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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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January 19, 1977
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100220007-2 ARTICLE AP4'Crin-.J ?NPAGRq - 19" January 1977 .34n1% ' .'. Theodore Sorensen's fail likely to mend the agency's gambles in pursuit of peace. dire to be confirmed is -a political and administrative Among these people, warning that Congress will fences. there exists a fierce hos- not balk at resuming--a .As Sorensen,-. himself tility toward. the CIA..-This'- familiar tug-of-war to affect wrote'in 1963, "personal-' "sentiment has many expres- the tilt of president Cart- ities play an intangible but sions.' It was apparent in er's foreign policy. '. . - surprisingly . important the eagerness of the com- Charges that Sorensen..; role" in government coun- mittee that was headed by:' i s improperly handled clas.si? ells. Those who didn't. like Sen. Frank Church, -D-* s: fled material .-were the nub... him could be alarmed by his Idaho, to prosecute a for- of the ' case against him...' pacifist - leanings. john~ mer CIA director,' Richard ,,Sorensen, was "actually a `.Kennedy counted Sorensen : Helms, for. covering the tight-mouthed official, ex -'a key adviser in_crisis situa- agency's small part in the, tremely loyal and circum- tions, but he always. took overthrow of Chile's: spect in all matters relating pains -to keep 'the public Communist government to national security.. If he from learning that Sorensen These pressures attest a' left the White House in 1964,. was involved,. because he readiness to embarrass the with some ". classified ..? did not want it said that one nation and do grave injus="' papers, it was because he of his adv% had d li i ec ned t ce to one man in order to, was rushing to write an to engage tbat., it. - spank the CIA. embrasive history of the - ' -The.... ? .:.;ationsof - The sentiment also stir Kennedy years...>.:? 1 Sorensen s draft status faces in hostile -articles . -gained' 'weight in many- which replay Communist: But these char f : mi d f ges su n s rom the militancy of- accusations against the' fired. as a handle for the 'the pacifist stance which he. `CIA: A recent one, widely many who felt for other re- "subse uentl d ' q y a opted ' in published, revived -a two-= sons that tarter had made New York politics. As he year-old charge by a Cuban' a bad choice. Sorensen was' testified this'; week, `-he''agriculture minister that; basically beaten by' people- would. clearly have been - the CIA had spread disease - who had worked with him prepared t " r , o car y out among Cuba's Pigs. Such: e -'him as muchradm be edr ? hi hir ~palQorder" given stuff-is calculated to dinrin- a h _ t = -- -- is background rnreat intelligence.-It warns that:' ,-'whose gifts 'of intelli ences "ened to l th g eave e CIA more those who see the-need fore did not include the ability W? vulnerable to elements anx an intelligence system wilh; work yeasily with people. > .l ious to'reduce it to- a public have to stay alert.: ? -Sorensen was Carter's' library to who will be a strong sup: plainly struck by the' wit'?'have:ataunchfigures a '' o s p rter: George Bush camp and acumen of this unusual secretaries of State and De-: -into the agency on the heels' ,man. Carter's mistake was ' Tense NSC d i , - a v ser and CIA of the reformers and begaiis ?to let this impression divert director.so lon as th S i ' g e ov _ the task of piecing together' is his examination of -warn-' ets = are, perceived as .. e extremelyhaughty four ` in "which ?? - 1--wmiene warned off thole could be Carter who would -cripple- it fur:- :-'in arguing his positions seemed to haver c ro ' . omp - they. The next director .Carter failed to note that he' mised with those bent on must wage f.wasplainly not a4igure the.. same strug- taking . mo' " r...;..:-...... _,_ p ..away l".3.i'i .q:$??t'a.l~r ..: i:... .;raJr? _~'?i., :`%_' at 'did S&e s Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100220007-2