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December 22, 2016
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March 8, 2011
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April 30, 1973
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-STAY ~ - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08 :CIA-RDP90-012088000100190050-8 ~~ v0~+?1913 STAY In !/orrg Kong, a-t aLrnt of fire U.S. Ce?tral Intelli;;cnce Agency slips into u railroad )?urd and checks the trecrr o? hull hccrrin~;s nJ Jrc?i,~ht curs cu?rirtg i? Dram Clrinu u, try hr.cpot ?rtusrud troop -novcnu?n-s. Aleuntvlrilc, unotlrcr agent goes to the //one Kong central nrarkel and hu)?s a large or?dcr of cull's liver Jronr curinurfs ruisec! in China to rrut u lab lest Jor ra,lincrclivc Jullout. /n Eastern I-_'ru?opc, a CL1 teunt tries to olitcrin a sample of a Corrrnt?nisr par- ty chief's ?rinc. f'urpose?: to drter?nrinc his state of hc?altl+. '1'hc eta did this s?c- zessJ?N)? -t?itlr 1'gypt's lute fang Farouk but Jailed recently with Yttgoslcn?iu's President Tito. `~'HESE arc only a few of myriad mis- d sions that the ctn has performed around the world. The agency is also constantly accused of fantastic James Bondian exploits that more often than not it has nothing to do with. The fact is that no nation can any longer accept Secretary of State Henry Stimson's bland. dictum of 1929 that "gentlemen do not read other people's mail." In a nuclear-rin,ect globe, intelligence is more vital than ever. Nor can a world power automatically limit itself to such a passive role as mere information gath- ering; trying to inliucncc events may at times he necessary. 13ut it can no long- er be done with the crudity and arro- gance displayed in the 13ay of Pigs in- vasion of 1961, or the attempt with the International "Tetephonc and Telegraph I Corp. to sow economic chaos in Chile. in 1970. To harness the C'L~'s excesses ' and yci utilize its inuttcnse capabilities j for keeping the U.S. abreast of world de- velopments, the Nixon Administration has ordered the greatest reorganization in the agency's 2~-year histor}'. Ceo; crate. F;cports Tt~tE's Diplo- matic l~ditor Jcnoid Snc~ctcr, who has been keeping a watch on the ct~: "L'or the first time since its founding the Ct:~ is undergoing a thorou,:h shakeup of personnel and redirection of misian. 'I'hc two main l:u~gct, of U.S. intclli- gence activities continue to be the So- victUnion and China. 13ut a rapidly dc- vcluping rlrtc~,ur with those countries has created ciitTrrcnt drr.uuuls on the in- tcllirencc c,t;tf~li,hmcnt. Alon;; with traditional c,tinrctcs cif the missile and militar}' capabilitic, of Conununisl countries, the. \\'hi:e Ilrn+,c is in,iain,~ on :c new emhh;nic on a?c>smm~ts of their 1x,litiral and su,+te~~ir intentions. 'l he entire int:lli^cnrr r,tinta+im_ hru- cc,s is hcin,; mtinrd tc, inclu:Ic nu~rc stmt, on ,itch dr~rlc~{~ntrnts as tiuvict and Chincu 1,rain outlxtts arut comput- er advance,., ~f~o chart ibis new direction, I'rrs- idenl Ninon has turned lu a twrcd~?, / pil~c tiuwkini, c~~,n~,rni,t and nrilit;rry sUatci;i,t,.lanu's K. ~ihl.~,in~;t:r, ?1 -!,who CI th. ca tin 18 aitl pet of go toI v Ricnaru nc,,,,,.. ?~?~ "operational men:' or spies in the field, over the cerebral analysts, who ponder the intelligence and make policy rec- ommendations. These two sides of the agency, traditionally separated, have or- ders to coop?:;atc more. Paramilitary operations are being scaled down. [n South Viet Nam, the Ctn's role in the "Phoenix"-or coun- terterror-program has already been phased out. The program used Cln agents to advise the South Vietnamese in the "neutralization," or killing, of Viet Cong otiicials. Such covert activ- ities are under the Cln's deputy direc- tor of operations, currently \T~'illiam t/ Colby, 53, a former ambassador who was in charge of pacification in Viet Nam from 1969 to mid-1971. Often called the agency's "dirty tricks department," Colby's section con- trols field agents ~+ho are involved in clandestine activities, including keeping a watch on the t:~tt (Soviet intclli,;cnce) and working whit intelligence crgani- zations in \\'cstern countries. 13ut Col- by's group is now placing new empha- sis on such activities as getting early for analyzing strategic mili- tary intelligence. "I'o the em- barrassntcnt o!military Icad- ers, he concccfed that in the past the Pcntas;on's.estimates of Communist military po- tential wire vastly overstat- ed, and that th,: n:rtiun's de- cision makers ri,htly regarct- cd those estim_tte. as "self- scn?in^,. bud!~el-oriented and :;cncrally inliatcd." i:ut, he wrote, the Ponta+:~~n h:rs so greatly refonued and im- provcd its anal},i` itt recent yr:+rs that thctc ~~cl? I,r no ntnrc "bad o'+crc,+ita;ttcs.' lilac "hc~uth~r ~;.+,~':" 'ltu,tilc: ft:tlr; ? :end "nt??;~.alc,tt ~~,+1>, .. Aidcil by Ur;~!t,utt, t~ho will he th.: primary link he- ~. '/! ( ~~-' ~ felaUun~ 1`;tlll U;c 1"Cnl.:~',ttt --`!'--- ~.----------.-----__._t___f__c'ti'lrrr~')y Utttlcr the ;+I~Ic I: i.h,ir.t Defense Intelligence Agency, w tc provides intelligence for the armed forces, and the National Security Agen- cy, which directs spy planes, satellites and a vast communications-monitoring apparatus that cracks codes and ~ath- ersdata from other countries. Schlesinger, as chairman of the ~[n- telligence Resources Advisory Commit- tee, will be taking a hard look at the combined $6.2 billion (sonic estimates put it as high as S8 billion) spent by the three agencies. Nearly half o[ the mon- ey goes for satellite reconnaissance and spy planes; about $750 million is bud- geted to the c-n. Schlesinger also must watch out for a smoldering rivalry between the ctn and the ntn. The rivalry broke out in the open recently in the form of an ar- ticle in the small (circ. 75,000) month- ly magazine Arnty, written by A'lajor t~ General Daniel O. Graham last Decem- ber-before he was picked by Schle- singer to be a member of his five-man Intclligcncc Resources Advisory Com- mittee.Graham's article contended that the Pentagon should win back from the ctn primary responsibilih ~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08 :CIA-RDP90-012088000100190050-8 ?~ ' ~ ~" ~ ?~