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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500610010-7 Next 4 Page(s) In Document Denied Iq Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500610010-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500610010-7 [Preceding six words in Arabic], the SPLA-SPLM has the will, with the support of the people, to defeat such racist and dictato- rial measures by the sectarian rulers, be they military or civilian, to hang on to power at the expense of the majority of the Sudanese people. `Black September' Claims Attack on Embassy Employee AU180742 Paris AFP in English 0734 GMT 18 Apr 86 [Text) Beirut, April 18 (AFP) - An anonymous caller claiming to speak for the Palestinian "Black September" organisation said Friday it was responsible for the shooting Tuesday of a United States Embassy employee in Khartoum. The caller said the "Martyr Fares Abdallah Khabbas unit" [spelling as received] of Black September had "assassinated" embassy radio operator William Cokals "in response to the attacks by the United States against Libya and its people." Mr Cokals was hit by five bullets, including one in the head, as he drove his car in the southern suburbs of Khartoum on Tuesday night following the U.S. air raids on Tripoli and Banghazi. He was flown to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in a coma for treatment. his death has not been reported. The "Black September" movement claimed responsibility for the killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich olympics in 1972, but has not been prominent recently. Garang Forces Suffer Losses in Rumbek-Yirol Area JN171351 Khartoum SUNA in Arabic 1053 GMT 17 Apr 86 [Text] Khartoum, 17 Apr (SUNA) - Military sources have affirmed that more than 80 percent of the men of the outlaw forces of John Garang stationed between the cities of Rumbek and Yirol have either been killed or wounded. They said that there has been a great split between the outlaws in the Bor area which has resulted in fighting between the Dinka and Lutuka tribes. Citing military sources, the newspaper AL-QUWWAT AL- MUSALLAHAH said that the People's Armed Forces succeeded in intercepting a message from the commander of the outlaw forces stationed 35 miles from the city of Bor to William (Nun), chief of staff of the Garang army. The sources said that the message said that 80 percent of the outlaw forces which set ambushes between Rumbek and Yirol had been either killed or wounded. The sources added that the force's commander asked William (Nun) not to send reinforcements to the area so as not to fall captive to the government forces which have concentrated in the area. The newspaper AL-QUWWAT AL-MUSALLAHAH pointed out that the Garang forces came under strong fire by the forces friendly to the government, the Anya Nya-2, in the ('Akkar) area of the Upper Nile during which the Garang forces sustained heavy casualties amounting to 32 dead and 50 wounded. The friendly forces also seized a great quantity of weapons and In a statement to AL-QUWWAT AL-MUSALLAHAH, Gabriel (Jabn), Anya Nya-2 Executive Committee and Political Bureau member, affirmed his forces' determination to escalate cam- paigns against the Ethiopian-backed John Garang forces in order to expel them from Sudanese territory. Gabriel accused Garang of being an agent of Ethiopian colonization, saying that the Anya Nya-2 movement is fighting for Sudan's independence and main- taining stability. He also praised the Armed Forces and their vanguard role in safeguarding Sudan's integrity. Radio SPLA: Moon Battalion Kills 15 in 28 March Raid EA180332 (Clandestine) Radio of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army in English 1300 GMT 17 Apr 86 [Excerpt] Details of the raid by SPLA forces of Moon Battalion on the enemy position in Ayod District on 28th March 1986 revealed that 15 enemy soldiers, most of them policemen, were killed. The district executive officer, Michael (Yol Puk), was also hit by a stray bullet and died on the spot. According to our correspondent accompanying Moon Battalion, eight AKM and one G-3 rifles were captured. Three land-rover cars, one lorry and one tank were all destroyed. The rest of the buildings including the council offices, the police post and the hostel were burnt to the ground. Radio SPLA Reports Commentary on TMC's `Tricks' EA142110 (Clandestine) Radio of theSudanese People's Liberation Army in English 1300 GMT 14 Apr 86 [Station Commentary: "The Past Still Rings in Our Minds") [Text] Some generals from the Transitional Military Council [TMC) on 22d March 1986 held a meeting in the house of Lieutenant General Muhammad Mirghani of the Sudan Air Force. According to reliable sources, among those in the meeting were Sudan's TMC defense minister, Major General 'Uthman 'Abdullah, Taj al-Din [Abdallah Fadl, deputy chairman of the TMC], and Faris Husni of the military intelligence. The aim of this secret meeting was to find out who leaks, or how does SPLA get information on government secret activities. The TMC, because of its manifold tricks, during this secret meeting it accused the organization ACROSS [Christian relief organiza- tion) working in Darfur to have been responsible for these so- called intelligence leaks to the SPLA, and later on confronted this organization ordering it to close down its work within 15 days and to leave the Sudan. These dirty tricks of the TMC are always loud and clear. It also - the TMC - claimed and accused the ACROSS organization of supplying food to the SPLA. It further accused the ACROSS in western Sudan to have been responsible for leaking government information to the SPLA about govern- ment troop movements to the south and west. These, of course, are not true. The main reasons which made the TMC to discontinue ACROSS activities was that the TMC wants to make these towns, Nyala and Al-Fashir, Al-Duaym etc, military training centers. This Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500610010-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500610010-7 ACCORDING TO PARIS AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE/'ARTICLE, DATELINED BEIRUT 18 APRIL 1986, AN ANONYMOUS CALLE--CLAIMING TO SPEAK FOR THE PALESTINIAN "BLACK SEPTEMBER" ORGANIZATION SAID IT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SHOOTING 15 APRIL OF A UNITED STATES EMBASSY EMPLOYEE IN KHARTOUM. ACCORDING TO THE ARTICLE THE CALLER SAID THE "MARTYR-FARES AB.DALLAH KHABBAS UNIT" OF BLACK SEPTEMBER HAD "ASSASSINATED WILLIAM COKALS". WE HAVE RECEIVED NO INFORMATION INDICATING THE BLACK SEPTEMBER ORGANIZATION WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ATTACKoAND NO EVIDENCE HAS BEEN UNCOVERED WHICH WOULD LINK THIS ATTACK TO THEM. KHARTOUM EMBASSY DID REPORT THAT A CALL WAS RECEIVED BY THE EMBASSY RECEPTIONIST ON THE AFTERNOON OF THE SHOOTING. THE CALLER WAS AN UNIDENTIFIED MALE WHO STATED IN ARABIC THAT "AT 2200 HOURS A TERRORIST EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE". AS FAR AS WE KNOW, THE CALLER DID NOT MENTION ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP90BO139OR000500610010-7