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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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May 13, 1976
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-STAT- 19 - - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100240018-8 riEW YORK TIMES 13 MAY 1-976 p r r' it t ;; f I rt ~i n {I -1 ,1 f Dy : QF' M. CREWD5ON W A S:: i.N;i=TON. May 12- d.;'clyd matt it tact d 'e %o r is of the Federal B: - n or In.vesti,ation Cct ti i- a Ci. lawsuit of bn saariz- ir.z line `.z York City offices G, F. Sec ahst Workers Party, a d j;ar :neat official said to- ci a ?J. The official said that the 6--cision no*_ to provide the two ze nts '.vitit Government coon-. s in the case was made'after De3uty Attorney General liar-' P. Tyler decided that a (ia, ernrnent defense would' }:.resent the departs tent ivith it crf':ict ? Brest The of icial and others toe. firmed that the potential con- !';; t:?as posed by a cur rent tigati n, centered on the ceparunert's civil Rights Divi- s'.cn, of possible criminality by F.S.T. agents who took part in N:v York'burgiaries. ?,ir, Tyler renortedly decided !tint ::gold be nappropriate f,>r t Justice Department to t in get :rt in one instance STAT.c`', ity for which it might eventually bring criminal pro- secution in sep'rate cases, and' h:4 authorized the retention, at Federal expense. of private. lawyer to represent the two Agents' Names Added Unite, States, District `udge Thomas P. Griesa agreed yes- terday agreed to permit the So- cialist Workers Party to file an amended complaint in its two-t year-old lawsuit that added the tames of the two agents, George P. Baxtrt ri Jr. and Ar-i ti?ur J. Greene Jr.., to the list of defendants in the case. The judge's order also ap proved the addition to the con:-. plaint of John F. Malone. a for- rner assistant F.B.I. director who was head of the bureau's New York field office from 1962 until 1975. But the Justice -Department official said that Mr. Tyler had made no decision vet regarding counsel for ?.ialore. The 92 known burglaries of the offices of the Socialist Workers Party and affiliated organizations occurred on the average of once every three weeks from 1960 to 1966, and many of :them, judging from; F.B.I. documents made public by the party, were approved byj 31r. Malone. ? . 1 !, .S, Tai re. Is no i_C._ral' I'hot t,ir us is i(:lo`,vn, caine"!(J-year sect 't ~'ra:rt of .v r as l ltU a Opening nod photogrs.phing ;e h, ring', b:,r,' '' 'lrtit'E'i'.t la ;';~??,'?i'!,:,'."' ^-- t'. .?'.al: b.i !!ra? ~r (: G:: between the C-. trd States S?:Cl t??.: the C:`:l I'ig' 3 laws ~1::C'S: ~ ~L, ltli !; :. C'Ut?3Id ~-'! and Communist c')uniC to i N C' P: s,,('t c, (,f the Unite(! \`ii t taln the next t ^~.v ueeas, 'for v.' . ? en- Sate; (',ode :hict)makes iaet:d Justice officials, act., .._ on ;rt- .... have .Oil.. no a COI`rpi C' to '..nla;.e (';Vii stntctions from Attorney Con- - '.?a. ar(i on which he s. .e:oral F.(l:vard if. Levi, it. %; ;Documents `:.B.I. r torts of the b :rr':dries n::t made pul!ic 5:10w '.ve:e invariably con.- W.:C~e't III to'le Carly o; li :iia:ion3 does not ))?ginip ected to begin nc?iif, ir. sever to :, ;; cut until the conspiracyjal hundred individuals thatC is b;oke:i by disccn~ery of theitheywereaffectedinsomer:ay, ille ail a'.ctt in q:.!es:ion. .. by the F.B.I.'s domestic coun.l another possibility is thatiterintell igence program. othere ; ;. ur .t falaries occurred :with- That operation w:.s. a broad r c ;;s r. co we:C n 3 r:'r_tintesi that I . ,: e;,~ttempt, beginning in 1956 amdl i th re years tl.c. i~rc d ti"'.. Trick lock,: to vain en-i n I? c not been disclosed.' ending in 1971, to harass, uts-t i nti '.vno rem loved o. veto- ;; - ;d Tarty documents they a five enr Federal sta:ute of iimitat`ors on the nr?.ec.It.c=t of criminal acts. i Unusual Decision uFn auu ? CU .7 n7Iic VtU tvu~ }nrl litical Organizations of both the! The Justice Department's 'de-;left and right. It included anon-t ,onion not to defend' the twolvmous mailings designed to: F.B.I. agents itself is. unusual nitre the reputntionsof polio-t although not unprecedented.!call active individuals, to cost y itovre.'er. and wns unclear :;!An official said the depa?rtmentithem their.johs and to destroy what aut onty the C-i-01,'had recently authorized private'their relations with friends and division was im:estigaat-j counsel. for a group of ern-spouses: In s;(nveral cases, the .I?? the C:imina lty of burglaries nlovees of the Central Intel-bureau's efforts were sLccess- ligence Agency and the Postal! ful. Service who were being suet!! The Socialist Workers-Pants: in connection with the C.I.A.'s!lawsc:it, which is expected to, !come to trial in Federal Court ;in New York within a few months, is seeking damages of S37.3 million for the harass- ment to which the arty says it has been subjected: It also Tasks a judicial injunction against further burglaries and mail openings and the >.se of informants against it by -the F.B.I. and other agencies. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100240018-8