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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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March 17, 1980
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100170017-7 STAT C ARTICLE .l 'P:".&R D 021 PA?3 2 a By- Nat Hentoff. The. citizens of.Chile.clearly were.too -irresponsible to be left free. Why, Salvador Allende was about to come to power as the result of a democratic election. God knows the CIA had tried -terribly hard to. save these people from themselves. The Agency had secretly funded-with your tax dollars =huge propaganda campaigns in Chilean newspapers. It had paid workers to -stay out -on strike. to further ."destabilize" the' situatiori, and it-had spread bountiful anti-Allende. bribes:' around. Nonetheless,' the natives had insisted on making up their own minds. - ~' And so, on September 15, 1970, CIA- Director Richard Helms attended a me- r-ing with. President Richard Nixon, At- torney, General .John Mitchell, and Na- tional Security Advisor Henry Kissinger. The-sole item on the agenda was "Track 11"-the. mounting of a military coup in Chile. (Not Afghanistan. Chile.) When he left, Helms quickly wrote down the es sence of the Star Chamber resolution::. I in 10 chances perhaps, but save. Chile! worth spending =-- K not concerned risks involved no involvement of embassy- 000: ,000,available, -more if -,"necessary 77 full-time job-best' men we -have :make the economy'scream-: 48 hours for plan.of action. "":IE`didn't work 'then . Three "years later, it did. Largely because of the CIA,,Ameri .'can ,banks, and multinational ~'corpo=. rations, Allende was killed,: and the child= ishly. free-thinking: citizens of . Chile: were placed under the: protectorate of , a die- 'tatorship. Many. hadtobe murdered ben: THE VILLAGE VOICE 17 March 1980 cause of their incurable addictionto liber ty, but what- the hell,.'.Cbile had been,` This Helms document-both'the hand- written original and a typewritten copy- can- be found in the recently=publishe DOCUMVfENTS:A shocking ..collection o; memoranda, letters, and telexes from th secret-files of the American intelligence community- Christy' Macy-. and- Susan: Kaplan assembled and . annotated the', documents,. and the publisher of this. in -aaluable outsize paperback is Pe The book -could not have been'. pub lished without the Freedom of Information" 'Act which, as Macy and Kaplan say, `.`is' responsible for much of what we now know-', about the clandestine world of the na- tional security apparatus:" -. - Also in Documents is a draft of the anonymous (actually, FBI) letter_to Martini Luther King, Jr., in 1964 urging that he commit suicide to forfend the release of tapes made from bugs planted by the his hotel rooms: "There is but one way better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the.nation." That's an. FBI document, but the CIA also spied on King. Not only overseas, but here. As George Lardner, Jr., has pointed .out in the Washington Post, not a trace of the CIA's surveillance of.King appeared ."in 'Ahe- extensive. congressional or ex- ecutive branch. investigations of the agen- cy'co-nducted in recent years."_ But,-when Harold Weisberg, a writer from' . Frederick; Maryland, filed a Freedom- of Information. Act lawsuit to get the CIA documents on King, they finally made their way-much'l to the. discomfiture of. the :Agency-into :the.light. ..,There is a long list of.crucia'lly.instruc CIA Director"Stansfield Turner.:-, Only the Shadow knows. tive books-that could not have been writ-!- ten without the FOIA. One is William Shawcross's 'Sideshow. Another -is 'John I Marks's The Search for the 'Manchurian .1 Candidate'.-. The, CIA and Mind Control; just reissued in a McGraw-Hill paperback. In 1975,.Marks,'noticed two sentences. in the- RockefellerCommission report bn the CIA.. They had to do with a "CIA program j to study possible, means -for - controlling.1 :human behavior"and'said that some of ' *the studies had '"explored- the .effects of radiation electric-shock, psychology,'psy- 'chiatry,. sociology, and harassment sub stances. --:-ti Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100170017-7