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December 22, 2016
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May 18, 2012
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November 7, 1985
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/05/18 :CIA-RDP90-009658000605740068-9 ARTICLE AP R?o NEW YORK POST ON PAGE ~ ~ 7 November 1985 SPY'S LOVER PLUNGES TO HER DEA l ble-defector Vitaly ?ur- chenko mysteriously phmged to her death from a 27th floor apart= meat in Toroirto, it was reported last night. The woman, tentatively identified as Svetiana Dedkova, was the wife of a high-rank8fg Soviet trade otticia! based in Tornoto~ and was having a bve affair with Yur- chenko. according to the ABC-TV network. The Toronto-based Global TV Network re- ported yesterday that Canadian authorities were investigating a pos- sible connection between the woman's death and the return home of Yur- chenko Sut the Canadian Se- curity Intelligence Ser- vice declined to com- ment on the report. According to sources. 3veUana jilted the ob- sessed Yurchenko and it was then that he decided to pull the sensational double defection But last night.. news of her my:Rery death plunge threw the entire case into further chaos. triggering speeulatton about her real role in the affair _ or eves if in tact she had jilted Mm. Svetlana's mangled body was found in the street in the Toronto sub- urb of Etobicoke: A stool was found on the balcony from whicL she fell. Sources told The Post a suicide note was found; but Canadian atrtborities refused to eay whethei her death was a suicide. accidental or suspicious Yurchenko flew out of the U~- leaf night toward the Soviet Union. before the death of his former mistress became public Canada's E3cternal Af- fairs Ministry confirmed yesterday that the wife of an unnarnc~f Soviet working for Omnitrade, a Soviet trade office in To- ront0. had died in a fall from the 27th floor of a high-rise in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke. The woman's body was too mangled for immedi- ate identification, the ministry said. Her dental records were being flown from the Soviet embassy in Ot- tawa. Intelligence sources fn Washington confirmed that the trade official's wife had been carrying on an affair for about live years with Yurchenlca The Global TV Net- work reported that the dead woman's husband was a close personal friend of Yt~rct~enka Sources told The Post that Yurchenko com- municated with the Sari- ets secretly chile in the custody of the CtiA. "Some heads are going to roll at the CIA over this," one intelligence source told The Post's Niles I.athem. The source w~ouid not discuss whether the dead woman was Yuerbenko's contact with the Kremlin while he ~vss in CiA cus- However. the (TA did allow Yurchenko to take a secret flight to Canada in October for a busts' rendezvous with her. it was reported. ~Globat Neta-ors arm ABC News also said that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service - Canada s version of the FBI -had [ound reason to believe that the dead Soviet woman had been Yurchenko's mistress. Toronto police sources said the dead woman left behind a note, but Inspec- tor Ronald Prior de- clined to confirm this. In the U.S., National Public Radio and ABC News, quoting "adminis- tration sources" and "au- thorities," reported on Yurchenko's broken tore affair. T ur ~lwukv M dJ under close CIA scrutiny and it would have been unusual Yurchenko kept the mystery alive by insisting to the end that he never really defected in the first place but instead was kidnaped. drugged and tortured by The balding, beefy masterspy wore a slight grin as he arrived at Dulles International, airport near Washington with about 20 other Soviets. He seemed in good spirits and walked briskly toward the Soviet II- lyushin 62 jetliner waiting for him, pausing briefly to wave to scores of reporters. The plane left shortly before 5 p.m., taking Yurchenko and his se- cret with him. Yurchenko returned to the U.S. "a little depressed." It was after the Canadian visit that Yurchenko first became me homesick and had second thoughts about his defection. Yurchenko has a wife and a 16- year-old son in the Soviet Union. But President Reagan isn't buy- ingthe love story. He said the apparent defection of Yurchenko, a Soviet seaman and a soldier were part of a Kremlin scheme but "there's no way we can prove or disprove it." for him to be allowed to fly to Canada to meet his mistress, esp- ceically since she was linked to the Soviet government. But, as veteran ABC correspond- ent John Scali reported on the meeting: "At that time, Yurchenko met face to face with the wife of the Soviet diplomat who supposedly loved him and who he thought would defect with him. "She refused and Yurchenko re- turned to Washington," Scali re- ported. One source said Yurchenko was allowed to meet his heartthrob to persuade her to jo4n him in the U.S. "She liked him as a spy, but not as a defector;' the source explained, and The Canadia intelligence agency declined to discuss whether the dead woman may have been a CIA counter spy, planted as the wife of a Soviet officials. Yurchenko, described as the No. 5 man in the KGB, left on a special Aeroflot flight from Washington's Dulles Airport to Moscow where a hero's welcome - or a trator's pun- ishment awaits him. President Reagan said yesterday that he suspects the incident was part of a "deliberate ploy" to make the U.S. look bad before the upcom- ing summit in Geneva. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/05/18 :CIA-RDP90-009658000605740068-9