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December 22, 2016
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December 21, 2011
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February 4, 1986
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STnT Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/21 :CIA-RDP90-009658000100490005-6 ARTICLE AP ON PAGE NEW YORK TIMES ~ February 1986 France Expels 4 Russians and Moscow Retaliates By RICHARD BERNSTEIN $pecfelto The New Yank 71mee PARIS, Feb. 3 -The Foreign Minis- try announced today that four soviet diplomats had been expelled from France following unspecified investi- gations into their activities. Within hours, officials here said the Soviet Union had retaliated by ordering four French envoys to leave Moscow by the end otthe week. The moves came 10 days after the ar- rest of a retired French Air Force me- chanic on charges of spying for Mos- cow. The Foreign Ministry provided no de- tails onthe identities or functions of the Russians at the Soviet Embassy here, saying only that they had been asked to leave French territory after "judicial investigatims." The French t-ews agency however, citing "reliable sources," said all were listed either as military or commercial attach~.s at tht embassy; they were all known to be working for the G.R.U., the intelligence arm of the Soviet Army. the news agency said. 4 I.eare for Moscow The four Soviet diplomats were said to have left Paris by plane for Moscow over the weekend. Both Governments immediately de- nounced each other's actions. The Soviet Embassy in Paris condemned the expulsions of its officials as "obvi- ously inimical and provocative" and said the charges were unfounded. The French Foreign Ministry said the Government "deplores" the Krem- lin countermove, which it called totally unjustified. A French official, who asked not to be identified, said the four Russians were involved in the case of the retired air force mechanic, Bernard Souris- seau, who has been accused by the French counterintelligence service of passing information to the Russians about the movement of French naval vessels near the port of Brest, a major nuclear submarine base. The expulsionu this weekend were described here as the most serious taken against Soviet personnel by France since 1983, when 47 Soviet diplo- mats and citizens at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization were asked to leave the crotmtry. Relatlons Have Improved In the past, the Soviet Union has re- sponded to expulsions from Western countries by demanding the departure from Moscow of an equal number of those countries' diplomats. In the 1983 Unesco case, however, the Soviet Union did not retaliate against France. Since 1983, France has expelled a total of 53 Soviet diplomats, including the Consul General of Marseilles at the end of last year and a member of a commercial mission in Paris in 1984. The foie expulsions this weekend came amid an improved atmosphere in French-Soviet relations following the visit here last summer of the Soviet leader, Mikhail S. Gorbachev. Presi- dent Frangois Mitterrand is expected to return the visit later this year. An official here said that he did not think the latest expulsions would affect the improved French-Soviet climate. "At the same time," the official said, "it is sometimes necessary to let the Soviets know that they have gone too far and then to be firm. This is what was done in this case." regular trips to the Atlantic ports of Lorient and Brest to observe French naval movements, particularly the missile~carrying nuclear submarines based in those ports. Mr. Sourisseau's reported activities were part of what the French have seen as an increase in Soviet espionage ac- tivities here. Soviet Spylag Said to Rise The latest spy case broke when the Interior Ministry announced the arrest of Mr. Sourisseau, 49 years old, afor- Trter helicopter repairman, in the vil- lage of I.e Croisic near the coast of Brittany. Mr. Sourissesu is accused of making Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/21 :CIA-RDP90-009658000100490005-6