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December 22, 2016
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February 22, 2011
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January 23, 1975
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C ll _ _. i. _ - --- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 :CIA-RDP90-012088000100250058-3 WASHIIQGTON STAR NEWS 23 JAR 1975 -~e~mS -?iSCfairraS~ ~~ Sp i~g ~nowtedg~ ~- H7James RPolk than on the charges that the s~x...seerw~ ~- agency spied on U.S. citi- Ambassador Richard Helms has told a closed Senate hearing that ~ was unaware of aay domestic surveillance conducted on Americans by the Central Intelligence Agency while he was its director, accord- tag to one senator. "His surveillance stopped at the water's edge -over seas," said Sen. Gale W. Mme. ~wr~? Helms testified for three hours yesterday in a pri- vate session before the Sen- ate Foreign Relations Com- mittee, which questioned him at length on his past. denials of CIA misconduct. I9ELD~1S SAID, "I think I bad a very fair and good hearing. and I had an opportunity to explain whatever discrepancies the senators felt had been hang- ingfire." Neither Helms nor Lhe chairman, Sen. John Spark- man, D-Ala., would discuss specifics of Helms' testi- mony. Sparkman promised that a transcript, edited for security reasons, would be made public. probablq next week. The closed-door session apparently focused more on the CIA's activities in Chile and other foreign nations zees in this country. "I don't think that question came up too much in this bearing." Sparkmansaid. BUT McGE$ told newa- men that Helms had indi- cated to the committee that aay such doar~stic surveil- :laace had -taken plats without his knowledge and without bisapproval. - CIA DireeDor William E. Colby has admitted the agency watched columnist Jack Anderson and a Wash- ington Post reporter during tlw period when Helms headed the spY aB~-7-? T~ CIA also infiltrated about a dozen agents. into protest fi~'oups- . The use of the CIA may have been spurred by White House dislike for the late J. Edgar Hoover as Sirector of the FBI, which has the sole legal authority for coun- teriatelligeace inside U.S. borders. McGee said, "The stub- bornness of J. Edgar finally forced the White FIouse to divert some of its requests to the CIA." But Helms had testified to the same com- mittee in 1973 that he "total- lyand 100 percent resisted" White House efforts to in- volve the agency in this role. STAT 15~IcGEE, asked about Helms' candor, . said, There is nothing that has ,transpired today that has impugned his integrity as a witness." Sparlaaan said. "He gave ~ - us every full and frank explanation; 'but he avoid- ed"a direct reply to the question of Helms' consist- ' envy and candor. Helms said, "Why don't - we wait for the transcript" and. told newsmen they could reach their own- judg- menu then. Helms said he will leave Washington Sunday to re- turn eventually to Iran, where he has served as U.S. ambassador since. 1973. Asked if he.thought the CIA controversy might cost him his diplomatic post, Helms replied, "I don't know Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/22 :CIA-RDP90-012088000100250058-3