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December 22, 2016
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December 21, 2011
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September 26, 1985
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STAT France Blames 2 Aides in Ship Raid L By RICHARD BERNSTEIN IM !Meld to The Now Yoft ram. 04ARIS, Sept. 25 - Prime Minister Itaurent Fabius, trying for the first to fix ultimate responsibility for sinking of the antinuclear protest ship Rainbow Warrior, blamed two for- senior French Government offi- tonight for having given the go- for the operation. .)rtr. Fabhs, speaking in a regularly eduled monthly television inter- , said political responsibility for ho was dismisse Friday, also re onsi ity for what Mr. Fabius a _ "bad decision." ew Ina Blgeooe Agency Head was announced today that Gen. Rep mot, the Chief Of Staff of the 's successor an head of htinirlli- ce a enc Directorate ty Securi mating his statement tonight, Mr. us flatly contradicted repeated denials, made in particular by Mr. IN=, that a Defense Ministry order given to sink the ship belonging to the environmentalist group Green- Asked Tuesday whether there been such an order, Mr. Hernu re- lied, That would have been stupid." Fabius, discussing the conduct of Hernu and Admiral Lacoste, said: O's ffi'g~ 'My connvicion is that in acting both of were animated by the idea that had of the interest of the country. y conviction is that responsibility is $jiatod at their level." B But the decision was bad, its exeCu- was unfortunate and it entailed serious circumstances and cone- ' he said. In? a democracy like ours, the onus is on the political authority, that is, the ~er, ' Mr. Fabius said, referring Herne. 'I Was Never Informed' he Prime Minister's move tonight seen as part of a decision by the rnment to try to end the politicial threatening the credibility of his Government by drawing a Qipr line of responsibility. But com- - t>ttatots here said tonight that the; ort on recent-even ts," an allusion to widespread suspicion, being opener- the Grerttpeacaffair. tjld by opposition figures and some I^dday the FiencT`i police extended newspapers, that Mr. Fabius as well as the detention of three army and intelli- President Francois Mitterrand werei gence officers accused Tuesday of hav- involved in planning the Greenpeace! ing disclosed secret information to the Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/21: CIA-RDP90-00965R000100490008-3 17 11,1L < APPEA'LD NEW YORK TIMES 26 September 1985 operation would not end with the decla- ration tonight. In his 15-minute interview tonightMr. Fabius denied having any advance knowledge of the operation that sank the protest ship, killing a Greenpeace photographer aboard. "I was never informed by the Minis- ter of Defense about the preparation of this project," Mr. Fabius said. "When the attack took place, the response to my questions 'Were French services involved?' was always 'No.' " France to Offer Compessadon He said France would offer compen- sation to the wife and family of the Greenpeace crew member killed in the attack, Fernando Perreira. He said nothing about an apology to New Zea- land, which has sharply condemned the French operation. Mr. Fabius expressed puzzlement over the apparent clumsiness of the French agents who carried out the at- tack. Two of them were arrested in New Zealand two days after the sinking of the ship. They are awaiting trial there on charges of murder and arson. "I ask myself questions," Mr. Fabius said. "Is it possible that some- one tried to sabotage the sabotage?" The Rainbow Warrior was sunk by two explosives attached magnetically to its hull on July 10, shortly before it was to lead a seaborne protest against French nuclear weapons testing in the South Pacific. Worst Political Crisis In recent weeks the operation has turned into the worst political crisis faced by the Socialist Government since it came to power in 1981. Press re- ports discredited repeated assertions of senior officials such as Mr. Hernu that the French intelligence agency did not sink the ship. On Sunday, Mr. Fabius acknowl- edged for the first time that agents of the intelligence agency, acting under orders, carried out the operation, butt he did not specify who gave the order. General Imbot, the newl a inted head of the French intel ixencee a cy. had supervised a reorganization of the army, whose former com'mait er Tina e y s o rite commanders as a political appointee of theists. a task, the Government said SGday.-will be_w-rmn r __order" in the ce service And to "make a re- press in the Greenpeace affair and said a fourth person was being sought. The four are alleged to have provided the press with information that identi- tied the teams of frogmen who carried out the Greenpeace Operation in N Zealand as members of the intelligence agency. Istatement after appointment to head the intel eral Imbot said today that the cu- t on o to men accuse of the closures was part of the "traditional disci Y"le of the French armed f rces? In his remarks tonight Mr. Fabius did not address several aspects of the Greenpeace operation, including those that have led some commentators to ask whether he himself, as well as President Mitterrand, did not have ad- vance knowledge of the attack. Press reports have in particular fo- cused on the financing for the opera- tion, which would have had to come ei- ther from the office of the Prime Minis- ter or of Mr. Mitterrand. Report by Civil Servant An investigation last month by a sen- ior civil servant, Bernard Tricot, found that Mr. Mitterrand's personal mili- tary adviser, Gen. Jean Saulnier, had approved of the operation, which was at the time mistakenly presented as an effort to gather information about Greenpeace's protest plans. Mr. Tricot also said special funds for the Greenpeace operation, estimated to have cost more than $300,000, were allocated by the Government. The French press has maintained that in normal operations General Saulnier would have to have approved those funds. Asked tonight where the funds for the operation came from, Mr. Fabius re- plied that the money represented an "incidental expenditure" that would have been activated by the Gi vern- ment's secretary general, who puts the Prime Minister's seal to the order. "Laurent Fabius was in the know and he has denied it," an opposition Member of Parliament, Michel Noir. said tonight. "The lies continue. With great dishonesty, the Prime Minister accused Charles Hernu and Admiral Lacoste, passing completely over the budgetary authorizations given by Matignon." The Prime Minister's of- fice is called Matignon. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/21: CIA-RDP90-00965R000100490008-3