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December 22, 2016
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June 23, 2010
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March 11, 1980
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/23: CIA-RDP90-00806R000201000015-2 r t LE ,u1,L,L t 01 PAG1; THE WASHINGTON POST 11 March 1980 J ro d,R esear le,r, M1. mar, Grrnp Says By George Lardner_Jr" According to a July 10, 1972. memo The CIA funded a project aimed at however, CIA work-known as maintaining biological warfare "bar-., -SEARCH-was still being - carried on. assment systems!' for nearl three "to maintain an operational support y capability ii the coven-utilization of years after President: t'ixolr re' 'chemical and. biological materials and nounced the-use 'of such weapons,. ac: -.,. o ? ..Church of Scientology techniques." . cording to.- i study.?of CIA. records ;~ a t I The: S .ieniolofists -said- the .Balti- moie-based- project became Fart . of The Scientologists, said'-',- the CI-1''.? MK-RESEARCH around 1963 in an of spent more than $100.000thiough 1972 fort to single out some MK ULTRA on a program established years earlier activities that. as another CIA memo toy, develop ?,``operational;-'capability put- it. ?"can now be, carried under (and ; lose?*investigative-work) in the some.o.ther administrative and fiscal field of covert BW (biologicalwartare) - .';mechanism." and CW (chemicaFwarfare) .Citina::one invoice from the early In a report scheduled to bey made,- 1960s, the Scientologists said there public today,-.the Scientologists traced was *evidence that'at least two disease. signed to obtain specimens of;'various. microogranisms and breed large quan titles with a machine called a Biogen, according to. the study. - Using documents made public un- der.the Freedom of Information. Act, primarily CIA financial records, the Scientologists said receipts for repairs and replacement parts, indicated the machine was `stzadily used for 13 known as - hIK-ULTRA 78, from, 1957 until it ended eight years ago. ' The program. involved the-use of a Baltimore. laboratory that was as- the history of the project,' 9riginally causing' agents, one that could touch off undulant fever and another that could bring on tularemia, were mass produced in Biogen:, According to the July 10, 1972. CIA memo recommending termination of all 'MK-SEARCH projects. the- agency had received "no annroved operational requests" for its biological and chemical materials-or. techniques for four years- but had not aban- doned the funding needed "to main- .: tain an operational capability.". The CIA had no immediate com- ment on the study. It is scheduled to years and may, have produced hun- be submitted today of several congres- dreds of p po ou nnds of carious biological ,'sional.committees. Church of Scientol- agents of u roorganismss iol.- =ogy spokesman Brian Anderson main- '-tained that ".Congress should demand President.Nixon:-stated.. on-Nov: 25, ,'the"-: full. story. from- the re/aFd- 1969, that the United States-was re- ing its chemical and biological tests, pouncing use of any form of'biologi research and stockpiling" before any cal weapons that kill or incapacitate: ;v further, debate. on the CIA's calls for also .ordered .disposal. =of stQcks:ol- -,.an_exemption.from?theFreedom of In- bacteriological.weapons: *ormation'Act. STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/23: CIA-RDP90-00806R000201000015-2