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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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December 15, 1982
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~- ~.--11~ ~ ~ ~ _ ._1.11~1~____ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 :CIA-RDP90-012088000100140046-8 i ~~ lR?IQ$ i~P,FE~,R~ ~f 0~ P,iQ$ BOSTON GLOBE 15 DECF~ER 1982 ~~s~o~ ~aw~r sees ~~~~~~~'~ cy involving ~~~l~borators STAT l~azi By Jahn Witherow? russian brigade that fought against the Stanislaw Stankiev}~~ the mayor of ' French resistance and C,en.' George S. . Borissow, who was al}egd to have en- Cantr:-buting Reporter .: Pattnn's Third Army. cured the execution of 7000 Jea?}sh dU- ir, 1912. ?rnanuel Jasiuk, an appar- "More Jews perished in Poland and tens in one day, was a similar case, erth? amiable and,wel}-ducatd Byelo- many, but the holocaust in Byclo- Even the German SS professd to be russian, was partly responsible for the r~ssta was unique," Loftus wr'1tts, ??}n . shocked by the carnival .aspxt of that brut27 murder of 5000 peap}e in a single no other nation under German oecupa- slaughter, 1n trhich their quislings, da}'. ~ight years later he had a eomfort? lion did the inhabitants sfl ~vil2tngh dressd in black, ra able house in Ncu~ Jtrser 'and enthusiastically visit such a degree ~ mutilated others an P~~ung a+omen, and 'was > babies into working for the US government, ~ of inhumanity upon thdr neighbors." graves to be buried alive. Jasiuk was the Nazi-appointed may- ~ This conc}usion, however, has been ~Despitc being identtfid to Congress or of Kletsk in ?Bvclorussia, sometimes questioned by historians of tht period in 1948 as a war criminal and lorever known as Wnite Russia. occupid by w'ho argue that the involvement of ce}? forbidden entry to the :United States . th?_ Germans bctwcen 1941 and 1944. labor'ators in such areas as Latvia and Stankievich eras admtReti to this eoun- According to ~ritnesses, lie was in- Lithuania was,equally brutal. try in ]959 and naturlfzrd I0 v~ ~:: umen~l in having the tokn's Jews Although some of his findings were late. marched to .specially dug trenches revnlea earlier th1s year on CBS' "60 He worked for the them CU,?fundd where the~? were shot br Germans and Minutes," the book, publishd Nov. 17, Radio Liberty, which Loftus says knew Bvelorussians. Guards were pa5tea by ~ a detailed attempt to prove that about his war crimes, The Office of Spe- t`ic graves to kill anyone who tried to American intelligence agendes smug- cial InvesUgatians was in the process t craa?1 Out: after a wt,siP r~,. .,~.._~ : 21ed Nazi collaborators f ~.~~~? iremo~~ng and the muffled crie fell silent By the time Jasiuk tame to Ameri~. however, he was not working for an or? ganization ignorant of his past He had rom Byclorus- startin 1 al w hen h iAg 19~inst Stan- sia into the United States aanst kievich dential and congressfonal~ordcrspand protected them from tnvest}gation and : Hrad of pappet g~eraaseat deportation. ~ Even the. head of the Bvelorussiait brn rew;vitec; in Germany after the Some fzad ePideaee benaoac ? Puppet government. Ratlisla~r Os- war b}' a L'S intelligence agency that trowsky, installed to power by the SS trout ~ soon after his a . gal in America h the sob of mayor of Mon- ~ critieat A numb d f f w ~ a er o o.:ne:r cow, 'as all ow full knov)ecge of his a-ar cnmes and v'ho asked not to be named, Bald ~ hey States. He became ~in ~Loftius~viEan the nonetheless continued to emplo}' him. found some of the evidence tenuous and highest-ranking war criminal to gain He died ar. Ame-iran ita 1979 and is 'that generalizations had been made dtizenshtp in the United States, Os- buried in South River. N.J, i without sufTicient res~rch. Nonethe- trowsk}'. too. is bused in Nex~ Jersq~. Thew startling charges have been }ess they thought 1t possible Loftus' abngside Jasiuk. made b}? John Loftus, a 32-year-oid overall conclusions were correct. Why,.then, did US intellf~entx alert- ~. Boston attorney and former Justice Dc Loftus seeks to show th at Jasiuk partment prosecutor for the OfTice of I was not an isolated rase. He esttnnates Special lnv t es igattons who was as- that more than 300 Bvvorussian Naz1 signd to hunt o o~rn Byelorussian Nazi collaborators entering the United States. Top-eezret doe meats For two and a half years Loftus had 'access to top-secrrt documents, Includ- ing those classified "Cosmic,.. "S 1 .' and "Q." and has noa? made his find-' i.aun America that one country, either ings public in a book entitled "The Fse- Chile or Argentina, "passod the word larus Sccr t " .' - . collaborators were brought into Ame7- ica after World War II, and Lhat some are still working for gwernmeni and Quastgovernmental agencies. Nor was the operation eonftnd to the United States. He sal5 he has been told by a Pentagon offidal that so many ? Ih' ? ` ' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 :CIA-RDP90-012088000100140046-8