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December 22, 2016
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July 30, 2010
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September 15, 1977
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STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/30: CIA-RDP90-00806R000201140120-0 MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE 15 September 1977 ',Staff Correspondent The Universit y =a^ =eearch that was secretly financed by the CIA--during.. the 1950x. Involved experiments in :hypnotis a m ccordi to C -,ngIA docu_ menu. Universityof Minnesota ` President C. Peter Magrath thi ,s ""week re-. ceived:about: 60 pages--of corre ' sponden ' _ ce and-ei rcepts, released by. the CIA; detailin a g rese rch co n- memberQ in one r _ two-, faculty,,,, , , -, -- - ? y members as. sociated with *the: research.-.were= deleted from the docuinents;`and universit o ;. y fficials were- uncertain Wednesday as. to who might leave: The;: documents :;which='Magrath l plane to publicly relea se today d e scribe,- about. 10 ;different- exper rtients,- Including one that ~ deter ? mined- how' n ~.,~,...< . E ety-and stress '""? ", anxt= . I non sty I and his susceptibility to hypno o .physical objects. One experi- ment examined the relationship ,between an individual's rso I or to recall complex arrangements "Al individual's ability to learn and re -L - Other experiments reportedly' ly_ official _who had reviewed the `.documents.- "There's not that Much that's reap ly'sexy In this, '. said one universi- `East montli,? the CIA=informed the university-that it was among about 80 private ad pbli i nucnstitutions n r k - t that now- tingly' or unwittingly had conduct.. ed research during the 1950s and 1960s financed by the CIA's secret ,MK-ULTRA , behavioral research ;Much of the MK-ULTRA research! -involved the controversial use- of hallucinogenic drugs, such- as LSD) which prompted some to speculate that CIA funds might have beer used for some of the LSD researc and - -~ . 1969. - -Anthony Potami,. director of the .university office _offTesearclr--ad- .ministration, said--Yesterday he-has. nothing on file: tomindicate _who_ Might have received. the CIt>r funds- 'Its t = ough to go bk th acat -far.: to any records; Potamt said- 'The university just-"didn't -main,:; IT listings then -like we have today Most of the old files were- !. O d SSe r ; ,The university, which now has a- policy? forbidding 'its facult t y o conduct classified research; recent _ ----o.-.y .. 16tw+,,,. LIr. 7 Glen Brudvig, head? of the medical ~..-., n_ :Lt- ... -- --- assstance ur a biomedical research Under the;. co- ntract,::.the_ CIA - will i pay the university about $2,000 for-- vice contract with the CIA.; Thief researcher involved.' W- --. ~, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/30: CIA-RDP90-00806R000201140120-0