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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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May 6, 1975
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Ifll STAT CHARLESTON, 'W-VA.. GAZETTE ? .63,294 GAZETTE-MAIL S._ 106,775 AY 6 1975 Editorials C~ndo~ing Covert ;C' ~.tiv.ity. Reprehensihic I I I .l I I 6 I J IIII.t...11.11 11 I'll 111'I I I Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 CIA-RDP90-01208R000100070096-1 the American tradition. WE WERE dismayed to hear President Ford's endorsement of actions which, even if they were confined to foreign lands. are reprehensible and unworthy of tens who have unorthodox opinions. tions. and-surveillance of American citi- spoke to mean killing. bribery, entrap- "Covert activity" is well. understood in the real world of which the President { States but elsewhere. The United States. Mr. Ford said. ..cannot, compete in this very real world" -i without covert CIA activity. They are more than reprehensible. They undermine American credibility far more he Indochinese policy failure has h an t t done. It is little wonder. American rheto- ric about individual freedom flows in an t such b n' u , endless stream from Washingto posturing is discredited by. every revela- tion of covert CIA activity. ' the President] isn-t ;the tel y. Cnfortuna only American who dons the blinkers of misguided patriotism whenever the CIA is mentioned. Not many other Americans seem to care when an agency of the United ( States fosters rebellion in another land. as i' in Chile. and. at home. disregards safe- es- a rt repr guards erected long ago to thw ly bland indifference to threats to constitu= tional rights. If he whole-heartedly en-.. dorses all covert activity by the CIA in other lands he is condoning activity upon which the founding fathers would frown. During the televised interview. Mr. Ford said: .'I just can't imagine the United States saving we wouldn't undertake any covert activity when knowing at the same time that friends as well as foes are undertak- ing covert activities not only in the United Twice within. little more than a month. President Ford has condoned the covert activities of the Central Intelligence Agen cv without distinguishing between domes- tic and foreign operations. The CIA has a legal charter to conduct espionage outside the United States. but it has broadened its activities to include sur- veillance of Americans on the ground that foreign involved. Mr: Ford may accept this e.:planatioa. I f this is the case. he should have told us as much when he addressed the Congress. and later. when he permitted himself to be interviewed on CBS television. If he accepts the CIA rationale for domestic saving he does so with a curious- u ~, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100070096-1