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December 22, 2016
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July 14, 2010
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July 17, 1980
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/14: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100160070-3 101 - SAN FRANCISCO SUN-REPORTER 17 July 1980 -Is The-:C!A'Meddling In"igmOic n cove rs ' h By Chauncey Bw11ey. Kingston,:;',Jamaica--An intelligence:' watchdog - pro- ject; claims.. th6 - .CIA:,-. is actively=-frying _='t&=under= mine this island's govern- ment, and on a scale.*remi-= niscent of foreign interven tio'n%in Chile which resulted in`~Salvador Allendes ou-> ster in1973 Jamaica (pop. 2 - million). is 94~-percent- black ? _,..'he.Covert ActionInfor , mation Bulletin,a London based: publication,;' writes: We:_rhave conducted- an' extensive and exhaustive in vestigation into U.S. "dlp'lo-'' matic personnel stationed in`Jamaica, and have con- firmed -that" the CIA-,pre- sence here is on the rise. In 1976; Philip Agee-(a former agent who wrotee a compel]: . ing book about CIA excel-' ses) uncovered-`-nine -CIA ...members:, here ; (of whom only one remain:s);.we have uncovered 'to date' at least 15 _more, ' and> many have'---. recently -arrived:"" Louis Wolfe, publisher of.: the:.' Bulletin;, during. a re'- centpress conference at the New Kingston -Hotel, `said "'Jamaica was a`: tiairiing`- ground ground'for CIA'operations i Chile, and now a .imilan large-scale.' :destabilization l 4 , program is in--;operation here Wolfe,; said ; his.pubiica aion. has. tagged over:2,000v CIA, agents.:.a1L?over .the; world- through a scientific screening of public.sources, including foreign- servicei files,:: diplomatic ledgers, and State Department. bio- graphical material: really. not all that difficult to, spot them, Wolfe said,' because"the. Bulletin's `re- seaicll~ .pattern has con- sist`ently{. button-holed a gents.`'with job -descriptions such-'as.''Research Analy- sis!` "Operations Officer''. "Politics-.Officer'"-or "Economics`; Officer.',: '_He said--;;some --.-governmental agencies :invent ':'fictional- positions'.' to :facilitate as ,covers''.. for agents. _"In many cases : some people don't even realize the''y are employed by the CIA,` they figure they are-'just ;doing their job, nine-to-five. -::'-Wolfe went beyond nam-ing=names at-- his'-press .conference here.- In some instances -he-gave outV?the agents-'.';: phone numbers, addresses, dates of-arrival in-the: country,' previous assignments;- even descrip- tions-%of some= -`cars? belonging -"toranking' a- gents--including the car Ii cense plate numbers. He:-claims- the agents have. spurred social uneasi- ness by encouraging-select- ed=merchants to exacerbate- food -ands--fuel shortages, and weapons are-often fun-' neled to'political terriorists for:controntations wnicn promote: fear;-.-,and -uncer = tainty: Wolfe:said his list is. not; the -result of- any con=- tacts.hehas-withinthe CIA; and.-;lie."noted..,-'. f1his may- not,be-the` total .picture- of CIA-involvement here.'.' He said the.CIAforce in Jamai ca-;;:consistsc-of the.--chief, deputy:: chief;: five - -opera=tions officers, two telecom munications; officers.::(an- expected -,soon)i five-secretaries-and: record-. keepers=aiid:,there:. is one "actual Foreign. Service of-:, whop performs-'some joint ,activities x:with -:,the CIA;':aough- he': is ? appa- rentlya; not a;CIA officer . Wolfe-said.the Cl tingent in Jamaica ii at. least one black Jones;-;an Operatior cer''who=works w Urban Upgrading. I '-and. a"husband-ai (Wesley- Kinsley is communications- 1 Wand:-his wife; ~; Sunc secretary). Shortly' after`. R Kinsman-was, listed __- CIA"chief for Jamaica,. his home at-1 Carmel Ave:, in :'the fashionable Cherry Gar- 'dens; district was bombed: ..He--was not injured.-Police have no leads and theories range -from . an assault by outraged leftists; to a delib= erate act by conservatives seeking- to -, weaken - Prime .Minister Michael Manley's People's-National Party by, drawing-.sympathy for the U.S.- embassy, staffers and rightist American. parties who :are backing ,Edward P.G.:Seaga's Jamaican La- bour, Party's ; drive Ito. win" control-of the government. The:. liberal.. Peoples; Na tionat_Party-has instituted :social reforms-w.hich have irritated the: middle class and worried investors -';=Others'.listed as= CIA' a gents in Jamaica are: ?Wil liam.AMoffett ,'" Patricia -A:--Dolan, Florine B.' Cox, Thomas"J::- Ballweg;':Wit ,Wil-liam Goodson,' Edward 13a- ker,- Ruby-Johnson,'. Cor- dette Brown, Albert'; F Nevils ;Travis Poston,- William-,, R Baque: and. Bruce L: Pearson?(who'is' serving : as an assistant): Wolfe 'alsolisted Pearson as; of eight 'persons -serving' as'.CIA.. staffers in Jamaica'between 1976 and 1979 }. _ ? STAT Jones; the -black named as a CIA agent in Jamaica, was slated to be hit. Police said they. uncovered a plan, which called for Jones' house ;.to;, be:, blown . up. Jones is one of the six who: has departed. Press reports in the U.S.' have - indicated that - Man- ley's People's National Par- ty had "invited" Wolfe to come to Jamaica and make the report in order to use the statement for political purposes. Wolfe said he; came on his own free will,.' in response to a commit- ment to see the CIA check- ed in Jamaica. Other press reports noted, that- :-? The Daily Gleaner,-: a privately- owned and influential pub- ?: lication, was.-not -invited -to Wolfe s: press- conference." But' Wolfe said: all _ the media were 'invited,. but the:; Gleaner re-fused-to dispatch' any-reporters.. The Gleaner then wrote .blistering edi-, torial columns which called the CIA,reports nonsense. Wolfe went on to.. note 'that the three' "CIA chiefs,. for Jamaica in the last: Height years-are still active] elsewhere. Thomas J. Kee man, who served as chief in - Jamaica from 1973 to 1975, ? has been the CIA chief for- ,.Santiago; -Chile since De---,' cember,.1979, Wolfe said.-.' Norman. M.., Descoteaux; who. served a's the top CIA/ official_in:; Kingston ;from: 1975 to;I9Z7,:was;recently; r e = a s s i g n e d tow: a chief s position ia~~-lgiers-,i~;,," nn~~NtJ>#D Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/14: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100160070-3 '