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December 22, 2016
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January 19, 2012
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October 29, 1985
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ST fit - : ..~,E~AR RD 1_~l PAGE .i . -. RALPH DE TOLEDANO WASHINGTON TIMES 29 October 1985 that missing p cys h si t crooning Y to the CIA? he disappearance of Dr. Vla- dimir Alexandrov, top- clear attack. As such, he could in- drawer Soviet nuclear form the West as to the exact status noted, is still being pushed by Mr. Sagan as 'scientific fact. physicist and a KGB scien- f S i d o ov et a vances in Star Wars - tific disinformation specialist, information vital to President Rea- Mr. Alexandrov' was flown to escaped the attention of the U.S. Was in ton the CIA and is now- media cape until it was linked gan as he prepares for his summit b both by intelligence es by me to the meeting with Kremlin boss Mikhail etng debriefed defection of Vitaly Yirchenko, No. S Gorbachev experts an by erican scientists, man in the KGB, a report which LASKea u s repo the CIA received international attention. But Vladimir Alexandrov's role in declined commen . when it was bannered by The Wash- Soviet nuclear affairs may have been hat Vladimir Alexandrov ington Times. of considerably greater importance has CL-- W to the a uFffi the Most of the American press, both to the KGB. Working in 1984 with the of Soviet military nu printed and electronic, in rewriting KGB's multibillion-dollar disinfor- state - my report, clear development and Star wars thmgh giving me no mation section, Mr. Alexandrov had cabiliti rocredit, entirely missed the point of created the hoax of a "nuclear win- publicly w ed. But its effect can what had happened to Mr. Alexan- dro? ter" - thoroughly debunked by such a seen in ie visible stiffening of Mr. Alexandrov vanished in Mad- real scientists as Dr. Petr Beckmann President Reagan's stance on his rid, en route to a nuclear conference - which, we were told, would result Strategic Defense Initiative and his in Sicily. The rest of the Soviet dele- from a nuclear exchange between decision not to bow to Soviet pres- gation to that conference - a group the Soviet Union and the United sure against it. States. According to Mr. Alexan- Once Mr. Alexandrov has been of academicians including the son of drov's "findings" any such exchange thoroughly debriefed, however, he Andrei Gromyko - was immedi. would release so much dust and can contribute mightily to American ately ordered to remain in Moscow debris into the atmosphere that the awareness by exposing just how the Vitaly Yttrchenko was sent to Rome sun would be blocked out and a new KGB has been able to influence and to intercept Mr. Alexandrov, should Ice Age would destroy all vegetation distort our scientific thinking. he show up. The importance of Mr. and most of mankind with it. - Ytirchenko's mission can be meas. This fright-wig "theory" was suc- Ralph de 7bledano is a nationally ured by the fact that he was met at cessfully transmitted by the KGB to syndicated columnist. the Fiumicino airport by the Soviet the United States and caused a sen- ambassador to Italy, who put the sation when it was espoused and entire Rome embassy at his dis- popularized by Dr. Carl Sagan, Cor- posal. At the first o ortunit Mr. nell University pundit and TV per- Ytu-ch o turned himself over to sonality. This lozenge of sci-fi Vatican authorities, REEM on- hokum made headlines, giving much tact with the Central Intelligence comfort to nuclear-freeze propagan- dists and, until the scientific com- munity had analyzed it, giving the T he uproar in the Kremlin over Pentagon and the Reagan adminis- the Alexandrov disappear- tration some bad headaches. The ance is understandable. He "nuclear winter" fairy tale, let it be was, at 40, one of the top-ranking physicists and mathematicians in the Soviet Union, deeply involved in both military nuclear research and in the development of the Kremlin's own strategic defense against nu- Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/19: CIA-RDP90-00965R000201520008-7