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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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April 1, 1983
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III-Ali-11 Ulu L I - - - - _ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100140033-2 f-R'Irr~^ ~.?? C% Pt:G~ BOSTON GLOBE 1 APRIL 1983 .STAT America.'s shame it is said that we study. the past' in order to ~ :guilty of the most heinous crimes against hu- understand the present. This truism of the 'manlty..Barbie- was no exception; he was 'the classroom is rye being illustrated on the front _;rule. Men who wi page of daily ~avspapers, where coverage of P~ out whole villages in east- .ern Europe were embraced Intel- the Klaus Barbs. case has molted into ag rare ..ligence." (Nowhere is by American " . that the retrospective investigation of yesterday's scan!-. word more transparent than in this sordid epi dais, yesterday's shame. `-sode.) Fascist officials who sent tens of thou- The news that Barbie, "the butcher of L ons." was protected and em ed b ~ y sands of Jews to the. ovens of Dachau and in the postwar ploy y America :Auschwitz were allowed .to escape punishment in the 1 years. has encouraged Ameri_so that. they could write "reports" for, the cans to ook-back atour-country'sunprincipled ( Americans about the common enemy to..the.' cooptation-~of--Mitler's --henchmen: Like;Our.`.re- ::East. . luctance to accept Jewish refugees here during the .Hitler years, ..our. Thanks to, the:.pervertfng power of Cold War. unto Nazi survivors. evokes. terrible qu st ons dling abouto f w at -criminals were fus~~ of unregenerate Nazi , sheltered from extradition we thought we were fighting for, or against, .in . and then absorbed .into _ western Intelligence the period from 1941 to 1945.. Apologists for the conscious., coordinated rope.cMaR or provided safe passage out of Eu- American policy of shielding capured fascists. America: by of ecame-adviosers . and spi~ual and using them as Cold War soldiers against. guides to congenial neo-fascist regimes on' this Stalinist Russia will say, in their more forth- continent. To our. great shame, American poli- right moods, that we shouldn't attempt to judge cy-makers have consistently aligned this coun- official actions outside their historical context, try with those same regimes. -In 'Paraguay,. The times ' were-different, they suggest, -and .no Chile, Ar entina, Bolivia Monday morning quarterback can understand chose, again and again, be the political bed- the all-consuming sense of urgency that blight- fellows of the Nazi refugees who had been ed the inception of the Cold War epoch. It is an postwar proteges. n our argument which, for all its historicity, still re- sembles the logic of the. more apologetic Ger- outrage Americans recently acts with understandable mans who carried out Hitler's policies: Nazi of- recently when bystanders in a New, ficials also believed their anti-Bolshevik crn_ Bcrime of rape. We are now edford bar acted as callous spectators to the sade entitled them to fight their enemies by any. can officials acted as accessories after that necessary. And their other great enemy, , in -aiding Nazis who took in ghter he fact .besides the bolsheviks, happened to be the Jew- of millions of innocent }art No the sloutrage ish people. people. No moral outrage Nov", come revelations from .the archives of do is to nsist on knowing the fu l truth about the State Department showing.that America the past, so that we can say to our present lead- systematically protected Nazis known . to be ers: Never again! Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100140033-2