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December 21, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040003-6 (IN KNOCK Pages 5 I i -t~d 3 Ir' I OJRCS t UNDER ThE B.A C R OP MILITANT I 'SRRATIONALXSM, PRINCIPAL , AT'1JRSt AND I IATS TA S OF TIM WWrt or NOPR: ? ITSD BY mS 1. C. OF "M IRAs MOSCOW . 1930. ORIGIN OF iPR. The history of the International Red Aid takes us back to 1930---21. The revolutionary risings of the proletariat (the mortar ist rising in Germany in Janu- ary 1819, the Soviet Republics in Hungary and Bavaria in 1818, the rising of the proletariat -in central Germany in 1881, the seizure of the facto riets by the workers in Italy in 1920, eta.) were crushed: by the coabined forcers of the be rgeoisie and the social.. traitors. over the amps** of tens of thousands of the most advanced workers, the bourgeoisie somebtow patched up the wounds inflicted an the arpita1ist State by the convulsions of and revolution. In the US t, one.. sixth of the globe this period was marked by the close of the civil war and the -passing of the oomtry to the task of peaceful constructive work. These conditions were objectively favourable for setting up "a orp nlea?- tion having as its object to grant material and moral ,s si s tswe to cosr rides captured by the bourgeoisie and thrown tots jail. At that time there already existed In a number of countries individual oo ittees an initiatory groups concerned with granting aid to the prisoners of capitalism, (the 10Red Aid" Committees in t' rrnrsny, the Conittee for Assisting Political Prisoners in Poland). In the extent of their work these c mitteetat did not go beyond Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040003-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040003-6 devslaVoA t of ' orgtestio*s in the c+ pitalist countries and 0010 "011S t oww Of O U UI AflO*d ANT) S. TZt o Of IN" .70. . RIM AID Years 1$" 1935 lug 1928 1929 20 33 +4 48 31 26 POLITICAL IMP-Tj The ba geoisis not only tite rst Unbar1dl*d notb:ods of destroying the foremost fighters of the revolution,, but throws ewo 'possible hiafir for in the way of anstst a to those who bs,s been captured m d tbro t into Jail. The class wa"os of the proletariat realise to the full the strawith of intsrutti l Vedrp. tug class ' solidarity. Any poUtICK117 1it.r to person sill realise that the mediate Usk of the Iaternatioo1 Red Aural and matortal assistance to the prisoners of osplt tam-.should not be tak*n in the uax"w sense e word. We *xo stri'vi towards the Old that the wide a***, es sh id .clearly understand thy arid to wb et this aid is gr bastee of co*c# ate facts of * Or 52,E lud.tng U: Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040003-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040003-6 of physical Ttoleaaae against fighters of the revoluti the International Red Aid strives to show that the Terror is not an accidental event, but eeserrtt *1 fo11 s directly from the very suhst ore of t capitalist tea. national Reed kid helps to raise the Ie conscto+eamese of the nausea, and brim: closer directly to the revolutionary vs resosct the Internr,-ttl Rod Avid fulfils first steep poll, tidally heel sr, In toiler in an oppressed colony seconds In order to acquire the nooosso" a -srie in class struggle. In a resolution of April let. 1929, the IV Co tuna of the it1W pointed out that "secure in the efidee of the millions of prolet rtnne, the m or isation. of the intsrnati l Rod Aid, of aass conflicts with rO&O he latter widespread o selves as a United front o re*c tion, white terror and f'a i "` . tton l Red Aid Class El voltrnt"7 social orgWilsati of the totters, training Its neeabera spirit of tntarnattonal proletarian solidarity nd ailItant intornn:tionalisa. The political Iwportmoo. of the lateernati l Red Aid any be briefly weed up we i'ollo~rere intern; tto l cud id- .the totil. International Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040003-6