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December 21, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040004-5 acs WWCg: UN UI t THE ' AN OF MILITANT IrATIO$ALI PRINCIPAL fADJ S AND IiU IATZ TANS OF Tn wom or , EDI 'g) BY T" E. 0. or THR IAA, U.U 30W .... 1930. (IN INGLI . ) Pages 9, 11 -- 13. gGiPLKS Of OROAK VATION. Pis st of all it is necessary to bear in ]road tie very character of our orgeani aantiaas as **es or i sntIons. Not to shat a asr>asives up it thin the narrow Uaits of individe l 9" ups or caa;saeiaittees, but to a to the masses of workers in the f+ ctonies and the vi11a# es, and the" incessantly advocate the idea of Interu'ttoal proletarian eelidarity-..thaaat is our 'task. Is it now being performed? The followin table shows the t only to a umber of lar" caapi taUst coi* tries have we anything approa hang mass ergaatw bases, wbile in a nuaaber of others, particularly colonies and semi- oo1ouies, the task of cresting taaass "Red Aid'" orgy aieatious is still as mute as ever. In this sphere both our orgmaisations and the unions and amalgamations affiliated to the EILU 'have a boundless field of work In front of the a. In 911,a we have in 51. countries (apart fro the USSR) 411,616 individvaarl members and 3, 3997,41 ? coll eo- tive xeaebers, a total of 3,809,083. In the UDR on October 1, 1939, there were 4,018,096 members in 58,034 groups. .We see that collective nesibera ii s constitutes a considerable proportion of the whole.. This is to be explained Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040004-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040004-5 .2.. ouplaiasd by the aseditiane of Work in capitalist oaantries. The ssiattian of the prsb .ass fasiag the t*ttmraotias 1. Red Lid IS the capitalist SMatrios rSQmires the extoasiea of the tollsaro? fraaty the attaraotios of act only ac*earr alto aaro alas-~asat . s tarmaas rss rs! at sear No --- "to" tee pF,zslstsarlas great. Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040004-5