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December 22, 2016
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June 15, 2010
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October 17, 1981
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/15: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100120008-6 HUMAN EVENTS ART _I C T,E A..PPR .RED 17 0CT0BEB 1981 r ON Red Faces at the `Journal'? `CounterSpy' Counterattacks In a startling admission, the anti-CIA publica- tion, Counterspy, has said that it was behind at least 15 stories on intelligence matters and interna- tional economic issues that appeared in the influen- tial Wall Street Journal over the last year. ._The admission came in the wake of the expose by HUMAN EVENTS of 'CIA defector Philip Agee's role in a Journal story by Jonathan Kwitny attack- ing the State Department's White Paper on El and the revelation by the Journal's ex- Salvador . , . ecutive editor, Frederick Taylor, that Irvitny and a Force have released to the press the documents on deceased colleague, Jerry Landauer, had used the Philippines, South Korea and Indonesia. And John Kelly of CounterSpy as a confidential source, CounterSpy has made a number of independent too. releases on the Central Intelligence Agency." Despite the admission that Kelly had been a "Why does the Wall Street Journal come out : "longstanding source" of Landauer's on "intelligence matters," we could only identify one story in the Journal which apparently derived from says, for the fact that [AFL-CIO chief] Lane Kirkland wasn't able to get into Poland [to attend the conference of the Polish labor union Solidari- ty-l" "Now there is a journalistic rule that journalists protect their sources," Bello continued. "Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal has at- tacked one of its major sources of information. The Wall Street Journal has been dependent on CounterSpy ; and. the Congress Task Force for about 15 to 16 stories over the last year, which detail World Bank-IMF [International Monetary Fund] apprehension over a lot of Third World and the Congress Task CounterSpy economies with this attack ~In one of its sources of informa- tion?" Bello asked. "The reason for this," he said, "is that it has been under heavy attack from the right, from HUMAN EVENTS, and this was one way Kincaid noted (Sept: 5, 1981) that a Dec. 3, 1980, '1 by which the Journal was trying to distance itself this relationship. HUMAN EVENTS reporter Cliff , Landauer story on a secret Wor,id. Bank memo on the Philippines had been published on the same day that CounterSpy and a Filipino dissident group released. the memo at a news conference in Washington. When asked about this at the time, Landauer threatened to sue if he was linked to CounterSpy. John Kelly, in an interview with HUMAN EVENTS, refused to say if he gave Lan-. dauer the memo. from one of its sources. Unfortunately, it's too transparent." Bello added: "We believe the. World _ Bank represents interests very deterimental to . the development of Third World countries. This is not, of course, as HUMAN EVENTS might put it, a far- left view." He said this is "in fact a view that is now shared by many people within the World Bank itself-dissident technocrats," who, he said, have CounterSpy, however,-has now confirmed that been providing the secret documents. it was the source not. only of the story about the Asked what countries followed his prescription Philippines,.but of stories. about South Korea; In-:. for economic development, Bello cited Chile under donesia'and the CIA: The confirmation. came 1 at the Marxist Salvador Allende. Referring to the an October 2 Washington news conference, which overthrow of Allende by a popular coup, Bello had been called to release more "secret" docu- ments on Communist China and the Philippines. The news conference featured Counter- Spy's John Kelly and Walden Bello, a mem- ber of a dissident Filipino group called the Congress Task Force. Bello, who said he was not a "member" of CounterSpy but was "very sympathetic to the sort of exposes that it has been carrying out," said, "I would like to begin this press conference with a protest. The Wall Street Journal [published] -on this Tuesday [September 291 a lead, long editorial attacking CounterSpy, making it responsible, it said, "What happened in Chile was an effort on STAT the part of the World Bank, the big banks, and the United States to sabotage this process that was go-_ . ing on." Asked to name other countries that followed his recommendations, Bello said, "Maybe we ought to have other questions..I think you would like me to name the Soviet Union or Cuba. But I certainly ~ think there are other countries aside from the STAT Soviet Union or Cuba or other countries that are 'I tagged 'Red' that are trying to follow independent economic paths." He then named two pro- Marxist, one-party states In Africa, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/06/15: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100120008-6