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December 22, 2016
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June 2, 2011
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May 1, 1984
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llIL LI l lilt I I Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/04: CIA-RDP90-01208R000100120074-9 ARTICLE APPEARED NE'+1' YORK POST ON DACE .' 1 May 1954 HOLOCAUST. R.emem- brance Week (April 29? May 5). when we mourn the destruction of 6 mil- Iion..Jews;.is an appro- priate: time to reflect on 'By ELIZABETH HOLTZMAN Brooklyn District Attorney ployed ex-Gestapo chief of a Latvian concentra- There is still more to This investigation Klaus Barbie (known as tion camp: an aide to be done. Only one man should be conducted by the "butcher of Lyon" Adolf Eichmann the Hans Lipschis, a con- a special commission. for the atrocities he Nazi minister of Croatia! centraiion camp guard authorized by Congress, committed), shielded who signed the orders at Auschwitz - has ac- independent of the exec- him from war crimes sending thousands of tually been deported. utive branch and with ,the consequences 'of trials in France and ..Jews to death camps; since 1974. Extensive, full subpoena powers. It virulent anti-Semitism... helped hiim . flee to the instigator of a mur- unnecessarydelays are should seek to deter- -World War .l safety in South America. derous pogram against partly responsible: if a mine how and why war and other AIlied.governonly one helped abroad ments to respond to the ' 'In addition.. the 'U.S. plight.`. of European '.,brought Nazi war crimi- Jewry signaled to Hitler- :pals to this , country. that he could -carry cut Gustav Hilger. who as Mass exterrn:tnation'Hitler's deputy foreign. policies with impunity.:' minister, worked with Now, '30 years later.--the mobile killing units anti-Semitism .flouri-that murdered L5 mil- shes worldwide, people., lion Jews in Eastern Eu- assert that the Holo- rope, came here, thanks caust is a fabrication, to the CIA, in 1945. and public.figures in the., 'According to a former U.S. suggest that Hitler. Justice Dept lawyer, the Jews in Bucharest in .Nazi war criminal is a criminals were pro. 194.1 and members of U S.:citizen the govern- tected abroad, .got here, special units in Eastern 'meat must first go to :and. were - permitted to Europe. who. worked one court .to remove the remain virtually undi9- under the Nazis ' in person's citizenship and :. turbed until 1970 - slaughtering Jews.. then to another court to By taking these steps Amazingly, for 30 get the person deported- the..J.S;-. can .. begin to, years U.S. officials who In -all, seven seperate undo the shameful learned of the criminal regal-steps are required deeds of = `the past. 'if backgrounds of these- to deport a Nazi war Americans.. don't. star;-' suspected Nazi war. criminal -who is a citi- for l?_ criminals did nothing. zen `Legisl justice,wli o w il ation should Our country became -e be enacted .to speed up haven for many of Hit-, the process by combin- ler's henchmen. rag ' deportation and As a member. of Con-. denaturalization pro- gress, I uncovered this' ceedings and by acceler- in 1974 and called for ating cases that involve Jewish survival, we .pet government' in vigorous and corrective deportationalone. must . ensure that this White. Russia, where governmental ' action. country -actively op- more than a quarter of a. After years of intense poses - anti-Semitism ; million Jews during pressure. the govern- anywhere in the world ' World War II were mur- went finally agreed to - so that no ' one can dered. Several of these make a systematic ef- ever again believe that official collaborators fort to bring Nazi war heinous acts against were reportedly person- .criminals to justice. At Jews can be carried out ally involved in the kill- .my insistence the Immi- again- ing of thousands of gration Service set up a During World War rl, Jews. special unit to conduct in which 176.000 Amer-: The U.S. also em- these proceedings and leans gave their lives to plowed many Nazi war in 1979. this .unit was step Hitler, the U.S. was criminals who came to transferred to the Jus- basically indifferent to America According to. tice Dept's Criminal the fate of European? the General Accounting Division. upgraded in Jewry. Jews could have Office. Congress' watch- status and given more fled from Hitler in jar a dog agency the State resources. The U.S. should also pressure other countries to take action to bring to justice Nazi war crimi- nals living within their borders. Over 1000 Nazi war criminals allegedly live in 'Canada Canada should be urged to take systematic action. as we have against the Nazi murderers living here. Other countries, particularly in . South America, harbor war criminals: For example, r Dept Defense Dept-, Congress Passed le s- WalterRauff. a former wanted numbers but m no country " theem. CIA and the FBI know- lation L_proposed to au-: SS colonel wanted for The U.S., by insisting ing)y employed more thorize explicitly --the the mass gassing of on tight immigration re- than 20 alleged Nazi war. deportation of Nazi war. 97,000 East European strictions, allowed only criminals living in the criminals and to plug up Jews, lives in Chile. Jo- a tiny handful to enter U.S. loopholes in our i=i- seph Mengele, Ausch- this country, and Brit._ In addition, hundreds, gration laws. _ w'itz' murderous "doc- am n would not allow- Possibly thousands, of The unspoken mes- tor," reportedly lives in them to leave Europe other Nazi war crimi- sage of the 30 years of Paraguay. The U.S. gov. ward the end of the war,- came on their own to the the U.S. refused to bomb . U.Safter the war and the railroad lines to found sanctuary here Auschwitz. for 30 years. Suspected After the war, the U.S. Nazi war criminals liv- publicly prosecuted war .ing in the U.S. included criminals at Nurem-' guards at Auschwitz, berg, but at the same Dachau and Treblinka time, secretly. collabo. and virtually every rated with and pro other concentration tected Nazi war crimi- camp:.the commandant nals. U.S. Officials em- was great. Today, more ' the State Dept brought cognizant of U.S. war- in a large number of key time indifference to officials of the Nazi Pup. was that 'the U.S. con- doned the horrors perpetrated on the 6 mil- lion Jews. By finally. agreeing to deport Nazi war criminals, the U.S at last acknowledged that the murder of Jews cannot go unanswered, and that those responsi- ble for the destruction of the 6 mfllion cannot go, unpunished. these countries to de- port these murderers so that they can be tried and punished for their crimes. Finally, a thorough examination of the se- cret and disgraceful role of the U.S. govern- ment in aiding, protect- ing and collaborating with Nazi war criminals after World War II is needed. STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/04: CIA-RDP90-01208R000100120074-9