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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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July 11, 1975
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STAT 1 . ~l - - - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100070093-4 Cr ISTIA:d SCI i+: MO ITOR 11 JULY 1975 beh nd-doors testimony on CIA. operations abroad, including former Secretary of State.- Dean Rusk on July 10. SVashurgtun 'i ? ? Sources -here.: say.. Ashland Oil, Inc.'s ' Like a-man who feels' he is. being:"shad.- previously:unexplained governzrient contribu- owed " .. but can't throw Doff his-pursuer; -the Lions covered costs of a CLA spy. operating five J 'American government has.been dogged fora years in a company official.' =. year- following President Nixon's resignation In particular;. the House select CIA inquiry .Staff correspondent of rflsolve : a- multiplying = CIA : row .within . the : House?Intelligence Committee over. its. man-_ the. CIA, FBI, Internal Revenue Service, and > ? Rep.-Michael J.:Harrington (D) of Itilas other agencies . :? - - sachusetts, member.of.the House committee, Nothing like, it has ever. been known before ran acress-material in secret testimony about. in-Arnerican history: CLA political -.operations, in Chile- 1870-71, r - Anexplossion of new charges , suspicions, and which made him feel justified in conscience to disputes this week. stems back to the central' disclose corJidential. material- -the: incident point, observers believe- that Mr. Nixon, beset has brought efforts to discipline lir. Harring by: Watergate and "mounting L internal and- I ton, who is fighting back. external pressures, .set.:up-a kind of. White I' - ? Democratic members of the committee .House staff shadow government which partly seek to depose chair. Tarr Lucien N. Nedzi (D) `'superseded the old Cabinet system and also" .of Michigan, who is disclosed' to have. been 'gave intelligence-agencies a-.freedom never--. briefed a year earlier on CIA assassination equalled before. attempts in :Chile without telling other con- The CIk activities "within the United., gressmen:..-.- States" were outlined in?the.299-page Rock- , -? Just before the. House Rules Committee -efeller-.:Commission: report, . June 10, which intervened in-the CIA committee row, two purposely omitted- CIA:. activities abroad, cond. essmen',. Robert W. Kasten Jr... (R): of :including charges` of connivance- in foreign Wisconsin and Ronald. Dellums (D) of Cal- assa.t;r,ation plots: ": ":.. iforrua, made the charge of CIA :`.'infiltration" New sensations appear regulai ly v'. ;:. ; " . of the White House and several Other federal %Latestdevelopmentsfollow:' agencies=.-=` _= _ -- :=; :f %:The House Rules. Committee seeks to (&ug. 1974) bynew revelations; or: purported' revelations, of clandestine federal activities of :Charges that the CIA-'`.`infiltrated'".the. White House spokesman Ron Nessen said that a.handful of CIA employees work at the White :_House. "quite openly"'and pooh-poohed con-' gressional charges of "infiltration." - nonsense" by Director: William E. -Colby and release of its half-inch thick internal report on :domestic spying on July 8, -simultaneously : `with providing the report to :Morton Halperin,: former National Security -Council staff mere- ber and CIA critic, whohad sued to get it..:- = ? The family of Frank I :V. reportedly planned to. sue, the government following -disclosure by-the Rockefeller report that he--.' had killed himself in the course-of CIA's 10- year.- experiment with. the effects of LSD, given tounsusnectinvsubjects rows: - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100070093-4