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December 22, 2016
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January 11, 2012
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September 25, 1985
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STAT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/11: CIA-RDP90-00965R000503860005-8 NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE APPEARED ON PAGE_ A 25 September 1985 Greenpeace Attack Linked to Key Atomic Tests, While details of France's nucleat the edge of French territorial waters, g m remain secret, offs; By PAUL LEWIS Admiral Fages warned, it would be dif- testin progra spe" to TM New York Times ficult to prevent the crews from sailing, , cials report that this year's nuclear PARIS, Sept. 24 - The sabotage of in fast dinghies to the atolls of Mururoa' tests mainly involve two types of weap- an antinuclear protest ship by French I and Fangataufa, where the tests are ons components. The first is the 1.50. agents was intended to stop the envi- carried out. The admiral asked for kiloton warhead for the M-4, which 19 ronmentalist group Greenpeace from additional police forces to capture any- now being fitted on French submarines disrupting the testing of two types of one who landed on the atolls, and he re- and will later be upgraded by the nuclear weapons that are part of a new quested more information about the longer-range M-5. The second type is a generation of French armaments, ac- Rainbow Warrior's movements. 60-kiloton warhead to be used on a new. cording to French sources and others. Greenpeace officials say they think medium-range ground-to-ground mis- But it is not known why the French the French decision to sink the boat re- sile known as Hades that is scheduled' intelligence service took the drastic flected both the importance of the nuv' for 1992. step of sinking the Greenpeace boat, clear tests and the fact that the Raino Other new French nuclear weapons the Rainbow Warrior, instead of in- bow Warrior was far larger and better" include a medium-range air-to-ground' capacitating it in some other way. A equipped than a ship used in a Green- missile with a 100-to?300-kiloton war' Greenpeace photographer was killed in peace protest in 1982. The Rainboo head, which is now being issued to the was able to stay at sea much air force, and a neutron bomb, or radia,. W the attack in New Zealand on July 10. . A former officer in the Special Air ervice, an elite British undercover paramilitary body trained in sabotage, expressed amazement at the decision to sink the vessel, asserting that it could have been put out of action in many other ways. Increasing French Anxiety amor longer and to transmit photographs 9f' tion weapon, which has been tested but what the crew saw, they said. is not yet in production. A new warhead Stephen Sawyer, the Greenpeace for France's land-based intercontinett- project coordinator, noted that the. tat missiles is also planned. In addition; waters around Mururoa were closed to France regularly tests existing weap- shipping on May 28, shortly aftep ons from its stockpile to insure that- sa k y. , sources France carried out its largest explosiotl ? they wor in two years. In the test, a 150-kiloton Many experts see France's new nu- warhead for the M-4 missile was ex- clear weapons as part of a gradual shift ploded on may 8, just before such mis: away from de daulle's belief that, siles were deployed on the new subma _ France could stay out of a European - rine inflexible. war by threatening any aggressor with Mr. Sawyer speculated that the test, nuclear destruction. Instead, the' might have caused radiation leakage. French increasingly favor a more flex- or damage to the atoll and thus in- ible strategy based on joining other`,' creased French determination to keep allies in the defense of West Germany.'-. out intruders. The M-4's, which carry six independ 1 e mid=' ac d There has been speculation that the size and importance of France's cur- rent nuclear testing program may have encouraged the authorities to take drastic steps to keep out intruders. While it remains unclear who or- dered the French intelligence service to sink the Rainbow Warrior. a Govern- ment report on the incident, issued_lasL month, indicated that authorities itf e, French nuclear program were increas- ingly anxious about Greenoeace's plans to send a protest flotilla to the Pa- cific test site this year. Adm. _Henri Faxes, head of _ the French Nuclear Testing Authority, made repeated requests for help to Charles Hernu then Defe , and Adm Pierre T . Shsu.h ad.of the intelligence service,_ according to the vernment report. Even if the flotilla were stopped at A Major Modernization The new nuclear weapons that France is testing in Mururoa this year' are part of a major modernization of its,' nuclear deterrent that has been under way for several years but is only now, yielding results. - In addition to acquiring more flexibl% and advanced weapons, French sources and others said, France ap- pears to be slowly modifying its tradi-' tional independent defense policy itt favor of greater cooperation with its" allies. s, rep ently targeted warhea siles having a single one-megaton war head. The change will allow subma- rines to attack many smaller targets% and permit a more graduated nuclear response than massive retaliation. In addition, France's decision to de-' velop new tactical nuclear weapons, in cluding the Hades, the neutron bomb and the air-to-ground missile, all ap- pear designed to enable it to fight a ground war in Western Europe instead of concentrating its forces on the de- Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/11: CIA-RDP90-00965R000503860005-8