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December 22, 2016
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July 28, 2010
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June 22, 1980
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/28: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100730002-5 iilZ,; tlili? J0JRN L 22 June 1930 warn ` Uriversit, ofWisconsin sclentis conducted t:vo? exp erimeats betwee on d . .....`...-.o . .,,....-... 1759 an .factious- disease and the otherinvoly~ -human behavior'- ?` at. user ~. .secretly underwritten - by the-CIA according to documents obtained. recruited from a.-church. group for personality Half. thevolurteer -. under~vent;.psychotherapy=and =The documents. -indicate that. the CIA used the special expertise of.the modification techn`qu 'arid in. un= he-res2archers:T%eW--for.-Who m they were-wo.Tung and-theobjects of Ihe-.research; dccu- .}lave been kept.from-then university:, Ac least one. and: probably,.Iioth of` the projects apparently were'fi ,'. ,concea - the- ultimate-. source:: of:: the: to3TheJourni1=in 'response to a request 'under'thefederaFFreedom of Information Act: for."iifformation?'about CIA involves: sent with.:UW..Deleted* from?-'them-'are the' names.; of_'those involved _ and._.the crnneiinc, of the process Of vathoRenesis =One: project- - for- which- $4160 was?j [the production or development of a di- Dec.31r 196x - sought to determine the :difference, if any, between strains-of a .disease-causing : bacteria- as: they affect :animals and humans.. -The research*design called for batter- 'iologists to-study staphylococci bacteria. .?obtairied'frpm boils in humans, mastitis in- -cows, ..arthritis in chickens -arc -bladder:-.- .infectionsin?mink ? The other project LL- for which$8,750- in CIA: money was authorized on Aug. 11, =,1959.' :::studied' personality ' changes in normal persons "and in schizophrenics, 24 ? persons altogether, ~ during at- least' six - :*months of psychotherapy. such basic research is a matter of specula- study. include a' similar .inter nal: C[ tion The. documents offer, only cryptic :memo. This one is more explicit about t clues.: _ covert. nature of the study-'The project Thte pra es were part of a series of purpose, it says, is to "provide a meth `.what were called MK-ULTRA experi? nism for evaluating certain techniques- the':1950s; influencing human behavior that ma wand early 1960s". haveagencysignificance':.,, - . As has been gradually learner! in recent r The memo calls the $8,750 grant '`sti ears,. I;IK-ULTRA=w the-ccd~=name: plemental" and says CLA support "wi ':for 149 human-behavior experiments that make. it possible to have continued fre included giving mird-altering'drugs such :access to the project and, when appli -as-LSIY ro unsuspecting human subjects, - ble,' use the facility for consultation an The'IYIK-ULTRA experments and simi- support." -lar projecs have since-been-repudiated by .'The memo says the project ~,I :the CIA as inappropriate-in that the test- ULTRA Subproject 97 -=' was finance ing was done on subjects kept in the dark ' through an unnamed agency "for secudt ab k " out ey elements of theresearch~ and cover purposes ,. _ Th s " e memo later refer to the Society ColuTal ~caLied as the funding agent This robabl p y was .. :-,A 'CIA spokesman told--:heJournal that reference to the Society for the Investi a g the NYK-ULTRA-experiments "continue to lion of Human Ecology Inc-, a foundatio present a problem fd,; as in that, when we that issued grants to universities withou think"we've.- turned up all. the records; .. - ` identifying the CIA''as the'source some more-turn up:' funds :_ - . _... He' said many of. the exper rents now- i ;`" appear to have been misconceived, but he The memo- suggests-that.MV official were unaware of CIA involvement whet added by way of explanation: - it says "It's impossible to re-create the climate .,Prof [name withheld}holds a- cove of the Cold War berzcx -" -agency. clearance -and is witting of-spon The bacteria study- inay_ have. been of ' ?sorshipi all others are unwitting , nterest to the CIA for its possible appli Both cations to biological warfare: A specificezpe arch shave the.look:of le aim,of the project, according to one docu- gitimate research' such 'as might be fi 'nient,-was to -deter-mine -whether,: the ;ranted by any-,scientific foundation an strain of staphylococcus that causes.-in- -Writterrup for later publication is antler tific journal. i a. . fection in-humans-,is- the same as- the. strain that affects dogs The design of the study suggests a lea Referring to-the study,. a-CIA gitimate research interest in the effects of =riemo. of Dec'he bacterial calls .the. work,' psychotherapy on acute and chronic termed MK-ULTRA-Subproject;-105,--"ari schizophrenics. It_is'?unclear' from the 1-important. fundamental investigation proposal,.however?whyit.was necessary, 'other tha t n o create a control group, that which care lead to an increased under- Welt-adjusted. normal ? people" were to seasej. ;-Researcher was cleared _=The=:rarr:es=o?=all=parties=involved=aF purged- from the- memo, but it. includes this cryptic note: "Dr. [name crossed : out]is cleared through SECRET and is aware of the true-: purpose of the program." . A -document signed more than two months later consists of a grant.-proposal,: but. much of the information has been crossed out. It may have been written by the researcher, at the CIA's suggestion, to a foundation through which CIA .money' .was passed. Thus, it could have been pos- In recruitinw elt-adj1usted Bible for the CIA to conceal its role from recruiting -'w se- lected, to . undergo _ psychotherapy. the undergo psychotherapy. - _.An- item under "significance of the in- .vestigation" offers a hint. It says the ex- periment will .address the problem of "therapy for the individual who does not consciously wish therapy or consciously resists it." -Such therapy may be related to brainwashin3z. ' ''=The psychology study identifies-three -.sources-.of "normals".to be used in the :'study:."alocal church couples'- club; ', 'a :general hospital personnel list of low-in- . employes, "references from rural Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/28: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100730002-5