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December 22, 2016
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January 12, 2011
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May 26, 1983
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/12 :CIA-RDP90-008068000100670046-7 ARTICL.~ ~F y:::.;.:: Obi Y~~r. VPASHINGTOI~T TIMES 26 MAY 1983 Soviet `peace' panel jeered v rvcala rIUUCII 1 - ---------?-????????? - democracy has its limits. Hitler, .after WASHINGTON TM.IES STAFF ` ~ ~ ~Ja~owledge ihat'this same thing has hap- .all ~ay,~ in.power. How did he do this? ' -'"opened to many of? us as well. Unfortu- ' MIIv'A'EAPOLIS -Soviet .delegates ~ ~ lately, this is part of what can happen in He stayed in power through elections. to a privately sponsored "Minneapolis ' '-~~ublic forum:' We know that several hundred Nazis Peace and Disarmament Conference" _ - are here in the United States, and they -~_ ~rwin"'~Salk, ?.a businessman..and . are sot punished:' Kobysh said 'that were introduced to the real 'world ? of . .American delegate to the conference, since he is Ulaainian, perhaps-some of I .American hard ball politics ~yesterday.~ ~ ~ which is sponsored by the Institute for _. ~ ? the Nazis in America were among those ~'~vhen they were jcered, hecltled'~nd ' ~. -;'Policy Studies, : a liberal Washington '. who killed his fellow Ukrainians-tiurin j. mercilessly interro sled at` ~ public ~ i g 6 ~ -think tank,-and the Soviet Institute of . ? - World WarII,andperhapssotneofthese at the University of Minntsotaat ? the tT.S.A. and Canada, was equally mor- ~ `Nazis "~-ere among the -detnonsirators St Paul. r : tifitd: ~ may., -- ..: ~ ~....:~ :~ Worst of all, from the Soviet point of ' .. "I thought about sending notes to the ~ - --. - - -~ ._ _.~___ __... ~ _,.: _-. ,j, ;;; _. - '~iew,nearly allthequestionswereabout I Soviets;' Sallc said, "telling them._of Soviet mistreatment of Jews snd other i ~. ;'AndrewYoung'sdescription ofthe thou=- religious minorities, dissidents and sandsof political prisoners inAmerican - Soviet citizens who tried to leaveRussia ~ prisons, of the blacks, Hispanics, .and - just the sort of human rights ques- ~ native Americans who are on our death lions the Soviets insist they won't talk rows..I thoughtabout telling them of the - about. _ i sterilized PuertoRican women:' The Soviets were furious atrthe day's i - Americans were wrong to try to "lay , events. Their American colleagues ~ down the ground rules" in discussions ' were, ~zth one stated exception, anor? ~ -of human rights, Salk said, because the . tified. Soviets "could talk about Guatemala "Tam sure someof the people we saw there today were Nazis;' said Vitaly I. ' Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and even Kobysh, an officer in the Department of ~' "~rn'u`hce ~ -bring up Poland _ and - Information oY the Soviet Communist ?" Afg~~? We are here trying to talk about making s contract to stay alive. Par'tY - Then; after that, we can et - Mikhail Milshtein, a senior fellow of ing things beck and forth to eac otherlj- aSoviet research institute, blamed Har- Only Don Fraser y rison Salisbury, the journalist who : , the ma or of Minne- moderated the session. apolis, defended those who asked what one American delegate called "imperti- _ "I was surprised by the way he man- nent questions" at the morning forum - aged the forum and gave the floor to held at the..Hubert H. Humphrey Insti- - certain elements;' Milshtein said. "Cer' lute of Public Affairs on the university fain rules of behavior were not followed. ! -campus. . "Can you imagine if some of you came I ??I can attest to the fact that those who to the Soviet Union? Would the audience 1 _ say that every one of you were members ', showed up there do have honest_ convic- ; of the CIA?" This was his first exper- ' lions;' he said. "In political life we must ience in such a forum where anyone was ~ recognize not only numbers,. but, the allowed to speak. -"We can assure you' intensity of feeling" He was sorry that nothing like this ever happens in the ~ the Soviet guests had been made to feel U.S.S.R:' ~ ?`bad; the mayor said, but he was pleased Another Soviet delegate brushed ~ -they got "a glimpse into one aspect of aside a private apology by one-of the ~ ,community sentiment." American delegates. "It was nothing. i Eraser's defense of the interrogators, . They were Jews, after all." Other .some of whom identified themselves as American delegates grumbled that ' Jewish, was greeted with silence? "better control" was not exercised over ! Kobysh, the Sot~et delegate, told the ; who got to ask questions. i ?American delegates the incident was, in ' "Since they don't have a free press;' ~ fact, useful in just the way the mayor said one American, "theyhonestly + ,described it. "We have suddenly found ' didn't know what some of the demon- ourselves with concrete reality;' he said. ; 'strators were talking about:' ~ He was pleased that the St. Paul forum "I am deeply ashamed;' said the Rev was filmed, he said, because it would be Paul 1.4oore, Episcopal Bishop of Wash- shown to Soviet audiences as "the res- ington, to the ringing applause of the ' ~ son why America is not yet ready to say Americans at a discussion later. "I am it will not make a nuclear first strike. deepl~? humiliated." Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/12 :CIA-RDP90-008068000100670046-7