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December 29, 1985
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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/18: CIA-RDP90-00965R000605740007-6 HUMAN EVENTS PAW __-1_5 - 29 December 1985 Ray Cline and Yonah Alexander have written an informative' book detailing hard evidence that the Kremlin supports and trains various international terrorist groups, especial- ly the Palestine Liberation Organi- zation (PLO). Within the span of a short volume, the authors- reproduce and discuss- a selection of captured PLO documents which are - concrete. evidence that various PLO factions receive training - terrorist as well as conventional mili- tary - at camps in the Soviet Union and other Eastern European satellite., nations. The documents-along--with tons.of. military hardware - were captured by the advancing Israeli army.in Lebanon in 1982. The authors also show-that "The PLO has also served as a trans- mission heat for the export of KGB ter- rorist techniques-to other regions and hence constitutes an essential element in Soviet regional and global strategy.',', The authors', evidence comes from many sources. In addition to the:cap- lured PLO -papers, Cline and`;Alex- anderrely on terrorist confessions.and reliable -newspaper stories on terrorist activities reported in European and Middle Eastern newspapers Both authors have impressive credentials :to analyze the evidence-of the Soviet support and training of inter national terrorism Ray Cline has served-.as the deputy: director 'of intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency.. He is now pro fessor of international. relations at Georgetown University, and also func-. tions as a senior associate-at, the school's Center for Strategic and Inter- national Studies (CSIS). ; J Yonah Alexander is a senior resear- cher at-the CSIS; he is also-professor and director of the Institute for Studies .in International Terrorism at the State University of New York. Alexander has written extensively and published monographs on the subject of ter- rorism. The chief merit of the'book for.- the serious student of international affairs, and those wishing to learn more about a subject the liberal media studiously ignore, is that it accumulates in one concise and lucidly written volume a damning.- indictment . that terrorism is a calculated instrument of Soviet foreign policy its roots going back to the early history of the Communist state. The Appendix- to - Terrorism:: The Soviet Connect-ion includes 17 docu- ments showing -Soviet military - intel- ligence's links with the PLO. These documents include graduation certifi cates awarded to PLO operatives for . military training in the USSR, Hungary For -example, ' ther a is a certificate :awarded to a - PLO captain by `-`The Ministery of Defense, USSR," . for completing the, course'-at -Vystrel Academy. Cline and Alexander: insist --that { 'Thousands of PLO. members have been trained by -Soviet and satellite instructors.. in staff and command courses, as Well as -a variety of profes- -'sional subjects ,-such -as- communi- . cations,- electronics, engineering, ar- ! tillery, pilot -.training;- biological -. and chemical- warfare, and military-: weapons :maintain ence.'.' The conventional warfare instruction- -also includes "the preperation of elec- trical. charges, "the production of_incen diary devices. and the methods ofex- ploding metals,, and destructing bridges." -And all .this to what end? Is it merely the Soviet desire to help the PLO?The j authors argue that "The PLO is useful i' in-its capacity as a resource center for terrorist organizations; seeking. to subvert non-Communist regimes every- where." Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/18: CIA-RDP90-00965R000605740007-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/18: CIA-RDP90-00965R000605740007-6 As., an example,-- the :authors reproduce a translated document titled "Relations of Palestinian Terrorist Groups with the `Front for the Liber- ation of the Central Arab Desert.' The document reads: "The secret ac- tivity of the revolution, deep in Mali territory, continued. The revolution organized a widespread underground movement by recruiting masses of peo- ple, ideologically guiding them, and by the establishment of a monetary fund." But helping Islamic Socialists in Mali is not the only terrorist support activity the PLO engages in. The rabidly pro-Moscow faction of the PLO - the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) - maintained relations with the Argen- tine Workers party, the Revolutionary .-Front .for ::the?.Restoration ---of:.East Timor' s Independence,- and the Popu- lar.Front for the Liberation of Eritrea, the. PLO -documents reveal: ,..During 1980,_ the, PFLP .. hosted.,a ,. delegation from the Chilean Communist party and .the--Workers and.: Farmers-.party in Chile,-according to-the documents cap-. . tured by .,the Israelis:, The Kremlin-PLO cooperation goes beyond :various PLO ,.factions main- taining fraternal relations with revolu- tionary movements thioughout the -world, the?,authors;, show:: Cline and Alexandee~rr `:'relate-several; incidents where PLO factions worked as ari-extra arm of the Soviet intelligence-services. In 1979 a wide-ranging Soviet-intel- -nligence network-.was-reported-to: exist -in Pakistan ;' aided- :by Palestinian: ter- roristss=The .Soviet-.ambassador. to Pakistan,, Sarerar A. Azimov =who was formerly: stationed:`in Beirut;; was reportedly in-charge of the operation, and he used -the:PLO. ties hehad..Inade `-during: -his, stay -:;in :Lebanon,'!, the authors report. And they say.that the PLO has assisted the Soviet.KGB "for expanding covert PLO activity among the Palestinian. communities in Saudi Arabia, .Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates." . _ The PLO service to the Kremlin -does not stop with the pro- - Moscow factions working in close cooperation with Moscow.. Cline and Alexander assert that "The PLO trained some 10,000 terrorists from all regions of the world- in its camps in Lebanon, Syria, - Algeria, Iraq, Libya .and South Yemen." And the statistics are stupendous. "From January 1980 through June 1981 alone, j 2,250 foreign terrorists from 28 coun- tries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa participated in courses.of one to four months' duration." In addition to serving as the "transmission belt" for the Soviet KGB, "The PLO, has served as a con- duit for Soviet arms transactions with terrorist movements throughout the world," say the authors. . The Marxist-Leninist PLO factions - the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation'-of Palestine have' maintained ..operational.,. ties- with or train thi West German Red Army Fac tion, the-Japanese Red Army,,Basque separatists; .Turkish-Armenian terror= fists, the Irish Republican-Army; Argen-.- tinian .Monteneros,.the'Brazil_ian Van- guarda, and extremist groups from the Philippines, Cline and Alexander reveal. In short, -the PLO factions are at the center- -of the international terrorist movements. And the PLO "outreach" reaches into Central America.. `-`An extensive PLO training and aid mission was . virtually integrated- into.. the Nicaraguan army framework with PLO instructors teaching the -operation of Soviet equipment," Cline and Alex-' ander point out., Terrorist-, groups receiving PLO. assistance reciprocate. The authors say: that during the military clash between PLO fighters and the Jordanian army in 1970, "the Sandinistas fought with .the PLO :.against King- Hussein's troops. '. -:: : - _ Other 'examples of the PLO "outreach'.' make disturbing; reading.. The authors write that "A journal found in a PLO command post in Tyre relates .. ties with terrorist groups in .Malawi, South Africa, El Salvador, Haiti and Turkey.". Continued Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/18: CIA-RDP90-00965R000605740007-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/18: CIA-RDP90-00965R000605740007-6 3 In another example, a collection of monthly reports recovered by the Israeli army in Lebanon details the Popular Front (PFLP)..contacts with the Soviet Union, Eastern European satellite .regimes, Cuba and. Yugoslavia as well as "with leftist organizations. in Chile,-Japa; Cyprus, Denmark, Tur- key, Greece, Spain and..Sri-Lanka." The blast country, is very much in the news these days as the. violent acts of.: .Tamil separatists have proliferated What emerges from the book Ter- rorism: The. Soviet- Connection is a pic- ture of the PLO . - especially its -pros Moscow= fictions - which continually . and relentlessly acts as Moscow's -sur- rogate in: assisting, training and-coordi- nating activities with terrorist, groups in every country where the Kremlin feels it can exacerbate existing cultural, social and economic disequilibriums. - In a short concluding chapter, Cline. . and Alexander argue that the .United States strategically counter "expansion- ist `liberation'. moves " by-Communist- totalitarian states wherever they are in .progress... And the authors recommend that the United -States use both-conventional and military force and needed covert- action intelligence work to counter "Soviet-sponsored forward thrusts." Precisely how to do all this,:the authors refrain from pointing out - perhaps out of fear the ensuing controversy would detract from the merits of the book.. In the preface,Ray Cline notes, "We have attempted to provide a badly needed public account of a systematic political and moral challenge to the way of life in the-United States and other pluralist societies." In this the authors have succeeded excep..Gonally well. Cline adds: "In my opinion, nothing quite so informative is available outside the restricted intelligence files of governments, and perhaps not even there." a Mr. Salim is a Washington,-D.C.-based free- lance writer specializing in foreign affairs. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/05/18: CIA-RDP90-00965R000605740007-6