S4.7f~~ WillM '1w~YM'+li~wlbw +~~~Yi~YY:'A 1p ~?F+'~!:'VN'Wi[~~t;,'Ike? ~tl.aSyR `gk".p.W+~+~#Ir7'm.T. '.fdr l~,~aV4 .~~.. ~i`=i.~)?`!u3 wir kF ",:s : t,Ja" tai '~; ke va ew : a-- ?%.?au % , sas~x3 Lb-a .GJiis .2,Ctl~~X =7.,?udlws&>r?3r 'vA. wex.44,'~a!y4.~`~~~~ M?w,1a.,;? ~r t~l `L'~.?5~t 'kJ ~4t~tiG'Y tid 48W^af to .ti'l:k..b*i' Y u ,:a ta$y = 4ri: ::Ita< ? "b".1, i-a %b OA GiJ n,X;? c" 4~ia ZVAt."' t m~`i:i4i5 0. :ar+cV'w n~k?~w.C.'~~.~.a~u~i A'~srod by i? '4+1'w`.we,Ialttao .M+Lra+.,bl++.*A 1-1,7-x'f6 v4,. r,p R. how-0 U,`ICdd .e%w'a'r~rt Vi? A . it R,'. ? . ~. t 3w a x t C z. a afa:a~ fig L`, ~:i i c r 1s1i eo '?" ""' "ash yy, ,ii, YTc;.?n1'z al'w w'v'?+eeO the fiirz$ aw.~p WwAW rtz;i SUA:i 3yi"~p W- eu:d$iuY' bae 'sOf1y l ) "n~r`lLm` M i y, '"` y`~ yy gg }'} .i,~p~y~f, M?5 `t a,/ [[ yy~~~yy !ry yy++~~ ssyy~ 4(~ ~y ~g.~ ~.5 ?r . ? ~p~, *r? .y ' m., +rt. Y w s^ t" < +" ri ;,r ? i',YwFii~'Ne~ p~WYae.%f~ iW'4v'W &S. $i ~}~6 i~C..4i 95~aa:`~D7~W~x M.r:4 ff+.Ss,Q:r4d~?4#:v5~i+a~`+~2'~ r^.~;y,'Fi.. ~urw+tii~ 4.'k~i u.F:e+;~4.?JeAn..Si~ 3, f N4 ' v':h. b fi ~t'N .r`V:St?y 1d.4 ~?i wily - lb.4) Ma' '04 0a'9#L-4 y5~ i~ Via. a ~?~ O IF t ~~g y~; _ ,aka ii,' tWY? t''yg , $ ,yam ?q ,~z fxT:Y~ 4.. N~'A ' '0.' 3?'?u~+M.A .~. DAY 2;c~, t% Xk ~w~3w Gas z a Gad to $ ,9 x z ~ ~. ~ ~ C qt y ~T r 1, ^ry.,+d' '7' ^' ..+ ro.?i t ~ xt t,~. ~'~2~ ~: F~'+u. k~~s?:~.w;rt k~:~ c` w~~...a rs:s~:'?y a,~h:3,,s..3 ~ ~~.a~.~,. ,~ i w.?a. ~~+.~, &~s~. aw">~Y?3f,~~`5~,?~ ~:~ &:.> mx'$ ~3 snr,??~~s.~~ws:-~? ,:~~rd:?.#.~zr.~...? ,?~.?~:?~?~.`a~,~ ?>a:w;>t;.s~~~ +er*.~ri ~+v .M.:~~~:w A '} .yr v h al ~I A ,k j.? . r... M.s k' .Yi' ?^+ y.'. ! A S S. Si' h . ~ ii?x f.Y:,d c w: w rb.f?wa ,. ,.,s...? , Aia :amp u~s A. G Or z tf.ui` ~ o a:~ ~zs.:~ t y }} qq a p~ i 4Y: N d W i !Pd?i~`m` a it it, e tA~ti.4 z, 4 :F p" +-i lrf ~+Y. yq a?~y~?#.~"?.5~ .a ( a4 a ,n~ `'h +.+ a~, nu ?~{ 4 ". - Y~i~~~lhg4?I' ~,.1..,y 'W'A:L 4d~~+iii.$'/ L ;f.SWeY~~~ d~1s.N'~1Id 4~:4w.A ~>'N'~,~e~Y {Y ~4'~. W. Zr.'Gw 4?se ~+.~w 4'y t r1.: ~rt.~?Sr...:r w? '(.r~Y9>~' c.~wQ 'd Yd ;% 07m ON it. 14t 16*' u, r ,5 , s d :, r. `r r .d ) ; * ris tt, d Z 4i .'.' w l wive ? fir` x '`a' wa r"? .?w 'Ws . v w. ,z: 3 NN' vk ii+ Yi+11 uM rr - tiM'v r .r 4 e+i+ vi f ? :Zin' F +..? V zG we at u4t '+.i*L'@0:~ t3.",'A{%b i~t Y. +fs ., h.~..+.. Mt. J,.'~i~y ~ti+r.+3. R .. w,k: AY?s~dtiJa?q: #'mxS~6w$,7: ~:aSCm+~ ti?d.f~~Yzi4' ?+.e.:.,.tn.+a;~ r ilr",x r %. f.`Y nt `4. '"'"`,r,Y'=,/ a x~,.r}.~. ?r .t ).t'.rf`k'vi:` .4 v W' riEym?S: sa3c Sa" mS& j asz, "s ' Y dw s'a 4at:s ~~" k.'i .cfa + d? i~ iL .r i ti s b. dif ~ a , x "=iF'S?A33s.we ~.wi:; ada +h'4i~zr'3t L >~",..''CiS ~4'w$~F''.w 6rc ..,'.+w. ?,.w13'b-C.rq.u +,~FR~i3 aX44ak i' a: iy i. ra Ga own 445 .a- .~,'+ ?' yv :u . orid 4u w a *t42, i'. ,zz I'm a:~as M. '~N"NPti.GNS .~/.aid~ 'YM'~F Wd. 'MJ'N.4 T M??'w.."fai1Y'rp9+F 1yI''M~~.YSJ'~?w~.++J.N' YY II Mi.'YA4fMJ~t 2. Yry, x 9 pe..s.?3 II ~.} ...t, s We+. } & ~:W'{S s? aye". x ? .~ i,'.~`m RSI i~te~ '?h^. iM ~P ~i-JY Z4 p 6?4 rum r,'r4,t 4 "s 7: .m w.w t a iu soh '/// t wa+J'?? , e o- 4 Approved For ReleaskAdiYO 2 : CIA-RDP9O-00610RO 7-8