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December 21, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP9O-01226ROO0100040018-0 3300 S COMMUNIST ACTIVITIES FILM SOURCE: The flnily '.1 rlrPi DATE: J; n,,,, iaxy 19, 1928 See -January 13, 1926. ' e 11' i -of Interna tiona l Correspondence JUST as we are Interested and learn thru an exchange 'of activi- ties'and ,experiences between one;eec- tion of `the country and another, so it is true to a larger extent and -with' richer experience, betwen ,o nn- try and ? another in '. opal. " pedWTS are't'b yo it y-o'~`iWe-rs of each country. interested -in the .lives, and . activities of the Russian Young Communists, where they already em- body nearly two million of:# Ruyssian` mun.=~ Intern Leagum, m'ills shop ;, 4lBfii' ~; pr k no count in the, world creates L..? same interest and en- thudiasm as America. The Young Uoinmunists of Russia have heard and read 'of the American technique of. In- 4"V y, -of' the -productive' capabity of Asverioty'p factories. They. sti'ive? -to l4el'nirom the methodts of American prove fhe- economy of the Worke Ropublic. ties of one. of , our nuclei In Pitts- burgh, debire rto be, oonnected with them and have sent their first ptter. 'The ' D. E.- C. should immediately be formal reports, but. Just workers In your factory . and the ac. tivities, of oyr nucleus. meat of the . American Young ('um- Let us quote a few lines from one of munist League. What better method the letters of the Russian comrades: of acquainting our Russian comrades "on behalf of 250 Young Communists with. the condition under which the working at the Yakhromsky Cotton e t- working class, of America live and of Mills, we send out fraternet gre the activities of. our American League ings.... ,vow we will tell ? you how than thru a systematic international things are here with us. The working oorr epondence. day for Juveniles under 16 years. Is Such correspondence has been at- four hour-. Up to 1g"years, six hours tempted in the pest, but has bean and over 18 years, eight hours. In sporadic and not systemized. The Y. 1922 factory and w;)rkehop a,pprentice- C. 1. has now connecte a lea'"' p schools were instituted. this yea di[ tb C r> fi a We already see the resuLte; , , , L,entymett Yq Q . 0 20 . skilled ..weavers, charge bands, re istricts in our etc, have peed out of. our factory I,$i-su , p~au a regn' 's col; In the Y. - 0*' L 'or-' I at the same time Inaugurate a slut- have taken Lie, n&heiiy: , edjby the Y.vC.VI. are 'ash follows: But as the secretary and the nucleus Boats aL'ema? bureau could not get in touch with New day Kharkov(Maas- t Z all .the, youth . in an equal manner, 0jjpr--Kursk. I this hindered our work. Therefore; we Detroit-Siberia. reorganised and now we are orgnnis- Chicago--Sokolniki district of Mos? ed.on the shop- system-a nucleus in COW. - each shop, &pinning, management and Minneapolis-Peusa. weaving.'., Superior? -Kaluga. We. could go on quoting at treat Caldforn -Ijaku. length; from each one of these- letters. Other connections with the remain- Such interesting information will be `tag istricts will be 'made shortly. given to sacs of our D. E. ,This gives immediate duty to the, even to each nucleiM-U -We effici' oomradei each of these, districts organize our international corresl to fulfill to our Russian comrades. Al- ence. ready they ,have taken the initiative. This must be centered thru t' and the uga Gybernia has sent E. C., *ho will send all letter their first espondence to the De- receive all such, correspondence. troit D. E "U. A large nucleus in will "insure safe delivery and the Khnrk0,V,.district,, has sent their larity. first letteri-mto,,a nuoleue in the. New Let' us build up an internatr York disc t' And, (the Yakhromsky- net work of correspondence witt; ~ile tai cry, located outside of Russian ;~ifl MAeoq`w, hP heard of the sue`o _ RILE NO. Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP9O-01226ROO0100040018-0