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December 22, 2016
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August 20, 2009
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May 3, 1982
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Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90BOl013R000300470016-7 INITIAL Remarks: P1 ease notify thi:s~'office Who w i:l 1. attend meetngo.:. 7. tjay, NSC review completed. Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90BO1013R000300470016-7 D/EEO Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90BO1013R000300470016-7 W%01 94 5&05..0 Y 1 to ".- CONFIDENTIAL NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL WASHINGTON, D.G. 20506 May 3, 1982 MEMORANDUM FOR L. PAUL BREMER III Executive Secretary Department of State DAVID PICKFORD Executive Secretary Department of the Treasury LTC. ROBERT P. MEEHAN Assistant for Interagency Matters Office of the Secretary of Defense STEPHEN SHIPLEY Executive Assistant to the Secretary Department of Interior JEAN JONES Director, Executive Secretariat Department of Commerce . WILLIAM V. VITALE Director, Office of the Executive Secretariat Department of Energy WILLIAM SCHNEIDER Associate Director for National Security and International Affairs Office of Management and Budget THOMAS B. CORMACK Executive Secretary Central Intelligence Agency ROGER PORTER Deputy Assistant to the President for Policy Development JAMES BURNHAM Special Assistant to the Chairman Council of Economic Advisers COL. CHARLES F. STEBBINS Executive Assistant to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff SHEILA DRYDEN Special Assistant to the Director Federal Emergency Management Agency SUBJECT: Minutes of the Overview Group Meeting, April 29, 1982, Re NSSD 9-82 Q0r CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL (Review 4/30/88) Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90B01013R000300470016-7 CONFI Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90B01013R000300470016-7 Attached are summary minutes of the NSSD 9-82 Overview Group Meeting held on April 29, 1982. The next Overview Group Meeting will be on May 7, 1982, at 11:00 a.m., in the Situation Room. Attendance should be Principal plus one and all names should-be called in to Carol Cleveland of the Staff Secretary's office, 395-3044. Michael O. Wheeler Staff Secretary CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90BO1013R000300470016-7 Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90B01013R000300470016-7 90271 01 x-i:rri :: SUBJECT: Minutes of the Overview Group Meeting, NSSD 9-82 Participants Robert C. McFarlane, White House David-Burns, State Allan Wendt, State Charles Schotta, Treasury David Curry, Treasury Steven D. Bryen, OSD David Tarbell, OSD Perry Pendley, Interior Bernard Kritzer, Commerce Bernard Rusche, Energy Hunter Chiles III, Energy Fred Khpriniiri OMB anny Boggs, Benjamin Zycher, CEA RADM. Thomas Watson, Jr., JCS LTC. James Crump, Jr. John Brinkerhoff, FEMA Dan Schmidt, FEMA Henry_Nau, NSC Time and Place: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon, April 29, 1982, White House Situation Room MINUTES Mr. McFarlane noted that the proposed study of Comprehensive U.S. Energy Security Policy was not being undertaken with the intention to change U.S. policy. Rather, it was intended to reinforce that policy and resolve any differences or fill any gaps that may exist between existing policy and overall national security interests. The objective is to ensure that we think through our policy carefully so as to enable us to continue to depend upon market forces for our basic energy security. The study was derived from the President's wish to define comprehensive policies which offer overall guidance to the President and to the Administration in the pursuit of our various foreign policy activities. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90B01013R000300470016-7 Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90B01013R000300470016-7 LJL)J'I IUL.II I If L CONFIDENTIAL - 2 - There was also no intention to duplicate or to overlook the interagency groups that already exist in the energy field that have been working on various parts of our energy policy over the past 15 months. Instead we would build on existing work and existing groups and use this exercise to integrate, coordinate and reinforce these efforts more fully. The study outline and work program/schedule for the study were distributed. The agencies were asked to comment by Wednesday, May 5. The agencies were also asked to supply names of individuals that would chair the working groups indicated on the work program/schedule. The Overview Group will meet again on May 7, at 11:00 a.m., in the Situation Room. It will be chaired by CIA and will discuss the outlines for Part I and Part II, A and D, of the study which are being developed by the CIA Working Group. It was emphasized that the entire study was being handled under the classification of Top Secret and that any documents related to the overall study should be handled as such. Some parts of the study could be handled as Secret materials until such time as they were folded into the larger study. . . CONFIDENTIAL COI' P"FIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2009/08/20: CIA-RDP90B01013R000300470016-7