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December 22, 2016
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June 25, 2010
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March 9, 1982
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STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/25: CIA-RDP90-00806R000201090004-5 I-JE;J Y0?'r: D'IIL'L N;E ;S 9 Marc,, 1982 By LAURENCE McQUILLAN` Washington -(News:Bureau)-l a move that New York City-says will cost' it $1 billion in federal aid, the Supreme:. Court rejected yesterday a suit by_the`", city and state claiming that "hundreds: of thousands" of *blacks- and Hispanics-.: takers.., = r ;> a$ The decision ;kappeared to doom about 50 similar`court actions against a the Census Bureau The justices' reject- a: tion of the NewYork:appeal'indicated they had no. desire,to get involved : is r: second-guessing =the _ official federal _ population gount..}:,. i That figure .is mployed-by>many federal aid programs to distribute: ' funds._The count-also determines--theme size of each state's- delegation, toAh '-House of Representatives..,. LAST MONTH,. the-justices. turn back a challenge b -the City of Denv and :--by_ E ssex"County,': N.J.,. which. .sought to examinealistor_addresses those counted so the accuracy could checked. The.high-c'ourt.decided wouldt violate the cbnfidentiality census information' _ f" In other .:actions yesterday,'- the justices: a Upheld a =Westchester . Couatya ordinance. outlawing "head . ` shops, :which sell dru`paraphernalia~^:?:Th :court dismissed challengesta.thi iaw- . adopted as part of - community- effo to stem the spread of 'drug abuse: Last week, the court upheld a ban on. sales of such= paraphernalia to minors. o.Unanimously. _found.._1bat_-bush- ness-based political action committees (PACs) have no special right to speedy= on them are unconstitutional. The rul- ing leaves intact for now -a Federal Election:-Commission ban. on = trade associations' -using. corporate funds to. solicit- campaign contributions. ? Dismissed as moot a bid by Sun telligence Agency to release c ass i and its members. a ,ju ices were tnid that the urch no Zonger was e Said that it will decide whether` police can demand identification: if ? they think a citizen is suspicious-and suspect.not to comply' :.The-. case was aI97?=: challenge ao _ a California. law by. Ed=1 ward Lawson, who.had been arrested under Its provisions l5 times. The law - makes '. it:- a crime.-for;.a,, person who. _ideatify,himself or;accou_nt--for= police officer; ruled last Oct. 15 that because the law,. -.was- unconstitutionally vague --i reasonable arrests and'searchesro- 'videdby the FourthAinendnient `1 "E -on' let:UFOs tarl4 in -top-d? Washingtim:(UPI)-The super-secret`NaUoaa"t Security Agencywon aI UFO-related documents held by the NSA:-:,~- The highccourt, without comment; decided to avoid a close encounter -. - = I with a=Nevi YorkCity-based group called Citizens AgainstUFO Secrecy,,_. which s Ught the mate*+alium derthe Freedom of 1 formatioa'Act.~ Tiiiistlces rejectean`ppeal of_aaoarer court order allorvingabe ?ti......~c--~'ra.rtiC,i .rre; "~re~ra`ey..e Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/25: CIA-RDP90-00806R000201090004-5 Suprem&Court victory -yesterday when thejustices hear an