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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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November 16, 1975
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STAT 'v Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100070085-3 .q1; LOS 11i' E0 16 No erl'b e-r 1975 Truman Officialsof ..the Aomini_s-:! ~ i . l3X ROBERT J. D0NOVA berms s psychiatrist, Preparing` psycho- it a::0-l_ ecogiic the concern in \VASHINGTON--When the logical profiles- on Ellsberg, or subsi- Congress .hat :a new-fargled opera- Church committee report on the.: dizing .'business, labor, church and tion kith dangerous implications' fox' . CIA's 'involvement in. assassination student groups through a maze of a democracy might be in the making. among other things, a monument to "Congress tried to legislate' limits' James 17. Forrestal, then secretary the miscarriage' of. a.. famous law simply because it was nervous about, of the Navy, assured a House com- creating the CIA 28 years ago.. creating for the first time in Ameri- mittee: "The purposes of the Central The question will be raised again: can history a huge peacetime . intel. Intelligence (Agency) are -limited ,d--l How did the CL k go wrong? How did ligence establishment. The role : of finitely to purposes outside of this ` it turn out to be_ radically different' such an agency in a democracy posed. country, except the-collation of infor- from -what those who voted to_esab- questions, and today .it is striking oration gathered by other- govern-:I -fish it believed.dt -was-going to be? . .)low-often worried .references-to the ment agencies." ' questions NAIL ',Gestapo ciept?--into -the:hearingscn . "Collation" .vas- a- clue to'. under-- help shape whatever restrictions are the bill. _ standing what-was being:' asked of -,to be placed on the CL4- for the iutt_re. Rep.. Clarence J. Brown (R:-0hio) Congres. The CLA'was to be an.or- :TnQ main cause'of the-rnisca._::=ge said that while he wanted the coup- ganization for centrally garnering was the cold war and the feeling it try to have., the. finest intelligenc` and coordinating- information. The' engendered that the end of a e v mg service, he did not wish the President CIA Boas to collect, evaluate: esti- s unty against the suppc_ v t :-any President-"to have a Gestapo n ate: Ti ere was only a passing hint of his own.He-inquired at a h arir._i en Dulles, later a :- ' - g -and that from Ali Pa3er~'Dar~ovan isari cs~:r whether the proposed -CIA:: ':mini: director ofCent:al?Intellige5ce-that ` possibly-':affect the righ+s and'privi- t1 he CIA would conduct operations in- 'tor Of Tne'Times':; le es-: of.-the: people of the United ' g ;... tended not to report on events that States: had happened, but to do things-.,; tztreat:justifred the means. Cc-' `- but i\o, sir,:' replied Gen. Hoyt S: -t'arI_ such as pour money into Chile in :a ring factors-were quirks:in the law- it. denberg, director of Central -Itel-: covert operation-to cause them to self:.. - .. .. ' gence under a -previous interim Zr: _ happen The 'law is the National.Secc=-ity teltigence =establishment "I =do'.no>. lAct of 1947; the principal purpcse of think :there is anything 'in the. bile In a.little-noticed line in. a memor- which was no. to create the Ci= b : ?e andum; .Dulles suggested. that the since it is all foreign inteP~~ nce-that: CLL. should have ''exclusive urisdic .to. achieve the so-called.unification of. can possibly affect any of the' prri C tion IA to tarry out secret intelligence ''the-armed services:-The CIA-was in= ieb s-- if':the,:people-.of the:-,United 'cidental to the larger goal of coo di-, States." -- ': operations- No such authority was --hating military' policy.. and foreign ! Rep.:Henderson. Lanham (D Ga.) written into the la~v.And anyho v polic}: ..: >- . ~. asked anot>Zer witness:, "Vanneyar Du never .mertioned secret politi-- : Even so,-ri ei fibers of the:SOth Con Bush:whether. there was dancer that- :cal operation; 'Congress did. under- dl th C_ t s r- stand that the CIA would engage in ess who voted fo. the act wen' out i_ ' ;-e old 'become a Gestapo - of their way to try. to nail down the anything of that sort'." s0" e a'c::' in the L zi_:d~States, 'limits of -the CIA's' authorit and.. " such -as-overt' collection -of Intel= 3. I think there is no danger of that, - _11 ._-_ , . 'licence, seekin- `information from been astou ided,at the things the CIA has done at home and abroad since the legislation cleared Congress and Was: signed by President Truman .July 2-0,1947. Incredible as later events were to be, however, a rereading of the 194Z- replied' Dr_ Bush as chau man of the. American businessmen, scientists and Joint-. Research-and 'Development t ,~ Board: The bill provides clearly that others w,-o had beenaabroad,'and in :(the CIA) -is not concerned with intel-: ben rah supp.ement ri ' thCLa s ba-' ligence?' on internal - affairs; .and :I sic foreign intelligence mission. But :think-:that is -a safeguard against. its the : domestic activities that have ' ,becoming _ an empire. We -already been revealed in. the headlines in'the have; of course,.the FBI in this coon=: last :year or so were completely out try concerned with internal matters- hearings almost suggests, that the ";.Y,~...., :.,.... ?- _ legislators of a. generation ago-in- stinctively feared that the CIA might. get into just such things as domestic wiretapping, outfitting ,E.? Howard Hunt Jr. with equipment for-bre `ing? into -the office-of" Dzniel'-Ells continued Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100070085-3