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Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 COFT Compared CA RW TORE A ICAN' APRII. 16, 1933. RUsbIA CJ OT REMAIN Ii' WO CO NOT I.t - TFCT?'1T forcer Leader Guarded in Exile zk ad r, w It was my good fortune to spend three weeks with Leon tsvidawioh Trotsky. 'For this privilege I was willing to travel the six thousand miles fro* New York City to Turkey. From Istenbal, I nods the last lop In a little steamer that sailed out of the Golden Horn to the island of Suyuk Ads (Frinkipo) In the ::rea of 1arnora. `,here, facing the sea, surrounded by a high well, was the house of Trotsky. T went to the gets. A swarthy Turkish special officer barred my way. The illusion of "vacation" at once evaporated. This was not "vscation," but exile, and not only exile, but jail. The prisoner could walk about, he Could take his boat and fish, but always with the officers at his side. Trotsky rents a large, pleasant two-storied house. On the ground floor are the living quarters of those com- rades wt:o aid hi-., are, of the cook:, a pleasant German wom+n. Above are the quarters of his immediate family (including his wife and grandson) and his office, library and study. I was taken into the study where Trotsky was working on the second volume of his "History of the Russian Revolu- tion." 'hat I so% wee a strongly-built, stocky, medium- sized figure of 63 or se. Exile apparently has not withered his strength, even though the climate has given hi-_ the malaria from which he suffered intensely in hot weather and though he is on a diet due to stomach trouble. :TS 8NA Trotsky Is Combination of Qracc and strength His familiar thick manes of hair, formerly Jet black, is now streaked with gray. But his eyes still snap behind the Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 the thick glasses, and his time features hold all their aggressiveness. The strong, wall-shaped hands, broad bask, graceful carriage, healthy, glowing tanned skin, the brilliant smile that illumines all his features, every- thing about ' `rotaky euggestr a combination of grace and strength, of brilliance and reserve, of biting humor and relentless determination. He speeke slowly and decisively, like his written stale compact with thought# one scintiuistinc with striking rhresea. """he style to the mean" indeed. Trotz) y showed a tremendous catholicity of views. We talked of China, India, t eraany, Italy, Spain, America, 'Pussis, the Negro question, the labor party question in America, the world economic crisis, the rersonal traits of the loading motors on the `uropean political stage today, literature, military tactics; on all these questions 'rotaky showed himself a broadly informed man with unusue . penetration. I asked him: "bet do you think of the German situation? "To no, Trotzky replied, "COMAny is the key to the International ri tustion. Lot us look at the last - Japan will not attack nuseiee iaa todietely. In Asia things go more slowly. Japan will have bar hands full for a while with Yanehuria, which can well become for her what oroeeo was to the Spanish dynasty. "Waysides, Japan has far too much respect for the new Rod ,rmy of Russia to try war without a guaranty from the West. "The at is decisive.. It the world Is to turn communist it must cone from the contradictions in the 'pest. lad the key to the West, to kurore, lies in Germany," "In the fees of these eoraditione, it is disturbing to find that all working Blass revolutions in Osrmany have boon defeated, that the Communist r arty does not grow, and, to cap it all, a great growth of !aseisa is tokinc place under the direction of Pitler ?s Nazis." "that o you consider the recta n for this growth Fascism?" I asked. "And what will beevme of it?" "1 itler in power signifies t1 . actual masa:8croe of the Communists and their virtual elimination, together with the destruction of the German trade unions. ""lush developments Out down the Communist parties everywhere. They remove the greatest obstacle to a world war against soviet lussia - namely, the resistance of the organized international working class. Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 -3- PREt IC '.United lutes-evict Conflict " tovieet Russia cannot remain I e'"initeirv Co aiat if the workerm elsewhere cannot aid it, despite the inter- nal strength of Russia, fortified by the five-year plan.' I quest ion> d ' tzky as to his opinions on sae rice. "America,'" he said, "it the great reserve of world capitalism. The 'nited :rtstees is the very antithesis of the 'evict Union a:d sooner or later these two titans must some to a life-acid-death grip. "This, of course, does not prevent them from hawing many things temporarily in soon, as the hostility to Japan's onct urien adventure, the absence of both the United Mates and the :::owlet union from the League of Nations, and the trade and technical relations between sesrioa and '"ussia showed. "f"or l,seriea has to fight not only Russia, but the Fritisb mpire and the attempt to organize a United :Mates of Turope against tree power of iemerica. As capitalist turope had striven to 'J sriesulso' itself industrially, so A&erte ? will become 'Europeanized' politically." "And heat chance is there for a strong Communist party in the r*. S. I.?" I queried. "'There is no doubt in my nine,," on his answer, "that now in the united 6tates class linen will have to be openly recognized and a mass workers' party emerge. Cpl'` Trotzky r hsrec to rizzs y. Communi sst xarty "Whether s ich e Party will take the form of a labor party, in the Y:ngl ish **no*, or the mass growth of a 4oeielisst or Cem munie t party or se unique combination, it is difficult to say, but it is quite certain that whether In the worst period of the crisis, or when a possible upturn takes place, such a close politics will *rise. "But your Noesiel,ist and communist movement* are the worst of any," he exclaimed. "'There is no oelaliet party so corrupt as the American one, no Communist party so crude as the Communist party of the United States, and no 'Right 1mg' group of Communists to crassly opportunist as the American. Aut the leac-ors of these *lowest* will be rushed aside by the virile working class movements that are hound to *rise. "ibould a Labor party be organized by such a sponta- neously arising working class movement it is the duty of the Communists, even if they bane to join it, constantly to criticize it end expose its limitedness. Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 On no account mutt the Co unists help to organize a Labor party, but Must build a Commauni o t party in opposition to it." It is evident that Trotzky*e years of exile and imprisonment have not impaired him in the least. I have sewn hi= at work from early morning %III late at night. a have go-me fishing together at 3 in the l orn- Lag and T have seen his retire the some evening only at 11 or 12 o*oloo!c. ?lshing now is his great hobby. And to fish with Trotsky is in itself greet sport. To we toh him cunningly creep up on the places where he thought firh might sboun- and deftly screed the nets around, to see trim seize the rooks previously collected in the host and burl them in the water, driving t):e fish into the arts; to see his eyes sparkle and his enthusiasm Crow as tt+ note mould be brought up loaded with beautiful erecimens; to share his humor as the fish were picked from the net and collected and to enjoy with him tte fish caught that day at the dinrer table - t .ir was 4 pleasure indeed. ormetimes the fishin was not so good, Then `'rotzc:y?s face would reflect this great failure of man against nature. 'e would stay out all morning. Natalia, his wife, would grow anxious and send the outboard motor boat (of rmertean make) after acs with breakfast and sometimes with dinner. is would eKt breed and choose and perhaps on egg on the ?oat one ro or fishing. Trotzky indeed it n Inveterate fisherman, going out in all kinds of weather, much to the worry of all of us and to the discomfort of t,.e polio* guards, especially one., when a stores coming up on the F4a of Zarmaora drove the little rowboat on the. rocks where Trotzky was stranded and drenched all night. Trotsky Fishes In All kinds of #eaather. 14owever, fishing cannot quite take the plane of hunt a sport which Trotsky misses. #!e is a very good shot. Once, laup'-.ingly, s pointed out now difficult it was to shoot wild ducks with a ristol, end then, seeing awe riding, the waves far from s, tried to got it with his automatic The dusk started duekir when Trotsky began to shoot. It is well that `rrotxky knows how to shoot, for he may be called uxion to use that art. Tens of thousands of old Russisn "'hits Guards reside lp Ietflnbul, many of we po fishing,, anxiously ee seen the shore without lettin t ho "Old 'man" know of it, to see if there is some- one larking in the woods to take a shot. Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2 As wo sat, so ooss patrols the grounds; a guard is kept all night watehia the pisoe; but evea those presaatioas taasot be very effeetife. ohot eouid a little guard of three men do if a real s$toek were madel A" tkerv to no questlo* that with his d.atb a truly great ran weald leave the sooae. Copyright, 1933, by N. Y. Aaerioen, Ins. Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP90-01226R000100120008-2