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December 22, 2016
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May 4, 2012
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March 9, 1985
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STAT Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/04 :CIA-RDP90-009658000604920007-7 wRTICLE APP'F.ARF?D OlY P~GL~_ Ar /y wr?nt.vt~lvty rv~ 1 9 March 1985 Autha. ~fend~ ~.e rt Ou Alle ed Atrociti g e~ Soviet Acts in Afghanistan ire Focus By John Parry s~ ro nk w~a?,~ca, Port GENEVA, March 8-The author of a United Nations report crit aI of allesed Soviet atrocities in Af- ghamstan said today he had been accused of "havin? my repo ~*++- the CiA" in debate in the U.N. Human Rtahts Commission. Felix Ermacora, an Austrian law professor, said that in the more than 20 years he has been associ- ated with the panel "I have never come across such vilification ..: . "When I prepared reports on hu- n+an rights violations in Chile and . South Africa, I was applauded," he told a press conference. "Now, sud- denly, I am told that my reoort on Afghanistan has been written by the C- IA? Ermacora's report was prepared for the commission over Soviet ob- jections and without the consent of -the Afghan government, which re- fused to allow him into that country. It accuses the Soviet Union of mas- sacring civilians, executing guer- rillas and, in some cases, using poi- son gases against them. Ermacora stood by his report to- day. "Every word in it is true," he said. "There are no opinions ex- pressed here, just straight reporting of facts. And to anyone who says I am falsifying- the record I reply: if 4 million people' leave their country [Afghanistan}, then there must be a good reason." Ermacora said the decision to identify. the Soviet troops as "for- eign" in his report had been his alone. Nobody pressured him Eo take out the word "Soviet," he said, The human rights commission is currently debating Afghanistan among other issues, but the report stands ' 6y itself and cannot be changed during the debate. The United States, which has character- ized the report as "full and fair," is currently working on the drafting of a resolution in the commission that would condemn Soviet tactics in Af- ghanistan on the basis of the Er- macora report. But U.S. sources said the reso- lution was being soft-pedaled so as not to disturb the resumption,of the Soviet-American arms talks here Tuesday. -The human rights meet- ing lasts through March 20. At his- press conference Er- macora repeated the allegations made in his report that the Soviets have used poison gases against Af- ghan guerillas. But under repeated questioning from western reporters he declined to say specifically that the Soviets have been engaging in chemical warfare. "Chemical warfare means differ- ent- things to different people, and perhaps it is not applicable to use that phrase here," he said. The accusations of the repo inII a CLA A~IP wpso m~.7e .7..-]_ ~~ in the human rights panel he Sara, arts m conversations. "I can as- sure you t never consulted any- one in compiling my report except U.N, officials and the refugees them- selves," he said. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/04 :CIA-RDP90-009658000604920007-7