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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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April 5, 1983
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~_ .. _l ~ __ .~.~1~ _. .III I Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 :CIA-R ~'.~P. SHiNC T ON POST 5 APRIL 1983 ~u.l'~ 7. RO 1L -CI T 1 ~~~, ~~: l~~e~aees 1-~ ~.~~2 . g , :~:an~ Americans are t.on voun_ to remerber the period, almost a decade ~_r..?. when the FBI and the CL4 were ~rat?eh? dan;a~ed in? revelations of uut- ra~==eons ~?,rs of lay;~ and abuses of ueople`s rights a;. home'and abroad. As top officiai~ in both the CIA and FBi were indicted, and reputations were ruined. Americans told them- selves: "It. will be a long lime before anyone in those agencies fries that stuff again." "A long time" has passed. and there is disturbing evidence that. people in t:^.e CIh and FBI are trying "that stuff '-tn-in~ to do "business as usual. ";; grog+?ing number of my colleagues cuest.ion whether the CL4 is complying ~~;th the iau~" in its operations in Cen- tral America. Sen. Daniel Patrick ~Io}?ni'ran said recently. He said mam= se:,a:ors believe tact the CIA is in- ~?c,Ived in efforts to overthrow the gov- ernment of Nicaragua. despite the om? nibu;. appropriations bill for this fiscal Fear That prohibits suet: American sup- po. in the name of preventing commu- nism from spreading in this hemi- sphere, this administration seems to be encouraging the CiA to do even^,.hing ii cid i*: Chile and else~yhere a decade a~u. ? The FBI, in the name of fighting .errorism," or "anticipat?ing. and pre- venting crime," proposes again to infil- ei?an H. Edward ~Tickel Jr. nn several trate many groups that. the FBI (or the counts of obstructing justice, ignoring att.ornev general) designates as "vir>- his .claim that. the. FBI began a yen- lence-prone." It ma~~ sound fine to ' detta against him after he told ~t'ei~- have the FBI place informers inside ster t.hai he had participated in t.wp unpopular groups like the I{u I{hla illegal entries on behalf of the F$i. Klan. until yotl remember that the fed- 1~Iayhe former "black bag" specialist eral government is even now being Ticket was lying to tn= to save his hide. sued for millions by people who claim Whatever the case, it's ill both for the that FBI informers were the perpetra- FBI and for the director's fine reputa? tors and agitators of a lot of KKK tion to .have charges of illegal entry crime, including the murder of Viola surfacing again. Liuzzo, in the 1960s. Such .charges ~ become more believ- The infiltrations start out with "ter- able when people note that the FBI rorist"-type groups and soon the nu- has jumped out front in efforts to man- clear freeze, anti-draft, civil rights, gle the Freedom of Information Aci; women's rights and other groups be- that a move has sprung up in this ad- come targets. Then we're back to ministration to give the CIA auihorit~? "Coinielpro," the discredited old FBI to infiltrate domestic groups; that scheme to disrupt and destroy groups President Reagan has made it harder on the hit-list of the director, the aitor- nev general, or both. The current FBI director, ?'illiam ~'i'ebster, a former judge, restored most of the FBI's lost respect by operating the bureau under guidelines That were perfectly acceptable to the bureau in times when it was obvious that neither the Ford nor Carter administrations. nor the American people, would accept amtihing that looked like a drift hack to the ofd abuses. But this administra- tion Iikes seme of the old procedures and thinks that it can restore them while the public dozes. A jury recently convicted FBI vei- for the public to get foreign polio= in- formation b} ordering secrecy classi- fications stamped on documents and data never before given secrecy labels. iVlo~nihan and the rest of Congress had better stand up the way they did? in 1914 and 1915 uthen revelations of CIA and FBI abu_ce~ so outraged the nation. Attorneys general and CIA di? rectors must?not opFrate under what- ever set of "guidelines" they like in a given portiol; of their tenures. Congress ought to set the rules for the FBI and the Cl.~ and ensure That incumbent. directors abide by them. ?>1?irs.t'leld;c. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 :CIA-RDP90-012088000100150018-8