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December 23, 2016
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January 25, 2011
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March 14, 1986
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 Iq Next 8 Page(s) In Document Denied Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 F,77 S-E: T[. PI N14' . `'.VANJ DAI, ~ .DF!, 01 -A-,DM? United states senate Chi: Ec- N[VADA n.. eRAD.11 NEM APSE, M 'C- M,CONNE.I O NTUC91 %Del- D'.E "N$X! V SELECT COMM-TEE ON IN'E,UGEN:E &FANARC r M:MA~DA S'AF" DIRE^?DF ER.C C NEWSDM MINDA'Y STAF" DLFECTDP February 20, 1986 The Honorable William J. Casey Director of Central Intelligence Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C. 20505 Dear Bill: 8 6 - 060 3 w;'b -0435 We have received the enclosed letter from Senator Kennedy requesting the assistance of the Select Committee in clarifying the role of the Chilean government in organizing demonstrations against him during his visit to Chile on January 15-16. We have been informed that Senator Kennedy was briefed on intelligence reports on this matter just prior to his arrival in Santiago, and also that the Senator, his staff and others have publicly alleged that the Chilean government had a role in organizing the demon- strations and have described in some detail the nature of government involvement. Senator Kennedy has requested that the Committee study this matter and report to the Senate on the role of the Chilean government. Senator Kennedy would like some part of the Committee's conclusions in this matter to be made public. At the outset, we propose to begin by requesting copies of all intelligence reports pertaining to this matter produced by the CIA or other U.S. intelligence agencies. If it becomes necessary, we would also appreciate your support in arranging briefings of Committee staff to obtain any further background information that may be relevant. The State Department has apparently been unwilling to endorse Senator Kennedy's allegations concerning the role of the Chilean government, in part because intelligence sources and methods might be revealed by acknowledging U.S. government information in this area. We would like to have your opinion on whether it would be possible for the U.S. government to make a statement about the fact, nature and extent of Chilean government involvement without jeopardizing U.S. intelligence sources. (It appears that considerable information has already been made public about this affair, including through Chilean press reports.) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 The Honorable William J. Casey February 20, 1986 Page Two As Senator Durenberger stated in the Congressional Record on January 30 (copy attached), it is extremely important that the causes of the demonstrations in Chile be determined and responsibility for them established. The Senate and the rest of the U.S. government must take very seriously the threat to one of our elected representatives created by a government which had permitted his visit and provided assurances as to his safety. Thank you for your atte pion to this matter. Enclosures Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 CDAAMD P, Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 'cn .b ziafa* Zmais February 10, 1986 Senator Dave Durenberger Chairman Senate Select Committee on Intelligence United States Senate I am writing to request the assistance of your Committee on a matter of importance to me personally but also of some importance to the United States Senate as an institution. The purpose of this letter is respectfully to re- quest the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, after reviewing the available information, to report to the Senate about the Chilean Government's responsibility for and involvement in the planning and organizing of demon- strations that occurred in Santiago, Chile at the time of my trip to that country on January 15-16, 1986. If it is necessary to classify this report, I would be grateful if the Committee would also issue an unclassified summary of conclusions reporting the degree of the involvement of the Chilean Government -- if any -- in organizing these demonstrations. Thank you for your help on this. Edward M. Kennedy Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 Sanitized Copy Approved f ae in the location of the closed re Committee on Energy and Natural at 10 a.m. The hearing wW take place In room SH-219 of the Senate Hart Office Building in Washington. DC. The purpose of the hea_rirg is to re- eeive a briefing with respect to negoti- ations on Micronesian status.. For further Information. please con- tact Jim Betrne at (202) 224-2560 AUTHORITY FOR COMMITTEES TO MEET str)CONO[rr'rsf 031 ST1ATM1C AND TffiATD 11UCLUA1POScf Mr. DANPORTH. Mr. President. I ask unanimous consent that the Sub- committee on Strategic and Theater Nuclear Forces, of the Committee on Armed Services be authorized to meet during the session of the Senate on Thursday. January 30. 1988. in order to conduct a hearing on antitactical ballistic missile defenses. The PRESIDING OFFICER. With- out objection, It is so ordered. ssLscT Coat -ru ON rNTt1.LIGOICr Mr. DANFORTH_ Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Select Committee on Intelligence be author- ized to meet during the session of the Senate on Thursday. January 30, 1988, in closed executive session, in order to receive an intelligence briefing. The PRESIDING OFFICER. With- out objection. It is so ordered. SV)COlO I1 TU ON PUILIC LANDS. REST M WATI. AND tnOUICES CONSDcATION Mr. DANFORTH. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Sub- committee on Public Lands, Reserved Water, and Resource Conservation of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources be authorized to meet during the session of the Senate on Thursday, January 30. to hold a hear. ft on Senate Joint Resolution 221 and House companion House Joint Resolution 382, to authorize the con- tinued use of certain lands within the Sequoia National Park by portions of an existing hydroelectric project and H.R. 3851, to amend section 901 of the Alaska National Interest Lands Con- servation Act. The PRESIDING OFFICER. With- out objection, it Is so ordered. coancrTrss ON AGRICULTURE. NV'TRITION. AND POamTRT Mr. DANFORTH. Mr..Pr'esident, I ask unanimous consent that the Com- mittee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry be authorized to meet during the session of the Senate on Thursday, January 30, 1986, in order to receive testimony on the Farmers Home Ad- ministration loan servicing regulations and a General Accounting Office report on FmHA's farm loan portfolio. The PRESIDING OFFICER. With- out objection, it Is so ordered. or Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90B01390R000500600045-0~0 ye6 ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS THE CHIl2AN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION ? Mr. DURENBERGE R Mr. Presi- dent, the Chilean, Human Rights Com. mission as founded in 197E by Dr. Jaime Castillo and other prominent Chileans from various fields seeking a secular human rights organization to monitor violations of human rights and to work to restore the rights guar- anteed in the international human rights treaties that Chile has signed. Since Its founding, and despite the many obstacles placed in Its path by Chile's military government, the Com- mission's accomplishments have been impressive. The Commission has estab- lished a network of human rights or- ganizations throughout Chile. With the support of these regionel group.. the Commission monitors the status of human rights and publishes monthly informational bulletins. The Commis- sion is one of the most highly respect- ed organizations in Chile and has been accepted as an affiliate of several lead- ing international human rights organi- zations, such as: the International Commission of Jurists, Geneva; the International Federation of Human Rights, Paris; and the International League for Human Rights. New York- The Commission's President, Dr. Castillo, served as Minister of Justice in the Christian Democratic govern- ment of President Eduardo Frei in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Maximo Pacheco Gomez, the Commission's Vice President since 1978, was the Minister of Education in President Frei's government and served as the dean of the faculty of law at the Uni- versity of Chile In Santiago. Since last August, it appears that the government of President Augusto Pinochet has intensified Its pressure against the Commission and its affW- ates. In August. Chilean police tempo- rarily detained Dr. Castillo for reading a proclamation that reminded Chil- eans of their obligation and right to uphold basic human rights. More than 20 others associated with the Commis- sion were arrested at the same time. On November 29. the Commission's national offices in Santiago were raided, ransacked, and its documents were confiscated by armed plain- clothesmen. One Commission employ- ee was beaten so severely that she re- quired hospitalization. This attack preceded by one week the visit to Chile by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Chile, Prof. Fernando Vollo of Costa Rica. This attack was just one of more than a dozen similar incidents In 1985 of plainclothemen at- tacking Chilean human rights defend- ers and ransacking their offices. On January 15. Senator Kart- y visited Chile to meet with representa- tives of the democratic opposition and Chilean human rights organizations. Upon his arrival at Santiago, he was confronted by a violent demonstration by members of the lndeper>dert Democratic Union, a pro-Pinochet group. Chilean police did not act to re- strain the demonstrators and Senator Kn-xtrT was forced to leave the air. port by helicopter. At the same time. three of the Com-'niss;or. s leadfn were approaching the s. rport and sere themselves attacked by UDI demon strators. Their car was damaged and Dr. Castillo was injured. Once again Chilean police stood aside and did nothing while the attack was under. way. It now appears that high-ranking officials of the Chilean Goverent were actively engaged in the planning and the Implementation of this dem- onstration. If this is true, President Pinochet's government owes Senator Kx nrmT an apology and should con- duct a thorough investigation into this incident. Most recently, Dr. Pacheco, and his family have again been the targets of harassment. At noon on January 18, Dr. Pacheco's maid, Rosa Espinoza Baeza, was abducted by plainclothes- men and driven to a remote location on the outskirts of Santiago. She was held and interrogated by her kidnap- pers for 14 hours, when she was re- turned to the center of Santiago on the morning of January 19. During Ms Espinoza's interrogation, her kid- nappers' questioning focused on Dr. Pacheco's contacts in the United States and on the January 15 visit of Senator KzsnemT to Chile. It is my hope that the Pinochet government will cease its attacks against the Chile- an Human Rights Comm'ton and that it will allow the Commission to conduct its important humanitarian efforts. Mr. President, I ask that two articles on the Chilean Human Rights Com- mission as well as two summaries of attacks on the Commission be printed in the Rzcortn. The material follows: PaoTtsT HixDCR5 KmwmmT rig Cxiis (By Lydia Chavez) SANTIAOo, CHILI, Jan. 15.-Senator Edward M. Kennedy, arrinng here today on a tour of South America. was forced to leave the airport by police helicopter after dozens of pro-Government demonstrators blocked a highway. Some of the protesters wore life preserv- ers and carried photographs of Mary Jo Ko- pechne. who died in the Senator's 1969 automobile accident at Chappaquiddick. The demonstration was organized by the In- dependent Democratic Union. a party that supports the military Government. The police, generally fierce with crowds, did little to hinder the protest. The airport protesters were greatly out- numbered elsewhere by people who warmly welcomed Mr. Kennedy. In a second incident later in the day, the Massachusetts Democrat's car was struck by a stone and eggs as he left a rehabilitation center alter a tour. Jamie Castillo. the presi- dent of the Chilean Human Rights Commis- sion- was Injured slightly when a stone smashed the window of his car. President Augusto Plnochet has refused to meet with the Senator, calling him a .'enemy" of the people because of his spon. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 111_ 1 4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0 Next 5 Page(s) In Document Denied Iq Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/25: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500600045-0