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December 21, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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January 6, 1981
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Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90B00170R000200210006-4 .fir - - ---- , SUBJE'CT'' Trip Report for he Period 16-20 November 1981. to Lockheed Aircraft Corporation This memorandum is a critique of events which developed during subject trip. The information presented may assist you regarding any decisions which may arise regarding this matter. Meetin of Monday, 16 November 1981, ith at Building briefed w regarding our mission. stated that limited U-2 information was retained during the earl days of the program; this being a specific instruction of Fred stated that a l l engineering drawings are on microfilm but indicated supporting systems information is not available since they were Government Furnished Equipment. STAT STAT STAT STAT STAT Regarding information on the A-12 and D-21 programs, Fred stated he had limited knowledge on these programs since he was not involved with them during development stages. Fred stated that a limited amount of records are available at the company records center at Rye Canyon. Fred provided and the undersigned with three STAT loose leaf binders. They provided us with information and status of what records are available at Rye Canyon or what has been destroyed. These binders are the company records shelf list but I consider them vital records because they will provide infor- mation after program-concerned personnel retire from Lockheed. requested that certain records be recalled from Rye Canyon. Fred stated it usually takes up to two to three weeks as normal turn around time. Surprisingly, Jim's request was obtained in two days. Point of interest which I any trying to make is that Lockheed has the basic aircraft blueprints on microfilm but no evidence of a sound records program to provide historical data as the survey team expected to obtain. STAT Four additional binders ? wed which primarily contained photographs. requested a large number STAT of prints to be made of select aircraft or systems. Fred agreed to have the prints made but seemed concerned as to who would pay for services provided. Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90B00170R000200210006-4 I Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90B00l70R000200210006-4 The undersigned briefed Fred about information personnel who may have worked at; during the period of STAT 1951?-57 a nd when the site was reopened in 1960. Tied s I:,, i;ed f-ha T- all records regarding personnel who traveled and worked during that period most likely were destroyed. Our primary concern was flight manifests, Information pertaining to the manifests was found at Agency Records Center which certified that the manifests were destroyed in July 1970. be a nightmare! No advance TWX was sent to or to phone calls between trip was approved to visit Proposed trip to - This started off to STAT s office STAT er number of STAT our STAT STAT The survey team departed for - , . STAT that nothing would be accomplished alter learning that our pri- mary person was on vacation. STAT STAT appeared to be unprepared to assist the survey counterpart 0 may have some in ut was not sure STAT who was cleared on subject programs, was the only STAT person who came to mind who possibly had any knowledge. Tad was a former NCO at and was called into our meeting. Once STAT Tad was briefed regarding our items of concern, he was quite uowl-geable of the program and their current status. STAT advised us that ad the A-12 maintenanc JIHI and stated that was the custodian. aIAI set up a meeting with the for 1330 STAT hours on 17 November. indicated that very little records or. property was available and he had limited knowledge himself. He stated that his Air Force team. After a briefing by nd myself, STAT During the aforementioned meeting, limited information on the D-21 and A-12 programs was learned with the exception that Ernie stated he had the A-12 maintenance records in a vault and was the custodian. was questioned about mock-up of STAT models of pre-A-12 programs and he stated he had no knowledge and assumed they were destroyed. suggested a trip to Palmdale to survey the condition of the A-12 vehicle and determine if any records are available at Lockheed Site 2 at Palmdale. Det. 6 C.O. approved a visit for 18 November 1981. On 18 November 1981 we traveled to Site 2. Lockheed Site Manager was at Burbank and his Deputy provided us with a tour of the outside storage area. STAT I Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90B00l70R000200210006-4 I Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90B00l70R000200210006-4 Three U-2's are in storage condition and all. i1-12's are available in cannibalized condition. Engines had been removed and vehicles are in sad condition. For thirteen years the undersigned assumed that these vehicles were maintained in flyable storage. These birds will never fly again. Some are being re-mothballed and others need protection. To believe that these vehicles could be reactivated is a dream that won't come true: Since the Air Force is running the storage program and the present condition of the vehicles, it's a big joke that most former A.-12 program personnel believe these vehicles are being maintained in jewel condition. This dream does not exist. Since the program Director "B" desires to protect operational information and present manager of the A-12. vehicle, the program director "D" should handle future inquiries or even present requests. Present residual property is being maintained as a typical Air Force salvage program. To determine the past and present status of systems regarding classification and present status, inquiries should be directed to Program "D". System vendors or prime contractors do not have this information available to assist program director "B" in making a constructive decision and disown any custodianship of vehicles since June 1977 when inventory of A-12 was transferred to the Department of the Air Force. I understand per comment from that the two CONEX enntainers of D-21 material has been destroyed per STAT STAT STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP90B00l70R000200210006-4