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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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April 18, 1983
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IN ,,STAT 1111.. _11,111. .I 1111.1 1 -- -_ - -_ I Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100150013-3 RADIO TV REPORTS, . 1701 WILLARD AVENUE, CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND 20815 656-4068 FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS STAFF The Rowan Report DATE April 18, 1983 5:55 PM CITY Washington, DC CARL ROWAN: It's been almost ten years now since the FBI and CIA were gravely damaged by revelations of outrageous violations of law and abuses of people's rights at home and abroad. The reputations of some top officials at both agencies were ruined, and Congress imposed tougher controls. Americans told themselves it would be a long time before anyone in those aoencies tried that stuff again. Well, it looks like a longtime has passed. There's evidence that people in the CIA and FBI are trying that stuff again, as I'll report right after'this message from Chrysler Corporation. ROWAN: Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan recently raised the question of whether the CIA is complying with the law in its operations in Central America. Moynihan said many senators believe that the agency is involved in efforts to overthrow the government of Nicaragua, despite the Omnibus Appropriations bill for this fiscal year that pronibits such American support. In the name of preventing communism from spreading in .this hemisphere, the administration seems to be encouraging the CIA to do everything it did in Chile and elsewhere a decade ago. At the same time, the FBI, in the name of fighting terrorism or anticipating and preventing crime, proposes again to infiltrate many groups that the FBI or the Attorney General designates as violence prone. It may sound fine to have the FBI place informers inside ES ' ,(ASH!NGTQN r .".C. ? NEW YORK ? LOS A.',GELES ? CHIC GO ? ? T. G' NCIPAL C'TIES Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 CIA-RDP90-01208R000100150013-3