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December 22, 2016
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July 14, 2010
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March 5, 1982
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/14: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100160010-9 Ar_T1,_`r_-7Z Mt ]&/ LOS ANGELES TINES 5 MARCH 1982 P'1)Ie. r So it on Z 'aQS,Us Stom AV tfltS By ERIC Pd 4LiYIC . , Times Staff Writer Landis suggested t1' the CIA helped stage the C041pin.Otile, confiscated materials t "weir going to be - urned over to the CIA," but Hollander said the items remained in the custody of the Customs Ser-: Hollander "categorically denied that Landis's earlier criticism of the CIA had anything to do with the ar- rest or the confiscation of the professor's property.:.:.: A local universit? ._ of ' . In the latef 19-70s,'. Landis pub. CIA critic was arrested by U S. Cusa fisheda book, ?'Death in Washin toms agents. who seized his books ' ton,- about the assassination of ()r-' microfilm, videotapes and slides as lando Letelier, Chile's foreign min- 'he returned to Los Angeles from a ister under the Marxist government trip through Latin America, off,- of Salvador Allende.. dais said Thursday. In ' the book, Landis Eyed Landis,' a that the CIA helped stage the teacher at California State Univere bloody coup that.. overthrew ' Al- city, Los Angeles, and author of a lende. In his accusations, Landis book- critical of U.S. intelligence named some CIA personnel, includ- operations in Chile was taken into ing the CIA's case officer for Chile, custody at Los Angeles Interna- David 4tleePhillips. tional Airport on Monday on an auto . Phillips and other' former CIA theft warrant stemming from a dis- agents have sued Landis? over the pute with a car rental agency.: book. Like those of all people passing' I Spokesmen for the-Covert -Action:; through 'customs here, Landis" I Information Bullentin, published in name was run through . a'computer I Washington, D.C.% say Landis, is a I Upon his arrival, "and we got a hit," frequent contributor. His most re- -.. said Jerome Hollander, a public-af- cent article, "CIA Media Operations fairs officer for the U.S. Customs in ' Chile Jamaica,-.' and Nicaragua;'. Service. was published in the bulletin on Wednesda ~~ tivL' "It indicates} that he?was a fn and the warrant was still i ?_, s o " utstandin : Hll g,oander said. ,On -: that basis he wasarrested:.. SnspicaonAll gsd .` f "The ixisoector then became sus picious th h at e (Ladis)ih b n mgte in-: violation of a . section of the, U.S.` I Code dealing with sedition ,. The . microfilm, (Plus) the fact that he..! came here from - Cuba, . probably`ajj aroused that suspicion "'We detained-.r ' - videotapes,.. certain ''items- the' microfilm'.hooks and slides-to see whether they.'; were in violation of that section." :; Landis told his attorney that the. inspector had advised him that the ; Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/14: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100160010-9