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December 21, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040015-3 I l is. y From the Chicago Tribune MOSCOW ORDER; AGITATION IN U, S TO BE CONTINUE! Agents Are Instructed tc Go "Underground." BY DONALD DAY. [Chicago Tribune Pre.. Service.] RIGA, Latvia, Nov. 29.-Evidenc. of an important change in the tactia of the third communist International, as a result of agreements achieved b! President Roosevelt and Maxim Lit vinov, soviet commissar of foreigi affairs, is contained in the latest issue of the Kommuniatiecheski Interne tional arriving in Riga today. This official publication of the Krem lin's organization to promote work revolution does not mention the mu tual promises made by Litvinov anc President Roosevelt concerning the prohibition of propaganda, but 11 categorically orders the comintern't agents in the United States Immedi? ately to get underground and continue their agitation for class warfare with redoubled vigor. Text of Instructions. The American communists must organize groups of professional revol- utionists," the organ says. " These men must be highly qualified agita. tors and propagandists, whose pri- mary occupation is to further the Comintern's subversive work in Ameri. ca. They must be organized along lines successfully utilized by the bol- sheviks under the czarist regime and should operate with utmost secrecy. in"Their names should not be con- taed on the part pay roll and in order better to hide their activities they should obtain positions. If threatened with arrest, the Comintern agrees to permit them to escape abroad, from where they will con- tinue to direct the revolutionary move. ment, but the moment open class war- fare begins they must reappear to take command." Forced to Alter Program. The journal says recent interna. tional events have compelled the I. K. K. I.-executive committee of the eomintern-completely to change its program for its agents' abroad. Recog. nition by the United States, prospects of Czechoslovakian recognition, and important trade agreements at pres. ent under negotiations with Great Britain and France have made open revolutionary activities by its foreign branches inconvenient at present, the article said. Cites Germany and Austria. The communist party in America s.,a the other countries mentioned must disappear underground," the journal repeats. "However, the ques. tion of maintaining secret groups which will be directly responsible to Moscow is of the greatest importance. The fact that communist parties in Germany and Austria are also suc- cessfully working underground should be studied and followed by other parties." The Comintern's concession permit. ting these underground agents to escape abroad to avoid arrest reveals a remarkable change in the Kremlin policy. Heretofore such escapes, ex- cept in unusual cases, were strictly forbidden since every red jailed has been viewed by the Comintern as a martyr to the cause of revolution. Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Polish, and German Reds who have fled to Russia have been imprisoned as slackers. Continues Attacks on Roosevelt. in blackfaced type the statement that " the Roosevelt program is a program of slavery for American workers." It also stated that " the United States and Britain are the greatest beasts of prey of the entire capitalist men- agerie." Litvinov's speech at the banquet in his honor in New York, which was published fully in the Moscow press, was widely commented on by the Bal- tic press, which labels it as a piece of " arch-hypocrisy." The Baltic editors think the Ameri cans are naive to listen to Litvinov's remarks that there is no persecution of religion in Russia and his bemoan. ing the fact that world youth is being educated in war psychology. There is plenty of evidence, the editors say, that bolshevism has developed the most militaristic system of education, known to the world and that they Christian religion faces extermination in Russia. II The comintern'a ntt-1 I Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100040015-3