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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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July 25, 1975
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-STAT- 1W, Vu 1U.1 P. y \;U;,t L DO33IN mail watch as illegal, contend- Zti'as 1ure,lo; TreSun ing that that determination \ ashinzson-A report of a would be made by the Justice 1971 plot to kilt Vice President Department. director cr central intelligence again testified before the Sen- ate intelligence committee; ;,as made as a result of an illic- it CIA mail coeration revealed i which questioned him regard- ing the agency's involvement in t d r. ea mo.i) release yesterday by a House judiciary subcom- mittee. Chile. Ferry A. Kissinger, the Secretary of State, also is scheduled to be interrogated on V,'Barn E. Colby , director of I that subject within the next few central in_el:gence, who made weeks. t're disclosures earlier this Senator Frank Church M. month, did not say (;Nether the a ~ ;- i~ ho), chairman of : the 'com- CIA deter fined that Caere was, mittee, yesterday asked the indeed, a plot to kill Agnew. Senate to extend the intelli- Mr. Colby admitted in the STAT' testimony . to the House. 1-.._1 that almost 63,006 letters were opened during a mail watch that 'lasted (rota 1967 to 1972. According to Mr. Colby, the i`o e. etie -'~ Lich he stressed ro longer was being conducted -was aimed at finding out how i'.:ss_rt Chian Co : au- ist.s r%,ere open in z and censor ing lette s, and also wh :her there were any hidden codes in the -rT ew J res,i' tC` .'to wouid .u extend the UfelYlel5:^'d1 iu Cl nit Cetirg. that of the inteliibenceucmmittee to he was to be called before the February 2, 1976. intelligence panel. Senator John G. Tower (R., Roderick Hills, who was one Texas), the committee's vice of several officials to met with chairman, said after yester- the panel yesterday to-discuss. day's session that the panel had the material the committee worked out an agreement with seeks, made the comment about the FBI for obtaining certain Mr. Kissinger. documents and was "in the Mr. Tower and AIr. Church' process of working cut nrob- said there was no significance ferns ;;i.h the White House" in the timing of the announce- concerning material the sena- meat about an appearance by tors rant. Mr. Kissinger. The purpose of A White House counsel said calling him, Mr. Church said, is yesterday that Mr. Kissinger "rot accusatory .... We are en- was angered about the an- deavoring to find the line of au- rouncerrent Wednesday, on the thority" concerning ' CIA ac.: eve of his departure for the tions. :months-He offered -as reasons' the additional inquiry into polit- ical assassinations and the de-: lay in the turning over of docu- ments by various government departments, including the White House and the Justice Department.. . P.;r. Church also requested an additional $500,000 to corn- plete the business of mittee, which would bring its total budget to $1,250,000. The mall on the watch list, which covered 3t0 American citizens.: But t snail watch also gathered hard intelligence," ? Colby said, w; o cited the per.; cf the 1571 plot ag That ti:e then vice o-e_ide llt and CIA Chief as an example. The direc-' for of central irtellir nce a that time was Richard M. Helms, rc?.7 ambassador to Iran. T e reo.?rt came, `,Ir. Colby testified, from a CIA agent overseas who said "there was 'some kind of plot to kill the vice president . . . and kidnap' the director of the CIA. And iii that case to .. le e was to it we did coca some mail of one~ the suspects ...: ' Mr. Colby refused, i'n ai testimony, to characteH4z tns IF Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100240096-2 '5-"IY /? BAL` Th'IORE SUN Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 : CIA-RDP90-01208R000100240096-2