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December 22, 2016
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March 8, 2012
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August 31, 1985
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~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/03/08 :CIA-RDP90-009658000402950022-1 ARTICLE AP~tED ON PAGE ~.~$____ NATION 31 August 1985 BE:1T THE DEVIL Conspiracies From Costa Rica On Sunday, July 28, Martha Honey, a journalist based in San JosE, Costa Rica, reported on the Canadian Broad- casting System's Sunday Morning about aright-wing group in Central America that, among other things, organized the attempted assassination of ARDE leader Edbtt Pastore Gomez last year. Her chief source, aself-described anticommunist who recently kft the group and now calls himself a "traitor to a dirty cause, explained that the group plots violent actions, often against avilians, which can then be blamed on the Sandinistas. He identified the person who, disguised as a Danish photographer, planted the bomb that killed three journalists and wounded two dozen others at Pastora's press conference last May. According to Honey, the would-be assassin of Pastors was a Libyan right-wing exile. He was apparently hued m Chile early last year by representatives of the group, in- cluding an American C.I.A_ .agent who operates undercover as a journalist. Honey's source told her that the Pastors bombing was planned in Honduras by the leaders of the F.D.N., the main contra group. Also involved in the plan- ning were another American, "a wealthy rancher," who is the chief F.D.N. and C.I.A. liaison m Costa Rica, and two Cuban-Americans who have ban fighting with the F.D.N. in Costa Rica and who have ties with n t-wing a groups in Miamt ones quot er source as saying, a group has the support and cooperation of a number of Costa Rican government officials, businessmen and journalists. They planted false stories in the press blaming the bombing on the Sandiriistas and helped [the Libyan] get out of the country. Honey said she had learned from the defector that the group is about to launch a series of terrorist attacks in Costa Rica and Honduras, with bombings against the U.S. Em- bassies in both Tegucigalpa and San JosE as well as against the offices of the Costa Rican President. In an article printed in The Sunday Times of London the same day as her broadcast was aired on the CBC, Honey added that "in what appeared to be a further preparatory move afar-right organization, Costa Rica Libre, recently placed advertisements in the local press saying that Costa Rican left wingers, acting on behalf of the Sandinistas, in- tended to bomb the U.S. Embassy in San Jose." Honey quoted cleft-wing member of the Costa Rican parlia- ment, Sergio Eric Ardon, as saying that his own political party was being set up as the supposed perpetrator of at- tacks on U.S. targets. Ardon told Honey he had been shown forged documents, allegedly originating from within his par- ty, which included a plan of the embassy. "If this scenario is true," Honey concluded her CBC broadcast. "it appears that ... [the] terrorist group [is], with the assistance of C.I.A. agents in the region, preparing a series of dirty tricks designed to give the Reagan Administration the excuse it Wads to launch direct military strikes against Nicaragua." ~In Tt~t Sunday Times Honey quoted "a senior administra- tion official in Washington" as saying, "We continue to be concerned about the connection betwan the communist government in Managua and known terrorist groups. It is entirely possible that stories of this nature may presage at- tempts on Americans perpetrated by these groups in an ef- fort to establish a prior disclaimer." Four days later an associate of Honey in San Josh, Tony Avergen, outlined some of the same material on National Public Radio. Avergen was injured in the attempt on Pastore. ALEXANDER COCKBURN' Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/03/08 :CIA-RDP90-009658000402950022-1