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December 22, 2016
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April 20, 2011
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November 18, 1980
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/04/20: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100160056-9 AiRT1Ct E 0~ PACa_ _ ~tein By Jeff. ---It was during the craziest -daysof the. early 1970s when the Movement had spun. out of control and existed only on asiogle piston's worth of black comedy . and, third- -.rate street theatre. Vietnam vets taking over the Statue of Liberty and flying the. 'flag upside down: Leslie?Bacon bombingl the men's room of the' capitol. And . then -there were Ellen Rayand Bill Schaap; twgi -crazy Americans - 'ay- out,there ~! on the.. Pacific rim of the' empire,' in''Okinawa;' organizing workers at the big'air base and helping GIs get-out of going to Vietnam: And they had these kites :.. these kites to'.-l bring down B-52s, kites with tinfoil string- ing from them that they'd :fly' right up there in front of these huge jets loaded, with 10,000-pound bombs lofting off_ the.; 'runways of Okinawa on another run to th-e Mekong Valley` Bill and Ellen; standing- there at the end of the runway with their, kites, trying to lasso a goddamn,B-52! `1 'Ellen Ray is remembering all 'this.10 years later.in the bar of the National Press Club in Washington,' four blocks from the White House. Bill Schaap; now her hus- band, fills in -the details. And across. the table, Louis Wolf takes it all in with. his permanently etched visage of. gloom, suf- fering this interview and wanting only to be back in the- womb. womb-of' the ?National-' -'Archives, from where,". every month,.he! emerges with another,list=of.CIA"agentsi. ready for the pages of Coders. Action: In' form ation:-IBulletin.? Wolf, Schaap,. and Itay_-aiong?"with former CIA agent Philip Agee=are.the people who Hanle the names of CIA Agents-. Every other month,' they publish., iheir THE VILLAGE VOICE 12-18 November 1980 that drives.the intelligence agencies up -"all: This is the section where they upd their lists of CIA staffs around the worl from Burundi to Bangkok: Along the w they've published two books, Dirty. W They CIA in Westerri, , Europe, and Di Work;(II);`"The_,CIA.'in' Africa. !, Theyare driving everybody up the wall. Euerybody:No;!matter that they get the -names from poring through old diplomatic: ? lists in the archives-just move your finger down:. the ~listof the Biographic. Register tjlFybu find. the'guy who came into the State Department in '58, spent three years as ? an?',(analyst'--. with the U.S.- Army in Laos. from '61 to '63, }'temporary duty'at' the Pentagon in 1965, on leave in."private business"=for another couple years, and: then back to the State Department for! duty-1n Chile when Allende was over-1 thrown=it's easy. enough for a saran year aId to figure 'out who the spooks are, but. Wolf;: and-'Schaap: and- Ray are driving. people crazy And it's'not just the CIA that has been1 trying to put~thein out of business. Mem bers of Congress are so angry, they've taken the-First - Amendment- by the neck and. strangled. it with 'a bill, likely to pass soon, that will make it a crime-three years in jail, $1.0,000-fine-to. print the names of CIA agents:even-if they've been gathered from public 'sources and `printed.. before.' The first people `to go"to jail will ,be Schaap; Rey;'Wolf;"and Agee, once one of s rr l ti r and leak the CIA's best agents in Latin America, it: (Presumably; -Arnbro;will;`const ruct an, ,now,an apostate in Europe, lobbing his nmebdment?-exefnpting '>Zbigniew! books like grenades from across the Atian Briezinski.)