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December 22, 2016
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May 25, 2011
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January 28, 1976
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STAT ' y a zeaessent butes to an rector attriexcess o L-2 he thinks the American people have been- ""'0 - Do vo generany recogmzeu as we wwU, IU a ue~L pearl counure~ A i " mer ?'s'.: If you , asked the average can:.. rope. In the .e t c'ti~~n in 1975 to associate the word CIA`"~'~ ?_ witny something; :you. would' probably ` Pression was was going to s a Second of four arilcles based on an come up with assassination and thed rt Latin Ameri eun," Colby said."But-we never assass:~ exclusive interview.,witli.CfA Director great roinanti - By. KINGSBURY SMITH-- National The Hearst Newspapers. WASHI,;GTON America has lost 50 -foreign contacts ' and its intelligence p22r its ave een "very badly";~urt~ rt-the past. few weeks by the leakage. of., :,secret into rmation given: to congression= al. committees:` ~_;R~ :~._ :.;>;:.. ?:,_ r="-r;.This.was disclosed hf ~ifiiliam,Colby. $:idirector of.tae:C~ntral IntelligenceAgen ; an `exclusive; nterview : with, The' I3earst Newspapers:' _Last?-year.,Corgressena:aed a Iaw compelling: the. CIA to :report its covert' .operations.; to,-.-six,., committees. Almost' every:hing'reported:to t lose cDnimit has, Colby said been leakedto the news ;media:ai:d spread, around the world We have los['something lie.-50 of'. our. foreign':contacts,".;he-added.=-..It's% rot`the:numbers that is.importart:'It s the quality of-the services rendered.' "Some:ot o~ir`best contact, have cut` -.-cff:tFieir. retatiocship with-us:-_Tl:eyhave; said they just calloL continue to ?xor with us because of our inabilfry to keep: --,-secrets. Many of. these people are very, worried 'about the situation.-."='_ "Some of the. foreign intelligence agencies-wI icli have cooperated-c if sewith-ts have, reduced the level of. L-tfor- :oration they give us. ;They-limit the sen-1 i.'sitivity of the information, . they, had: :,previouly shared.with is:Y:;= "==` '"I? am,:quite-frankly!.very-upset- ?about.this.: Up-to a few. weeks ago-I-had -:hoped-we might ?get-through-this -situa tion without any-serious damage to our:`' -:foreign -sources- and friends.. That- we .could say: to them: 'We haven' you and we-haven't exposed individuals:: "Unfortunately,. the-- erosion in._the:; past few weeks of all,the'secret?reports to Congress- has frightened ' a lot of. our,.: friends.around the world.-.I-.have to say-? our-position has gone very.badly in-the past few weeks ' in terms of confidence requirements" , ? , Colby recalled reading a. recent col- umn in the-London Daily. Telegraph .which..aid, in effect::"What is America- doing to itself? Come; we don't mind you playing around, burdon't destroy the gIe best hope in the'world;''meaning a - strong *America -with-:efficient intellt--' ._,. gence services.'_ Colby says he'feets that- the.Water--l .natedanyone and the dart gun never was all Latin Ames a totally hostile used. 'How did we meet that threat? With .If you read the Senate report rather carefully, you will note that we did take: a political -program through the steps to try to bring about the demise of'- OAS;(Organization of American States) two individuals, neither of whom died as' :=- with an-economic program through a result."'Colby was referring to Cuban:. the Alliance for Progress, and.with CIA dictator Fidel Castro and Congo leader assistance: Patrice Lumumba. 'As 'a. result, Latin. America is- not . ,.' ~.:....,; ; .-?: ? ' ?i "There were certain other. activities hostile to the United States today. Gue-? that involved people getting killed in the.: vara-- and revolution did' not sweep like process of a coup or something like that wildfire through Latin America. I am not but they were not assassinated by us: saying that CIA did it alone, but it made You come down to the fact that we"did .a major contribution as part of a: nation- .,not assassinate anybody. To create the ? at program orr a strategic level. impression that.ourbusiness is lotting..::'`,-,. The Bay .of Pigs was a mistake. It. assassinations gives a totally false. im didn't :vork. It went wrong: But to char=_ - acterize..?the:: CIA's operations. in- Latin- a Thee 5fi`Year?6ld St. Paul=boor- CIA.' the: Bay of Pigs is just plain.. ai. `veteran, ?whose'-intelligerce work dates.,_'wrong. also:--A- lot of -things. the CIA -did W. a -?',?ere very- successful.:.: % to 13 when he parachuted behind the - 1-is"Edon!!- mean the overthrow of?Chi=:? . German lines in France-to join.a'resist- an PresidentAllende:.We'did not overt,! ance -group, was appointed director.: in firow-President Allende. What the-CIA'.:!; e -d in Chile :was to, try to support, th May .1973. :. Formerly head of-the CIA's clandes- emocratie forces; there; as y'.-e had done. Stine (covert) operations,'otherwise Western'_Europe.::- known as the "Department-of Dirty President;Allende-exacerbated the Tricks," Colby thinks the good things - it uation;with.hiseco .omit policies; with . achieved by the agency's covert work its pressareson the middle class and on have been ignored while attention has the the extent that. firaliy the- .been focused on some illegal. activities ..military overthrew him. We had nothingd which he admits were wrong and should to do with-that coup::,;r;. not be allowed to happen in the-future. 'Over-the,years:there was' However, he points out the wrongdo- time when .,wewent out with the idea of ing was mostly due to an excess of zeal trying, w&erthrow him: In 1970- there encouraged by a long time presidential- was a period.of about a-month in which: and congressional policy towards the in- we vi erelooking-around to see w gat- we telligerce service>of: "Do it and: don't could do at the specific direction-of- our- tell me:''- =' President: All we. were trying to do there That-was dangeroushe said. "I- was to help the democratic forces with a.: believeone of the reasons we did get into .'view to free elections. -~..:: trouble"was becausie we. were President -Allende. got himself in a' ~?ised. There should. be active osupervi- -susreme he re a e the ' o-n[ollge -leakage of secrets and confidential infor= all issued statem ants saying the presi- dent waoperating outside the constitu- mustnconcerning intelligence activities -ion: Imagine what would happen in this --;=With --Wth plgag regard-to the e covert operations= country under such circumstances." whiht if c represenn terms o cost only 5 per cent of the CIA's functions, 'Colby' suggested people look,at the record. "it is popular to point. to the Bay of Pigs and things like that," he said. "The impression is created that these covert .operations were all. a ,isaster. but the facts are different:- ::::-. "For example, Western Europe in the late 1940s was-, faced:with'three grave-'?; Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/25: CIA-RDP90-01208R000100240020-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/05/25: CIA-RDP90- BALTIMORE INO,IS AbERICAN 28 JANUARY 1976 gate and Viet riam"experiencea caused 'eco ;omit three Congress to turn -the.sootlight on secrets Marshall Plan in government == and the biggest secret threat represer business_ 'Soviet-sponsor While the. investigation of the CIA by CIA opera revealed some -misdeeds,- which- the di-= Democratic fo woi ll f i "