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December 22, 2016
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February 18, 2011
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January 27, 1976
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/18: CIA-RDP90-01208R000100210017-2 STAT THE LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH 27 January 1976 C14 provi4e . g fr s f or. Hussein, says report ,7 By RICHA-RD BEESTON in Washington' HE latest instalment of Ameriicanintelligence. secrets;, including covert payments to foreign leaders "and the' provision of female companions for King Hussein, has.-been made public l through'- a' Congressional leak of an 'i --- sein of Jordan and other foreign. leaders, and that the girls were paid for with Federal funds. entire 338-page report of unrelieved criticism of the CIA. The report, by the House.' Intelligence Committee, is still officially supposed to be secret. ? ? It disclosed that American intelligence operations cost $10,000 million a year (about #5.000 million) three to -four times the amount listed in the budget-and that ? a third of covert operations involved sub ventions' for foreign political. parties. Among the d`eport's revelations' was that Robert Maheu. a for- mer assistant to . Howard Hughes, arranged to supply female companions to King Hus- women on behalf of the CIA took place around 1957 at about the time that he produced for the agency a pornographic film entitled "Dirty Harry ". The film starred an actor who closely resembled the late Pre= sident Sukarno and the film was made with the intention of em- barrassing him.' ' ' ' The names of Haheu. Sukarno and King Hussein weer excised from the report but were pro- vided by "sources familiar with the House. paney's investiga- tions." According to an excerpt from from. the report. published yes- terday in the- Ne'v York Times, Mr Nlaheu's procurement of `Biased amd irresponsible' The draft report has been de- nounced' by Mr William Colby. 1 the outgoing director of the CIA. as " hineed and irrespon- sible." He' said the disclosures of the agency's sensitive activi- ties would harm American- for- policy. ' eign The leaked report. ironically. contains a proposal recommend- ing criminal penalties for any Congressman or their staff who release names' of intelligence agents or other secret informa- tion. as well a.; the removal from intelligence committees of Congressmen' who disclose such information. The report revealed that America had secretly supplied $75 million (about #37.500,000) to Italian political parties and leaders since 1947 including $10 million last, year. The CIA had also given one ?. unidentified Third World politi cal leader $960,000 (#180,000) in aid over 14 years and that several other foreign Beads .of State had heert financially sup- ported for over a decade. The report also