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December 21, 2016
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June 10, 2008
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x Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP90-012268000100120004-6 Gtu~pare~ ~?~~, ~:.~yrr x T~F~ ~~~;~:iG.~.n: ~p?~i', ld ~ 1~~~3. RV~i'1~~ Cam` '~ f? 7 c~~ry",~Af~i C{w~~3~~PFV~*~?~~ a~.t.~&g~y ~+~ ~3.Lrr: ~".z a~R3~a'a ~Ar ~~1. Via. ~.~i.1 '. ~'~vI:,=~~ r leader ~a~rci in zile 1~ ~~r~-?r ? .eager , It was ay d~ fort~xas t~ ~pec~ t'~rtre wssl~e with l~ton ~~mri~sa+~ieh Trotxky. ~'or this privilege I was wi131a~ to trr~tel the aix thc~utand ~siles from ~etr ~'orX C i tr to ~rkey. ~'rt~ IstaAbal, I ms~te the last lap ita a little steaa-er t>ftat esiio~ ?ut ?t the 0$lden earn to tit? islascl of ~?~tyuk ~~s (Frir~kipo) is the dea of Farm?ra. mere, tattia~; the asst, surrouc~3e:< by a high wall, +raa the house at `t~tae~cy. I rent tc~ t~se g,ato, barred mY wtsy. tby "~rkiah s~aeiel ottieer 2"he illvtelon ofi "'aeatittA" at ones ere,pa-rate~ . "'`pia wa# eat `-aeetion," hat e~ci3e, ar,~ not Qnly exile, taut ,~ai2. TY~e pri~s~er oou.1~ weld: ?~out, he could teke h.tts boat and Fish, taut always with i~^.o officers at his side. t~tgky reat,~ ? lame, pleasant tiro-storied l~~se. Ca the gr~-uad floor art the liri~ quarters of those so~- red,rs ~ri~o aid ~i~~, a~~ of the a~cto~, a pleesatst ~erma~a woaAa. ~btave era t!'xe quarters +ot his is~~iat? family ( iecluc~i>~eY lla Trite stz~ ,~rraadstaa) s~cd hi~r ottiee, library ant! studp. I wau ta~rera. Into the at~a~y whrrs ~'rotaky was wprki on the seoo~ rrc~le of hir "~31t'~y of the usaiaa ~ewolu- tio~a." ~~~hat I aaw was astrongly-built, atoeYy, ~tdiurs- airaed ?'i~ur+~ of !~ car w. gAile atparer~tlg l~aa ttea$ with+~r~d his ?tretiQth, even Lhc~u~h tk~e e2lraata has giwea him the malart? from. ?hitth he suffered irtetssely in bot weether and thous he is oe a s~~et dae to stv+see'~ trouble. ~'rotztcy Is ~Caz~bfnatioz~ of Aran cad tretYgth Tlie te~~ciliar thialt any gat i~air, tora~erly ,)?# blaa, is cow str~?ked with grtry. :fat hi~a etes troll reap hehind Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP90-012268000100120004-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP90-012268000100120004-6 tt,e thick gla$aec, aAd bia ~`it~ta testur~ra h+ai4~ all tb+~ir arssairesae-s~. 'tfis atroa, ~rr~Il-~+naped beads, brraad hemk, ~aeeful earria,~a, ~e~alt~ay, ~lo~ria~ tss~aad ,ski>* tea br111iaxtt sails that illasiee~a al,l bis features, st~er~- tt~ieg slut "~"Tatrky a~~~~sst~ > eaar~ieeti?a at ,~raer~ ~>~ atraea~th, of brillia>oe a>~ r~ssax~trc, cam biting E~~esr and tale>tle~r~r detRt~inatia:~. ~Teb s~pe+~kto ~lo~rl~ a~c< d~ist~ely, lilt~a pia ~rittaA at~+la, eaos~aet wit's t??c~F~~ttt, rttd ~cietfli+~'~ie~ with stride r~hras+~s. "';'ha stela is tt~a~ a~a>,'? iad*wd. ":'zrotsl~,f s~ewsd a trea~andou,~ eatbeliaitir of fiis~ra. talked +~!` t`t~iua, ir+dia, ~aar.,+~-, It~.y, ~,~~~, ~ariaa, ~uaiia, ~~e lR~r? ~,~estiC>, tt~a ~abe+r party queatioa in ~?riaa, tt~+~ x-~,rid soc~r~r~si,a crisis, t~s ~+r~rsonsl traits of the lar-~i>~ ~oto~ra >a the rcapaa> ~litiee-l stake t,4daT, lltaratura, ~i}~.itar~* tara~iesg ox~ all ihs~ ~szssti?r~s `~5ra- t sl~T sba~rs~I b ia~sli' +~ broad ly ! >~'rarasd sae with uaasval netratitaaa. ~ asked A1~: t dc~ ~c,u think af` tt~a e.~ta> sit~~ativA? ?`3b ae~. 't'~t~&~ replia, fl!"~~aen~ is tb+e fey to t is,ter>>Lics~aal ~it~xaiitsr~;. fat ues load at 'the eat - d'apan wi12 prat attao~ t7ussia iad~i~l-aiy. IB dais tbin~s ~ne~rs al?Rl~r. dspea rill bate ~~cr ~.aeds full fear a wile with ianebutia, w~i>~ aa~a xel.i bsoe~ss tar beer what =;>r+aeoa was tEa tb+~ y pe>ish dynasti-. "~e~ides, Jat-an bas far tc~- mush rei~?eat !or the ~aerr Cori ~rrrag e~~' Russia Lea try ear rithout a ~t~kramty fry the pert. "ate pest i~t Gseisi~s~~. ~#' tt~a wsrld it to tune ann i ~ t i t sus. # ac~te+~ f r4s the n c~ trail ie~ t i oaa i e t?ae part. lnd the key td tt~e "~e~et, ~urao, list im t~ermanir. "Zrc the ta+ae~ ~i` t'M.~~ra~ e~?~r~iti4>~, it is d1s6Lirbi~r, t4 i'iat~ that all wtarkiza~ o ;,ass r~relutietas in ~eraia>~r haws bees defsats~, t3~st the caa~iuniat party Baer set ,Freer, and, ce sap i t sll., a ~:t~at wt~. Af ~aaeiw- it takia dace =a~>der tea ir+~atfaa ref ~Eitlar'~e axia.* "'hat ~fl q~u a~>aider tea tease n far this ~rc-wth of 'sac i s~ '" i a eked . ".~t~ ?hat w! 11 Dtet~t~a at i t':'" ~~itlsr 1A ~wsr s~~t~1t'ies t~.e sattia2 saaracre caf the Gc~~e~n3sts a>d their ?irtuel tlisiati?r~, to~atha~r ~ritb the deatr~-atiO~a ~J'," tie !~~~Ik> t~"a~111 ~SA31DAt5. p~u6h Q~'M'a~.U~'~at~~i~ +Sti!'L i~titfH '~$~ ~!-~~l1~116t ~=art~11~ ~bTe~'y~~t(tY'!1. '~ttay rseore the ?+patARt cabs##~~,!! ~! a wtarlQ #'ax' a~a~iast ~`--~oTiat ~3ue.aia - At~~ely, the Tssistaz~es ~~' t?3? or~rnised 1~atMrnaticanai a~Qrkinr~ class. Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP90-012268000100120004-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP90-012268000100120004-6 ':united ~tst+~s-~e~-iet ~onfliot 'K rt:ar' i m t u s s i s a a r~tc- t 3'!A 1~ i sd a* i s i tt 2 f +C~u~rl apt IS t3~+~ w~rr~~sr~ else+~~ere~ ssnmc~ aid i t, despite the intar- rral stre~-gth of ~a~ssia, ~e~tif ia~ 1~1- t~:d 4'iwe-yaa~ ~la~.~' I quasti~n '~`rot~~y as tea hip apinidn~ on .~~a~riea. "t~sa:ariea, ?' ice said , *' is the ~raat resert~a of ~4r1d ea~~itsli~. the @~i~lisd ssd. Thera is oa aisxist ,arty or~raCmtpt as the arioea s~~e, ~ Ca-smuniat arty sv aruQe as the 6o~tcusdlet paartr of the united st~etea, s?~d oo '7tht iag' g~rou~ +~f C~-m~t~te~iEtt ~ ara+rsly cp#~rtunist ss the Asterleea. tit the l+~s~=ers of th*sir ~-la~aats ~c11I ha- ~ctst~e~ aside hT Ch+~ riril+a working class soTe~aeAttt that are ^ou~d to arise. "~hayld s party be ~rganit+~c~ by~ sash a spor~ta- neausly~ +~r.isinr~ eorkiu Blass ~vtraa~et~t ii is the duty of the Cour~ist~, ereA if heir hs~-o is ~e~in it, eanat~ent~.y tc eriti+~ise it and exasrr its 2.i~itednea Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP90-012268000100120004-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP90-012268000100120004-6 "'~ati X~4 ~8@Citi~it ~u~tt the Cda~xaiete help tdi t?r~~tei~e ~ebaa~ ~ert~, bttt ~u~t ~~ii.~?~ a Coa~a~i~# ~~tt~ i~ ~p~oeitia~rt to it." I't ie e~iddttt that ~'rot~ky?e ye;ftx~e r~! sxt~.e +~ i3mpriss~a~aat hatr+~ eat i~+~it~etd hia is lthe leset. Mere ee~r~ hip- +~t ~rork frax~ +~~zr.l~ ~~rrsi ti;~ l+~te at gi,~ht. ~~e ha~r~ ~u-ee fie~?i~ tot~h~r et ~ is the ~c~r~- i~ and T l~e~e der him r~lai~ra tie ease etre~tia~ ~xtl~ at i~t~in~ x ie hie ~~~ ~~bby. .~.e~ ~c~ tiers with ~o~~.~r z~ ~~ ~c~e~r ~r~~t: ~~~~~. ~+a ter ~ i~ c~~r~~ i n~ ~ eree~, ~~ a~ tea pl ages ~~~ere ~e t~~,~;~,t rte ~~~~ ~~~~~: ~~ ~erc~~ ~~~ ~~~s +~~e-aed, t~ gee eei~+~ ~h rts~t~,~ ~T+~T1:?u~l.~ earlxeQte~Q ~~ the met a~~ t~~r1 tb it they ~rr:~er, ~a~s.i~~ a~-,~ ~`~.~ 1r~tc~ the ~atu; to see hie ~~ e~aar~:le e~ ~!~ eatt~~-~iee ~~x ~~ t~~ cs~tt~t e-oni.d tse b~a~~t u~ l~aa~ee ai#~ beuutif~a3 et~tt~.ieze~:~t; to e~aaz~e hie huaor~ ~~ th.e i'ieh ~~~+~ ,~ ie~c,~d 'tt'4ilt the rse t end eel ~. ee~ t~:~ ~tx~d t4 et~~o~ ~ritl~ ' bier tine 1 f~h c~~tu~ht thet deb et tie ~irtre~ table gee ~ pleeeure i~c~~ted. ~#~~BCit= t#~~t S`1~t~iir ~1~ t~4~ - ~'t~t~t":-. p'~1t~t~ '~*r`Q~~~ir' Tae ~ro~l~ r~sfleQt tt~ie ~~et i'ai~ltxx~ a! ae~ agaiest ~et~r+~. a e~ul ete~ ~~t ~tll ~?aix~. ~atttlia? hie ~eif~t~ ~oa~ld w +enxioue eea~ t a o~t3aoarc~ tQZ boat { ~~ ,~~-x'#f!!~A aet~s~ ai'te~ tse; ~it~a ~~eakfeet ~~ e+D~etls~ts Frith ~*i~eer. .e wo;old ~?~:E geed ~~~~ eah~elts e~ ~e~he~e ~~ e~~ an t~?:e '~acat e~~ ~~ r~~ fl~hi~. 'A'~rottkf in~ee~ to +~~ ir~rret+~r~eto ~ iehera~aa~ i~ t~~t ~~ all t~i~d g cat ~reet~or, ~~~ to the sorry at alb. cat ~~ mad to tt~e ~ie~ot~S`art of t' +~ t~1i+~e ~trr~~* ee~s+~oiali,~ or~ee, vrhea a etfitx~at Qoain~ ~~ o thv ~at:e taf ~artr~ra drt~~e tt~e little t'oRl~aat ot~ the~~ ~~.~ ~~~-~ Tr'ot~~c~r ~-aE stta~d~~ eat! ~re~~hed ell ni,ht. T*a~rsr.r - 'T'~tt~tky ieher ir: ,ill ~ iads cif ~eakthe~, u~eY~r, i'ie3aia~ eea~at q~i~e tape tta+e ~alaa~ of hu~ti~, e eo~t +~t~feh ~i3t~t~ r~teses. a is a vet ~+~ shat. t?t~ee~ la~z~'~.3ra~-1~~ ra i~te~ opt ha~~r 4zt`tie~zlt it .rae t+~ ~chs~t rill ~oei~:e ?si ~]!~ e ~ ie641, sr~d thy::, seeitt~ oat r~.~tn t~;e e~rres !er ~ apt, trit+i to het t ~it3? hilt e:~t8otit~ The d~eie tttttrte+~ ~~x03cis~ eher ~`~'ESt~icg ~~~;en io et~~t. It ire w~l: 'thet ~'x~-t~~~' ~na~a ~"iE?llr tc~ ek~$, fog ~