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in !n, r TIP j). T 1. 7 1 -!-,1 L 1 7 Redo H. J. A Method for the determination of =31 Partioleo in Viscose al1owing to estimate the quality of Viscose Solutions FASEIWORSCMMG UND TWINEOMM, v, 22, n. B. 1971~ pp. 413-41B NTC 73-12576-lis Roff"I$ a. The Effect of Ethylene Diamine on the fine StrictUre and MercerizabiUty of CeUulose Measured by the Water Retention Method FASEUORSOM UND TWILITECHMXS v. 22, n. 9. 1971, PPO 729-433 VTC 73-12577, llr~- 7 7,- 77 PolywlecUarity of various Types,of Rayon Fibers FASSWOBSCM MD OMM, v- 22A pp. 441-44-3 NTC 73-12579-in 8 chmmn H. -Do Contribution to the Malt Polycondmation of Po3ltby- lene Terephthalate FAS-ERFORSCHMG UND TMUI12E=j vo 22, no 91 1971, Pp. ljq-)[5j~ NTC 73-12635-= ullug.9 E The Behavior of GeUulooe toward Oxiduto FASMIFOR80M UVD Tivnngm v. 22, a. 90 2971, pp. 46570 VTC 73-i2633-M Zimmermann.. H. 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