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December 22, 2016
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August 29, 2012
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April 12, 1982
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STAT Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/29 :CIA-RDP90-009658000100150107-0 g.~TZC=~ =~~ R~ p~.PAGE May Be Warmu Argentine 1Vlove . . For Antorctica;; Falkland Islands may be a warmup for a .future assault ? on Antarctica. - But. next time, UB.. toea~; may be The Argentine inva9ion 'of the sought to halt the British, research ,_ _izens on the disputed territory,:., , ~-: 'sequences for our..retations."?..:: , dicated that) an Argentine destroyer there to give birth to Argentine cif- ~ might have even more serious con- tercepted naval communications [in--..riages and flying pregnant .women Antarctic research and logistics; or proached the islands, "a series of in-. stered its claim by performing mar- cellent U.S.-Argentine cooperation m-: that the conditions that led to this ou aepos~rs m tine area. '~- ;. Argentine junta has been stimulated I month's Argentine aggression in the 'There have been similar tensions_.? no doubt by the discovery of rich oil over the Antarctic. Relates the CIA: South Atlantic apply even more ~ and mineral deposits on the icy con-- atrongly to Antarctica: (1) a reported "Overlapping claims of the United tinent.' _ .J.: Kingdom, Argentina and .Chile at I abundance of oil; (2) the desire. to Given the?same incentives that led I divert the. public's attention from the Antarctic peninsula- [have] ~ the Falklands adventure, the Ar?' domestic strife; (3) a longstanding ~ sparked much political heat and, at ? gentine generals may eventually de=~ legal claim; and (4) national pride. least once, even gunfire. . ~~ = - cide to occupy -the Antarctic penirnrl The CIA papers givethis back- 'The United States, .which ex- ground on the Falklands furor: An plored the frozen continent in the. sula, intelligence sources suggest.' oil-thirsty Argentina hopes "to lay 1820x, has more right than the.other-; Any such move would have to over`==~ the basis for a claim to oil deposits claimants to the Antarctic. But in- Tan a permanent U.S. base staffed .believed to exist near the Falklands" stead of claiming the land, the Unit- by scientists. "~ ~~: ; ;. and at the same time to create "a ed States sought to mediate the dis- ~ T~ secret White House papers useful diversion from domestic fur ~ .Puts and persuaded? the rivals to sign ,urge "a concerted diplomatic effort moil? :-z:.'~ ,. ~?,." '" ; a 1959 treaty temporarily settmg?~ :~ ~ reach some agreement with Ar~.~ According to the CIA; a British aside their claims. - _gentine ....Such an effort could.,I '1~ .,.w~...~-.... . research team, attracted by the scent Nevertheless, Argentina has con-. , Possibly head off .what otherwise =~ of oil, made a foray. into Falkland timed to assert sovereignty over. a might. become a- divisive T[issue] waters in 1976. As "the British ap- portion ofrAntarctica and has bol- which~would adversely affect the ex:-~ tramped on.. THE WASHINGTON POST 12 April 1982 vessel Shackleton near the. islands- - Secret White House documenta~ and threatened to fire into .its .hull also point out that.:"Argentina geo- when the Shackleton refused to com- . graphically dominates the ocean ply.? : ;..: .. ~. routes between -the South Atlantic This incident on the high seas was -and Pacific Ooeana : ~.::. Were the,, a prelude to today's British-Argen- Panama Canal not operable or avai_1- tine showdown over the Falklands. able; or in the event of a protra Explains the CIA: Argentina has "re- war, this route would' have a high' fused to recognise British sovereign- : strategic importance .... " ~ - - ty over .the Falklands, and the cen- ~ My associate Dale Van Atta, who fury-old dispute has been made - ?: recently visited Antarctica, ? found worse by Argentine: suspicions thatthat Argentina has been forceful in " l [the British have been exploring for] ' n~~atno -tA tprritnrial claims. The Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/29 :CIA-RDP90-009658000100150107-0