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December 22, 2016
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October 4, 2012
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August 8, 1986
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/04: CIA-RDP90-00965R000302320031-1 ARTICLE APf'>r - .- a" OS( WASHINGTON TIMES 6 August 1986 Helms charges CIA, State trying to destabilize Chile j By Bill Gertz THE WASHINGTON TIMES Sen. Jesse Helms yesterday re- newed his attacks on the State De- partment and CIA, charging both agencies with waging a "massive campaign of disinformation" to de- stabilize Chile. "What disturbs me about the dis- information campaign is the readiness of the State Department, the CIA and the media to side with the Marxists and the totalitarians," the North Carolina Republican said in a prepared speech for delivery in the Senate. "There is no lie too im- probable, no distortion too great, no smear campaign too dirty for the State Department and the media to embrace." Earlier this week, Mr. Helms charged that Elliott Abrams, assis- tant secretary of state for inter- American affairs, was behind a re- quest by the Senate Intelligence Committee that the FBI probe the leak of classified information about U.S. intelligence-gathering to the Chilean government. A staffer on Mr. Helms' Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee, Chris Manion, and an unidentified member of Mr. Helms' staff are sus- pects in the investigation, congres- sional sources said yesterday. "I am deeply concerned about the massive campaign of disinformation which is being coordinated against the people of Chile, who yearn for an orderly transition to democracy," Mr. Helms said. "A coalition of the media, the Marxists and the State Department is seeking to destabilize the transition to full-fledged democ- racy in Chile." State Department spokesman Greg Lagana dismissed Mr. Helms' charges as false. "Our policy is to support a transi- tion to democracy, but obviously the Chileans have to find a way to work that out," Mr. Lagana said in an inter- view He said the State Department op- poses all groups, Marxist or other, that advocate violent change. "The charge that we are somehow supporting communism is just not true - there's nothing to support it;' he said. "We have condemned those groups that wouldn't renounce vio- lence, specifically groups on the left that wouldn't renounce violence. Far from supporting the communists, we believe strongly that forswearing violence is a sine qua non for democ- racy." In the 20-page speech, Mr. Helms said the Chilean people desire a "fully functioning representative democracy," one that will not "slide back into a totalitarian regime such as they experienced under Allende." Mr. Helms said that a Chilean re- search center found that only 2 percent,of the Chilean people felt human rights "was a major prob- lem." He said that Harry Barnes, the U.S. ambassador to Chile, and Mr. Abrams "are trying to cater to that 2 percent with their support of the vio- lent communist left - at the ex- pense of the democratic opposition and the parties that support Pres- ident Pinochet." Mr. Helms criticized Mr. Barnes for attending a July funeral of Rod- rigo Rojas, a 19-year-old Chilean- born U.S. resident who died of burns suffered during anti-government protests. "The policy of President Reagan is to promote the democratic transi- tion on an orderly schedule;' Mr. Helms said. "The policy of Ambas- sador Barnes is to disrupt the or- derly transition, to promote the to- talitarian left that Chileans once threw off just in the nick of time, and to defame the government that res- cued Chile from the clutches of in- ternational socialism" Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/04: CIA-RDP90-00965R000302320031-1