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December 22, 2016
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January 12, 2012
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February 16, 1985
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STAT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/12 : CIA-RDP90-00965R000504510002-8 ARTICLE APPEAR= ON PAGE ;?,3 _- PAC T-L LOS ANGELES 'i'I'4ES 16 February 1985 Peru Maoist Rebels Regroup; as Vote Nears stepped-up Attacks by Sendero Luminoso: Expected in Next 2 Months U ' - 'tsy WILLIAM D. MONTALBANO, Times Staff Writer ' f !AYACUCHO, . Peru-Stung but not defeated by a savage military' counterattack, Maoist guerrillas here in the Peruvian Andes appear tc be regrouping for an assault against the coming 'presidential elections. fiitirg interrogation and field intelligence reports. we -informed PVIruvian-sources here and in the capita of Lima say the re e o Sendero Luminoso hining a _ plan stepped-up attacks beginning early next mont an extending through the April 14 elections and a likely runo ive or six weeks later. sled by a one-time university professor named Abimael Guzman, Sendero Luminoso has wreaked h4voc in the high Andes around this colonial city of 60,000 people since 1980. 7iigbts Abuses Alleged ,The counterattack by the Peru- vian armed forces has been accom- pnied 'by widespread accusations of: human rights abuses by the military. Of more than 1,000 people listed as missing in the Ayacucho ' region, many were last seen -in military custody. The insurgency is claming about 10 lives per day, and two-thirds of the :casualties are.1 civilians, who are preyed upon by terrorists and soldiers alike. - Iri recent months, military pres- sute has apparently forced the guerrillas out of some areas of a 131province emergency zone con- trolled by the armed forces under martial law. The numbers of ter- rorist incidents and disappearances have fallen' in recent months, but both continue, the sources said. T 5e- military campaign, however, has failed to make any apparent debt. in the intellectual leadership of fthe.--guerrilla movement and .seems not to have interrupted its c dination or-communications. ecial security services intel- li rice unit called Scorpio has not been- uccessful'in its sin le-mind- ed ursuit of Guzman-also known.' l by, the nom a guerre Camarada Gdhzalo-and other Sendero lead- ers. Zany of the leaders, like Guzman himself, are former professors at Athe University of Huamanga here. They are described as having grad- uated from orthodox Marxism into a radical "curse-all -others" Maoism in thelate 1960s and early "70s. ?endero Luminoso guerrillas blacked out Lima--briefly- earlier th{ month in a carefully, timed attack-on power pylons on the last night of Pope John Paul U's visit to. to terrorists .. . have killed 1 % of our pimple,' ofcials said. Pei~u.. They also ignited the symbol ofa hammer and sickle on a hillside above- the city. Two slum -children later told police that they were paid about $3 each by a youth who . loped like a university student to seta the hillside fire, according to prIs reports. The attack during the Pope's visit was part of what guerrilla leaders are understood to be.calling the "second consolidation .of com- plebnentary actions of the second wave of the first campaign.".. A" third "consolidation" is due to start during the last week o Ms' month, the intelligence reports in- dicate, and will be followed by a brie period of evaluation and a second campaign in March targeted on the election. The' guerrilla movement, never makes public statements o any sorx., but Peruvian analysts piece to ,et er sparse intelligence.- re- ports to provide such predictions. Rebel Efforts Impaired 1 the Andes, where two police- men died in a Sendero Luminoso attack on an isolated small settle- ment. the same night as the papal, blagkout, the Peruvian armed forc- es have reduced the geographical arga in which the guerrillas can operate with impunity. e guerrilla movement, whose poorly armed foot soldiers are manly Quechua-speaking Indians from the poorest sectors of the highest mountains in the Ayacucho region, appears to have consolidat- ed its forces in the high jungle on the eastern slopes of the Andes norsth of the town of Huanta. by most estimates, the insurgen- cy .has claimed about 5,000 lives since it began in 1980. However, there' are strong indications that the carnage has actually been mifch greater. In their own casual- ty t count-not yet published here=Peruvian security services say that 3,246 people died between January and December of last year alcpe.. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/12 : CIA-RDP90-00965R000504510002-8 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/12 : CIA-RDP90-00965R000504510002-8 a The` report breaks down the casualties this way: 98 members of the armed forces and security ser- vi{ces,.1,001 guerrillas and 2,147 civilians, including about 60 local Los Angeles Times officials killed by.the rebels. The report lists 1,200 terrorist incidents of all" kinds in the first 11 months of last year, including 372 in the Ayachuco region and 258 in Lima. In addition, there are a number of reports-called credible by the se- curity forces but without inde- pendent corroboration --of heavy bloodletting in clashes between Sendero - Luminoso and self-de- fense groups of peasants armed o princi allwith which'have no roads or communi- P Y machetes, sticks cation and which, in the best of and stones. times,-,are remote from the rest of A Peruvian civilian with first-' Peru=-and the 20th Century. hand knowledge of the Ayacucho Still,: such reports are persistent, area said 70 peasants and 15 guer- And they are symptomatic. And, rillas died in one such clash near while-the consensus is that Sendero the settlement of Paloma Alegre in Luminoso is hurting, nobody sug- November. gents that it is anywhere near Self-Defense Groups defeated. Afterward; in a document filed The" government of lame-duck with provincial officials .here, 43 President Fernando Belaunde Ter- rY c?nti nues to insist that. the municipal officials in the area ap- pealed.for military support guerrillas are foreign-inspired and against foreign-supported, but there con- the Sendero Luminoso. The docu-_ tinues to be no public evidence to ment says, The terrorists have back up the assertion. stolen our cattle, horses and sheep, Leading presidential" candidates and our food . , and have,killed seem more inclined to believe that I% of our'people:. Sender Luminoso .is a Peruvian Since the Appeal was written, phenomenon. The guerrillas, who Peruvian sources say, the Sendero say they are Peru's only true. Luminoso have kidnaped woman Communists and revile all other and children from villages whose Peruvian Marxists,"have"no overt officials signed it and have beaten support ,anywhere within the Pe- back-with heavy losses-several ruvian political spectrum. frenzied attempts . by the peasants All presidential candidates=in to free them. The guerrillas arp said ?cluding the Marxist mayor of Lima;. -to have cut the throats of some who is likely to run second=have { hostages a method th t h , a as re- vowed to wipe them out. 11 , e_ cently become the " er vorute manner of execution. It is usually im ossfbl t o p verify the details of reports of clashes in isolated Andean -settlements, Times ,reporter William . D. Mon= talbano, ;based in Buenos Aires, recently ._was on assignment in Peru. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/12 : CIA-RDP90-00965R000504510002-8