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December 22, 2016
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December 10, 2010
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September 18, 1986
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/12/10: CIA-RDP90B01390R000600690001-8 SECRET awl # 18 September 1986 OCA 86-3161 SUBJECT: Lunch with Bernie McMaJ Future Soviet strategy paper. Regarding the paper due February, 1987, the meeting between Doug MacEachin and SSCI staff has been rescheduled for next Monday at 11:30. The meeting with Members originally scheduled for the 25th of September has been postponed. The newly issued NIE on Gorbachev (SNIE 11/9/86) goes a long way towards answering the questions in the July 1986 letter. Therefore, it should be the focus of the Monday discussion, and since Fritz Ermarth was the presiding NIO, he should join Doug MacEachin in that discussion. All that really needs to be accomplished is to agree on what questions have not been covered in the SNIE and therefore need to be covered in the February paper. Regarding the hearing, we agreed this would be a briefing without a transcript at the NIO-office director level. It can also be postponed for a few weeks while we regroup. My guess is that if we postpone it for several weeks time constraints will compress it either to a brief presentation or to cancellation. Helms letter re Chile. Durenberger also got a copy of the letter to Casey. Bernie strongly believes that if we decline to show Helms the field information reports Helms has requested, he will escalate until he gets them. Bernie says the reports are harmless. Not having seen them, I could not respond, but we should look at it. Durenberger letter on Byrd allegations. I explained that and I were trying to get an appointment with Senator Byrd to deny the allegations. I also mentioned that we plan to tell Byrd that the SSCI has looked into the allegations and found them baseless. Angola. Nothing is brewing in the Senate on Angola. Bernie feels that now that the House has spoken the Senate will not act. SECRET Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/12/10: CIA-RDP90B01390R000600690001-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/12/10: CIA-RDP90B01390R000600690001-8 SECRET 1 October meeting with General Counsels on Counter- terrorism. This activitv is not to be confused with the counterterrorism I This activity is an ongoing undertaking between general counsels at various agencies. State has taken the lead. It does not appear to be of concern to our office. Survivability Hearing. Bernie is clearly unhappy about the Community reaction to this hearing. He thinks Ed Heinz will be sandbagged. The Committee does not believe that the Community has taken survivability seriously and is concerned that Heinz' testimony will essentially be a put off. I explained that this was a IC Staff problem and that our office was basically uninvolved. Committee Reports. Before the end of the Congress SSCI expects to publish both a classified and unclassified versions of a report on counterintelligence and security countermeasures. Apparently, the FBI has written much of it. There is also a report due on analysis, this being the one that caused some controversy because of erroneous material in the five case studies on which it was based. The case studies have now been removed, Ockenden and Graham Fuller have discussed the report and everybody apparently is happy. There will be a report on the effects of declining oil revenues or prices prepared by and finally a report on China by Distribution: Original - OCA Record 1 - D/OCA Chrono 1 - EO/OCA 1 - DD/HA/OCA 1 - DD/SA/OCA 1 - DD/Leg/OCA D/OCA:DDG:mdo (18 Sep 86) 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/12/10: CIA-RDP90B01390R000600690001-8